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‘Say the Word’: What the Rohingya Struggle is Really About


‘Say the Word’: What the Rohingya Struggle is Really About

Ramzy Baroud

By stripping the Rohingya from any name affiliation that makes them a unique collective, it becomes possible, then, to deny them their rights, to dehumanize them and, eventually, ethnically cleanse them as has been the case for years.


Reminds me of Golda Meir on the question of Palestinians: They just did not exists for her. Not unlike what has happened in the US as the original peoples of many nations were not even recognized as people and thus paved the way to their extermination.


“Pope Francis lost a historical opportunity to truly set his legacy apart from previous Popes. Alas, for him, too, political expediency trumped all else. In his visit to Burma (Myanmar) on November 27, he [refrained] from using the word ‘Rohingya.’”

He also missed an historic opportunity to get members of his flock (an even smaller Burmese minority), ethnically cleansed by the Buddhist fanatics responsible for the slaughter.


The Rohingya deserve better treatment and representation.

Excellent article in these dark days.