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Saying Extradition Fears Not 'Reasonable,' UK Judge Refuses to Lift Arrest Warrant for Julian Assange


Saying Extradition Fears Not 'Reasonable,' UK Judge Refuses to Lift Arrest Warrant for Julian Assange

Jon Queally, staff writer

Saying she did not find "reasonable" his fears of being extradicted to the United States, a British judge on Tuesday refused to lift an arrest warrant for Julian Assange, despite Sweden recently dropping its extradition request for the Wikileaks' founder who has spent nearly five years living under asylum protection at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The Guardian reports:


For years have not read anything about British or Australian public opinion. Are their citizens as brainwashed and apathetic as our fellow Americans?


What authorities?


No one so severely limits their own freedom for five years without "reasonable"
fear - and that FEAR did exist at the time that Julian Assange sought asylum at
the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Assange has “reasonable” fears still about extradition to the US … which make his
case, I would imagine, quite different from those of others in Britain now on bail.

Over the weekend it was revealed, through a release of previously unseen internal government emails, that authorities in the UK pressured Sweden to keep its extradition request for Assange even when Swedish officials indicated as early as 2013 that they would prefer to drop it. “Don’t you dare get cold feet!!!” a government lawyer told a Swedish counterpart when it was suggested Assange’s detention was not proportionate to the request he submit to questions from law enforcement. Though Assange said from the outset he would answer any questions regarding the sexual assault charges, he repeatedly said it was only his fear of a secret U.S. indictment, and either Sweden or the UK extradicting him to the U.S., that led him to seek refuge in the embassy.

Clearly, the UK continues to work in the interests of “extradtion” of Assange, likely for the US/CIA.


It would seem that the hegemons are just a tad desperate to claw back all the walls, margins, exclusions, denials, “externalizations”, enemies, the shhhh… don’t talk about it secretive manipulations they’ve spent centuries shaping to their own meanings of meanings and language.

Modernity? Can you say genocidal, knuckle dragging liar excuses for making false claims to ever-so-godly bullshit false hierarchies of the effete masquerading as elite and pointing a finger saying if you even dare to say you are human being of equal value… you will be locked up or worse.

This is the model that, as trump and the puppet masters are proving, is institutionalized murder because they demand that it be so.

Virtually anything beneficial that 21st century societies have achieved is largely DESPITE those who have “bought” power.


Notice that it wasn’t so long ago – that our scientists were predicting a 9 foot
rise in sea level – now that figure has doubled.


The new study, led by former NASA climate scientist James Hansen (now at Columbia University) is set to be published in the peer-reviewed journal Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry. Hansen and 16 colleagues argue in the paper that increasing melting of the ice sheets over Greenland and Antarctica will lead to a shutdown of the ocean’s currents. That would lead to warm waters trapped under Antarctica, which would increase the melting of ice there (if all the continent’s ice melted, it would raise sea level by around 200 feet).

A bombshell climate study published this week warns that sea levels may rise a catastrophic 10 feet (3 meters) by the end of this century, rather than the currently predicted 3 feet (.9 meters). But mainstream climate scientists say the report appears speculative and is not in sync with the leading understanding of melting sea ice.

As a result, the study is unlikely to change leading scientific consensus or affect the current negotiations on a comprehensive global agreement on climate change.
Hansen’s prediction is more dire than the scenario deemed most likely by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which foresees no more than 3 feet of sea level rise by century’s end. (See an interactive of sea level rise.)

What we need to recall is that our scientists who were predicting Global Warming changes over a few centuries, were apologizing for their miscalculation as the ice beneath their feet began to give way.

I also happened to come upon Al Gore’s old movie – “An Inconvenient Truth” from maybe 2000 –
where he was pointing to Greenland and was telling us that the melting of Greenland alone would bring
a 20 foot rise in sea levels.

Again, for those who may not be aware, there was a 50 year gap in our actually feeling the effects of
Global Warming – which means that what we are currently feeling is ONLY the effects of harm done
to the planet/Nature up to about 1968.

As far as the knowledge and interests of oil industry and oil producing countries in Global Warming, by
1980’s at least, Saudi Arabia was quoted in the NY Times as saying that … “When the time came that they would have to stop pumping oil from the ground because of Global Warming that they would seek subsidies for their loss.”

PS: We need some HELP with the photographs and material being picked up when LINKS are posted!!!


I am sure that Donald Trump is siding with Julian Assange in this matter and will most likely call Theresa May shortly, to remind her that Assange, like Trump himself, Rob Porter, and Roy Moore, all have denied the allegations of sexual assault.

Just kidding.


:slight_smile: especially for the last sentence. :slight_smile:


The man was accused of rape and refused to face the charges. Do we believe the man or call for due process? He then lied to a British court. Here, there’s no doubt be broke the law. In the meantime, he’s parroted the Russian line like a good little useful idiot. This man is no liberal. He’s a self-aggrandizing jerk, probably a rapist, and definitely a felon.


The Crown Prosecution Office.


His legal case, from start to end, has been of historical importance for revealing the true nature and face of the “independence” of western justice.


If this ruling does not glaringly prove that a “deep state” exists, then call me just plain naive! NOT! lol A Jeremy Corbyn win as Prime Minister looks to be the answer for a return to morality in the U.K. and Justice for Julian Assange. Getting rid of the corporate deep state will be a heavy lift. In the shipping trade, “A team lift!” is usually printed on heavy cargo containers. Maybe A Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival is in order? We Poor, seems to me, will save the day - by our sheer over-powering numbers of us - doing a “team lift”!


Thank you!


I wonder if Julian knew then what he knows now, would he have ever stepped into that embassy? They sure want him bad. Telling the truth in a world built on lies is totally an act of rebellion. (Paraphrase Orwell). The fascists can’t stand dissent.