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Say What? Judge Says Feds Lack Authority to Regulate Fracking on Public Lands



Neolibs, neocons, and corporations together are an evil caldron.


Thanks tomjohnson. My immediate take exactly upon reading the Headline......
"Judge Says Feds Lack Authority to Regulate Fracking on Public Lands."......
I know something of this issue and know the Obama proposed rules were weak, if not nonexistant. My suspicions affirmed a little farther down in the article.........
"The rules released in March 2015 wereblasted at the time as "toothless" and "nothing more then a giveaway to the oil and gas industry."
Obama is a total fraud when it comes to the environment, wars, Gitmo, etc.


Justice Skavdahl's former employer, law firm of Williams, Porter, Day & Neville, will be jumping for joy with this ruling. The firm represents many oil & gas and energy companies/groups in Wyoming, groups that assuredly despise any and all state or federal regulatory oversight. Any audit of the law firm's financial records would reveal that the largest income stream comes from oil & gas, energy, and water adjudication. Obviously, this justice's loyalties are not to the people of the state of Wyoming whose lives depend on CLEAN water and water resources, which are historically poisoned by and used up by fracking in great magnitude. Let the cattle drink tainted water from fracking runoff in streams, ponds, and rivers and round-up won't take long at all.... How is it that the federal government has no regulatory oversight over PUBLIC lands? Gimme a break, SS.


Judges can be as corrupt as politicians, it all depends on who supported/financed their elevation to the bench and who therefore they serve. In this case it's clearly oil/gas money from the states (and their "leaders") that chose to allow their priceless environment - air/water quality - to be poisoned for short-term profits and "jobs" (a BS scam that never fails to amaze me) serving the oil & gas industry.
Dick Cheney and Halliburton et al, are still in control even if under the current radar, and the "Halliburton Loophole" exempting the industry from the clean water act is still an obscenity that affects millions! That SOB should be in prison for his natural life, instead he still pollutes the Earth!

The great progressive hype, Barack Obama, sold out to big-money and all manner of corruption, pollution, oil & gas service, war-mongering, banker.wall street usurers, as soon as he was elected - a fraud from day-one! Obama was never a "progressive" (and neither is Hillary) and his time in office clearly tells that truth.......




What is the price of a Federal Judge these days anyway?
It's pretty obvious that the Oil & Gas people own this one.

Declaring that the people Paid by the Taxpayers cannot regulate what happens on land that Belongs to the Taxpayers? Really Judge?


Hillary promises to continue Obama's legacy. Remind me again who is the lesser of two evils?


So are no regulations at all better? Did you read the article - you sound like it was Obama who shot the regulations down!


Funny that things good for citizens is bad for gov't...there is a lesson that doesnt seem to be learned after a century, at least, of historical facts about this.


Sometimes no regulations are better. In the case we are talking about, yes. What Obama does is play the political game that he is actually doing something. He is not and his record proves he has not. He brags about the amount of pipelines he has added; he adds drilling off the coasts. He let BP off very lightly under Ken Salazar's direction. Obama promised much, produced very little except hope. All that hope is long gone. No, Obama is not the savior, nor the leader we all had hoped for. So much for hope!


I agree Obama sold us all out on day one.....Just like Hillary will do once she is in....Unfortunatly and I hate to say it she is better but not by far than Trump who is nothing but a buffoon an idiot a moron....Our country is so fkd.