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#SayHerName: On Breonna Taylor's 27th Birthday, Advocates Demand Justice in Shooting Death by Louisville Police

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/sayhername-breonna-taylors-27th-birthday-advocates-demand-justice-shooting-death


The full story of this tragic murder includes a “no-knock” warrant executed in the middle of night with a battering ram, Breonna’s boyfriend defending the two of them from intruders with a legally registered gun in a “stand your ground” state, his being detained and then not charged for firing on maniac policemen because he broke no law, and no drugs being found in Breonna’s home. She worked in the first responder business – and this is the treatment she got from fellow first responders.

The $25 million settlement her family deserves will never replace what could have been a bright future.

Say her name.


Hi SkepticTank:

sigh----what exactly does it take for a person to be a police person? Because----with all the dead black people, and the old white man just pushed away and who hit his head on the concrete----I am wondering just what kind of training that these police people get?

It sadly seems that feeling powerless with a sense of entitlement, and possibly thinking that a weapon can replace strategic thinking is what a lot of police people could be thinking—and thinking this all day long on every shift!
Welcome to America where a person’s homes is their castle----oh wait—make that a person’s home is their CASKET! : (

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I would suggest that the root of the problem rests with the systematically racist economic structure that has done everything in its power to enslave, then restrict, then warehouse, and consistently beat down black and brown folks – while blaming them for the underclass status that The Man has wrapped around their necks.

I will never paint all cops with a broad brush, but their behavior is impossible to excuse. With far too many of them, hurt their widdle fees-fees and they’ll whoop on you like savages. The fact that they’re covering their badges, attacking people taking video of their brutality, beating journalists, and lying about their conduct speaks volumes. In the court of public opinion, they’re being judged harshly, as well they should.

This Breonna Taylor incident should have any decent human being’s blood boiling.


Since trump can’t help himself from equating ball players taking a knee, with disrespect for our flag, I would suggest that they each get one of those little flags on a stick and hold it high while taking a knee in a show of awareness for abused people, people of color predominately, by our police.

Trump is too stupid to get it, or doesn’t want to because his base supporters are largely bigots.

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A payout by Louisville taxpayers accomplishes nothing. It’s like the payouts to Afghan survivors when US forces accidentally attack weddings. No-knock warrants are an affront to the 4th Amendment and should be banned and the approving judges disbarred for Constitutional violations.

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Lord Almighty…Breonna Taylor

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Rand Paul! WTF???What is wrong with you. You claim to be a pacifist when it comes to foriegn wars but is it really all about the $$$?? How can you ignore this incident from your own state, your constituents, and at the same time hold up the Senate Anti- Lynching Bill. Really. WTF?

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Under better circumstances – namely an informed public – the numerous payouts to grieving black families would serve as proof that we have a big problem. In a recent year, New York City paid out over $302 million to families victimized by police violence and abuse. Yet “business as usual” translates into taxpayer funds used as blood money…and the beat goes on.

The Police Unions every where should be forced to provide insurance for each officer. Put the onus on the backs of these murderous thugs and force the rest of the force to keep each other in line lest their insurance premiums skyrocket. The taxpayers of Louisville / Jefferson County should not bear the burden of what is one of our “out of control” departments, namely the Police, Schools and the Water / MSD authority. These three entities act as if they are independent kingdoms.

Much love and respect for Breonna Taylor and the latest victim, David McAtee.

With fearful 45 being a renown narcissist and/or sociopath, abnormal mental health is likely a strong component to being a successful racist cop. Some of these ahole cops openly praise and support 45 because 45 is a known racist, and pathological liar. And we know by now how some of these rejects come from the military and all our military teaches is how to kill–that the enemy is the “other”, often middle eastern brown-skinned persons.

Add to this noxious mix of perturbing personalities is a strong vein of brotherhood, also practiced in the military. No surprise that training officer, Chauvin didn’t have any of his “brothers” telling him to stop. This we know is typical in every wrongful death by cop(s).

Compound all this with an entitled attitude reinforced by a combative, possibly racist, nationalistic ideology from the police “unions”. Btw, not all police unions are really, legally considered unions and exist to advocate for the worst cops. There is so much we, The People, don’t know about our police “unions”. Certainly, they want it that way. They have a lot they hide.

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More proof that what I have labeled the Republican, Party is true: " THE AMERIKAN FASCIST PARTY! The THIRD REICH FASCISTS were Jewish haters; the Fourth Reich Republicans like Rand Paul hate African Americans!

Hi ultraviolet:
Read Pro Public today and there is a piece by a person who speaks about how to find out information about local police. It was an interesting and helpful read—although, I realize that these ideas would not work in all states.

Why isn’t he dead?

Good question.