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Saying Goodbye to Planet Earth

Yeah. But that is expected. There are fires are only a few dozen miles away from you, not 2000 miles.

The smoke here is in a high layer - probably 40,000 feet or so. It will probably travel around the northern hemisphere a couple times before slowly dissipating - more like something from a massive volcanic eruption like Mt. Pinatubo which gave us brilliant red sunsets and a bitter cold winter back in 1992.

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Exactly what the super rich are banking on for themselves and their future generations of rich brats.


With this rough edit, “We’ll have to evolve a new state of civilization,” it speaks volumes begun with how to reduce fuel/energy consumption. It’s not enough to replace fossil fuels with other forms of energy to waste foolishly on luxury travel, gas hog motor vehicles, senseless cross-county commuting and long-distance shipping of consumer products around the world and within nations.

We’ve learned a lot about energy conservation in household construction. Homes today are cleaner, more comfortable, healthier and better built to last as well as more energy efficient. The absolutely defining next step in energy conservation is adapting electric and hybrid/electric cars to household power systems, ideally to rooftop PV arrays and connected to regional utility grids. We’re still behind producing ‘fundamental’ mass transit systems, but there should be no question that self-driving cars, bus and truck technology is the fraud of our time. So too kick Elon Musk’s equally asinine Hyperloop and highway tunnel ideas down to nothing but waste.

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IT will all happen at a much faster rate than anyone is predicting. Just like our failure to manage the actual combination of byproducts of our production systems allow toxic stews to permeate all aspects of our food, air and water, so will the combination of global warming effects cause new, unfathomable issues that will exacerbate the warming effect.

When the increase in water level puts reactors under water, and the power grid fails to cool the radioactive waste, multiple nuclear meltdowns will contribute to our suicidal planet management. These reactors are already contributing on a massive scale to water temperature increase worlwide. The ongoing meltdown of 4 reactors, and total loss of spent fuel, as well as active fuel from those reactors has already killed most sea life in the Pacific. When 140 more of these monuments to human ignorance go dead it will contribute to our deaths even more quickly.

Considering that the best we can do is kill each other, as well as other species both mammal and plant, it’s not really a loss to planet Earth. Allowing bankers and war mongers to create interest, debt and taxes was the first steps thousands of years ago that led us down this genocidal predicament we are currently in. On the brite side, they won’t survive either no matter how big or deep the bunkers are.

An Immediate stops to all wars, and re-prioritizing our remaining resources to carbon removal are the only possible chance we have. In order to do this, we must first globally remove the people who are mis-managing things. Since this probably won’t happen, we are pretty f**king doomed.


If anyone out there believes that perception is reality, then a critical mass of humans–all visualizing global change and healing–could very possibly positively impact the dire outcomes predicted in this article. Any takers? Or I should say–givers?


Chris Hedges has made a profession writing laments about the symptoms of the many crises humanity faces. But Hedges is CLUELESS about root causes and therefore cannot offer any possible way to fight back or reverse the crises.

The globalized capitalist economic system, led by US capitalism, is organized to maximize the wealth, profit, and power of a tiny 1% of the world/s population by massively exploliting the human and natural resources of the planet regardless of inevitable destruction of the planet.

In order to end the capitalist destruction of the planet it is essential to end capitalism to save the majority of humanity and the natural planet. Simple.

Humanity must work to replace capitalism with a globalized eco-socialist economy that works towards providing a minimal standard of living for all people… a universal minimum standard of living.

This minimal standard of living consists of two parts: A. All people must have access to clean air, clean water, abundant nutritious food, etc. the minimal essentials to sustain human life.

B. All people must have access to universal health care and tuition-free public education. Time and resources for rest, recreation and retirement are essential. Access to and experience in world human culture essential.

The eco-socialist economy necessarily must be owned and controlled from the “bottom up” democratically rather than “top down” totalitarian systems such as capitalism, state capitalism (China), or Stalinism (Soviet Communism).


Where are all those Hayek/von Mises/Uncle Milty libertarians to tell us not to worry - the MARKET will save us! Every one of them is immoral. They know the only way to even begin to rectify the ongoing damage to the planet is collective action - government, in other words. But the libs can’t have that. It would destroy their ‘free market solves everything’ mantra. So they set up corporate funded think tanks and isolate any questionable grain of science then blow it up into a whole loaf. Doesn’t matter that most of the data and real-time evidence destroys their flimsy arguments which is presented in convoluted language that few laymen can understand/challenge.

But you can be sure these libs believe one thing: They’re convinced they can live the rest of their lives without the worst of global warming affecting them. Screw everybody else - present and future - is their real motto. I think it was Gore Vidal who said that libertarianism is nothing more than contriving a thousand different ways to rationalize and excuse greed.


