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Say What?


Say What?

If you were hoping our lunatic village idiot grew a brain or soul for the new year: Sorry. After weeks of sulking around the White House, he just held a deeply wacko Cabinet meeting. He made up numbers, imagined being king of Europe, loved him some walls/wheels, rewrote the history of Afghanistan and described an Iran meeting with handsome generals "like from a movie." Also Game of Thrones! Best summary: "Trump's hingedness level was not high today."


I am still torn about the rump. Either he is clinically mentally deranged or he is simply trolling the hell out of us to see just how much he can get away with. And I can’t rule out that both are true.


In response, serious Democrats are pushing for a Biden nomination.

He’s a lock, they tell us, just like 2016.


Thanks Abby, the photo of a train wreck is perfect!


Where are the psych guys? Why haven’t they hauled him away yet?


The reason the USSR went into Afghanistan was in part because of the fact that the USA armed and supplied the Mujahadeen , which used tactics that the current media refers to as “terrorism” to fight against the Socialist Government there.

The USSR feared that this would lead to such tactics been spread into what was then part of the USSR in regions on Afghanistans borders such as Turkmenistan, Uzbehkistan and Tajikistan ALL of which had majority Muslim populations. The USSR felt if they failed to act these regions would become destabilized which is EXACTLY what Brzezinski envisioned would happen when the US started arming the Mujahadeen.
The USSR invoked what was called the “Brezhnev doctrine” to intervene and orchestrated a coup to put in place a leader whom they felt would better work with the USSR. (much as the US did in vietnam)

When the USSR pulled out of East Europe , they also cut loose those various "stans and the USSR was no more. The reason they cut those Stans loose was because of demographics. They were majority Muslim inside of a Russian led federation and were seen as liabilities . They also had faster growing populations then the population growth in Russia proper.

Trump is an idiot and certainly does not know why he got it right on this matter but yes, he got some of it right.


And warning: the mindfuckery will keep coming for a while. Hang on, be kind to each other, this too shall pass.
Uh, no, it will not pass. The USA has been on an ever accelerating downward spiral. There will be worse than Trump in the future. But being kind to each other makes sense as the dystopia unfolds until death do us part.


He’s a legend in his own mind.
I can’t think of anyone this statement applies to more, than Trump.


Hi ReconFire: I always thought that another one----Mr, Donald RUMfilled was amazingly peculiar—with so many OMG quotes… “When you’ve seen 1 vase you’ve seen them all…” As the National museum was being looted… Or “You go to war with the army you have not the one you wish you had…” I can’t remember the words to the most circular one of all----- and I should because it’s so famous in its stupidity-----and yes, I know his name is something like Rumsfeld—but he seemed full of something to me, and Rum sounds close to the sound of it. So, he’s another one , like Trump—that you just wonder--------- what happened in his life to make it turn out the way it did…


Buffalo, either way, his behavior is evidence of a mind that is unfit to serve as president. Did you read The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump? The point is not a diagnosis but an assessment of competence, judgment, capacity to take in information and reflect on it, stability, etc. Many psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, as well as certain laymen, now are noting his cognitive decline even in the last two years and his emotional instability. If high-placed military leaders have to be tested for fitness to serve (there ARE important criteria), why aren’t candidates for president and vice president tested?