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'Say That Again': Moment DNI Dan Coates Learned Trump Invited Putin to DC for Fall Visit


'Say That Again': Moment DNI Dan Coates Learned Trump Invited Putin to DC for Fall Visit

Common Dreams staff

"Say that again."

The quote of the day, it turns out, came from the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates after he was told in front of a live audience by MSNBC news anchor Andrea Mitchell that the White House announced on Thursday afternoon that President Donald Trump has invited Russian President Vladimir Putin for a meeting later this year.



If I was Dan Coates, given THAT information at THIS time, I would have been led off the stage screaming "WTF?!?? Is that Putin-licker CRAZY?!? How would the Government protect Putin (and Trump) from about 100 MILLION enraged and gun-toting Americans? The chances of assassination(s), and a resulting war, are just too high. Get that nut into a straight jacket where he can do no more harm!


What would really be special is if Don T. and his enablers were to be exiled.


Or if Andrea Mitchell were force to live in abject poverty for the rest of her life.


It is difficult to separate her from her husband’s lavish gifts to the 1%. Seriously, IF Don T. is ever (1) tried and (2) ever indicted, he (and all enabling) should be exiled.


Does anyone really believe Putin would come to Washington DC?


The Hell with exile.

With the level of damage and theft they’ve inflicted on this country, they deserve the Electric Chair.


There’s what they deserve and what they will receive (likely nothing).


You really must work on that pessimistic attitude you have Chapdrum.

Believe in Karma.


I’m OK with the electric chair, but shouldn’t they FIRST be forced to hand-shovel enough coal to run the generator which creates the electricity that will be used in the chair?


I do believe in it, but feel that they’ll be exempted, e.g., Cheney.