I noticed the same a few weeks ago while vacationing on Cape Cod. Strange, low, heavy cream/orange color clouds moved in covering everything in a noxious, humid, slimy dampness. The smell was also peculiar. Not quite a fog but dirty and warm low lying and somewhat fast moving clouds. The temperature actually got a few degrees warmer. I’ve s;pent years on the Cape and never seen anything like it. My mind went to the terrible fires in Greece. Nothing was mentioned on the news other than “likelihood of showers throughout the day”.

Yes, I see Venus as one warning and Mars as another. We have been warned, yet far too many of us refuse to listen. We are turning the earth into Venus, and we are insane to be doing this to ourselves or allowing others to do this to us. We are not Homo sapiens, the wise ape, we are Homo loco, the crazy ape!

I know. I’m scared. Can I have a hug?


Excellent post!

We have unleashed the All Devourer, an ancient Bushman demon who devours up everything and when nothing is left, devours himself. This is the result of unbridled capitalism, and addictive greed, and the total destruction of the priceless environment for mere money!


We were never as smart as we thought we were

Will we now see just how dumb we’ve been?

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I think …our tajectory…as that adolencent… Is like 3 yds from a massive oak.

You know. Mu are so very right. .in your list. There is just one thing you are missing. Aberrant human behavior …THAT is even at the root of Capitalism…that behavior…created Capitalism…especially Corporate capitalism…I am not at all …hopeful we could do your list. There are way too many sociopaths…and psycho paths…with plenty of “wanna be’s” …following them…we can not evolbe to the next step . Because we do not have it in is…

Whether by nature or nurture, some human beings are able to discern fact from fiction. Others are not. But there is a relatively small faction that can but does not care, being out only for themselves. They seduce those than cannot while attempting to terrorize those that can. They are the psychopaths. If we can find a definitive test for this condition and have the courage to act upon it, we may yet save ourselves. Otherwise I fear it’s hopeless.

Dump the cars completely. The existing interstates would make perfect rail beds.


Carbon removal would be simple and cheap. Plant millions of acres of fast growing vegetation. I suggest hemp and bamboo. The former is a source material for numerous useful products and the latter can be made into durable and attractive building materials. Solar powered and wave/tidal powered desalination plants could irrigate the deserts and turn them into grasslands and hemplands and bamboo lands. ALL of this is doable NOW.

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Yes, climate has “always changed.”

We have seen swings that ranged from “sauna” to “deep freeze,” and we’re aware that many factors seem to have generated those swings … orbital mechanics … solar physics … massive volcanic eruptions on scales we can only vaguely imagine … celestial object strikes, are among those factors.

300 million years ago Earth sequestered TRILLIONS of tons of carbon, took it out of the atmosphere, out of the oceans, out of the climate system. Virtually ALL of these wide swings we know about happened with that carbon sequestered … out of the atmosphere, the oceans, the systems that generate Earth’s climate.

In a literal blink of a geological eye we have developed technologies to extract and burn those trillions of tons of hydrocarbons to recover the energy stored there and we have swiftly employed those technologies. We have been pouring that carbon, that previously sequestered carbon, that carbon that has been locked away for hundreds of millions of years, that carbon that has been out of the atmosphere, out of the oceans, out of the mechanics, chemistry and physics of the climate into a system we do not yet fully understand.

It seems to me that even if this currently observable climate change is one of those “normal” cycles, we have released material into the system that very likely has the effect of potentiating the process, exaggerating the amplitude.

We are pouring gasoline on a fire started by lightning.

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There are currently 7.65 billion people on Earth. Around 15% of us live in so-called developed nations whose footprints are extremely extravagant and large. Most of the other 85% live in nations that would like to have the way of life we here in the developed nations enjoy, and are striving hard to achieve our mode of living. And in doing so their concern for environmental consequences are generally thrown to the wayside in their effort.

I’m going to be generous and say that there might be 10 million people who are actively working to mitigate global warming or one of the other plights that threaten Earth’s biosphere. This works out to around .13% of us, leaving the 99.87% of us doing what we have always done: exploiting, consuming, or doing nothing more than throwing lip-service type of actions at the problem such as recycling or maybe some permaculture in our yard.

So, I’m not expecting our species to stop what we are doing in any manner that will have a real effect. Our species will continue driving pedal to the metal towards the cliff, bickering about how to stop, thinking we still have time; and when our time does come we will pass out of existence as clueless as the dinosaurs. I’m just glad that I’ll be dead before the real suffering and death of everything larger than a rat kicks in. My nephews, nieces, and the children of my friends and all of you, and their children I feel terrible for, just as I do for all the fauna that will be lost. They will most likely rue the day they were born, and hate us for what we have done.

Oh, imho, the “anthropocene” began when we left the African continent and encountered the megafauna that had never experienced the clever ape. (The megafauna in Africa evolved alongside us, and learned to fear us; however, even their time of extinction finally approaches.) As our ancestors moved around the planet, we initiated the extinction of these creatures. Through hunting them, we weakened them to the point that they eventually died off due to either our or environmental actions. We are Death.