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Saying Goodbye to the Con-Man-in-Chief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/05/saying-goodbye-con-man-chief


In the next two to four years fascist Trumpies will control many of the state election administration positions now held by people rejecting Trump’s coup. Just imagine what your news feed would look like if Roger Stone not Brad Raffensperger held the Georgia SOS position. Get ready.

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Goodbye, hell no. Good Riddance, absolutely.


Aren’t you just a beacon of positive thought in this New Year?

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I could go totally bleak if you like lol

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Hope they both can swim when the sea levels rise. They will probably have designated swimmers like royalty of old with their whipping boys.


In a number of threads, for quite awhile, I’ve attempted to articulate the exceptional, intolerable excess of sadisic, genocidal tyranny represented by COVID-45. Invariably to be subsequently patronized, in here, by those who think I don’t know Democrats also have some splainin to do. Englehardt encapsulates the fascist wrecking-ball so perfectly in this gem:

Trump and his crew have not just been denying the obvious reality of climate change (as the West Coast burned in a historic fashion and the hurricane season ramped up dramatically in 2020), but criminally aiding and abetting the phenomenon in every way imaginable. They have, in fact, done their best to torch humanity’s future.


A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  02/24/2020          15          15
>  18.  04/27/2020     981,231     981,246
>  27.  06/29/2020   1,599,983   2,581,229
>  36.  08/31/2020   3,423,214   6,004,443
>  45.  11/02/2020   3,264,375   9,268,818
>  54.  01/04/2021  11,463,586  20,732,404

9. 02/24/2020 15
18. 04/27/2020 981,231
27. 06/29/2020 1,599,983
36. 08/31/2020 3,423,214
45. 11/02/2020 3,264,375
54. 01/04/2021 11,463,586

DJT#45 “murdered” these people.
DJT#45 murdered children.
DJT#45 murdered living beings on earth.
DJT#45 murdered democracy.

Fascism can be simply defined:
“Business” controlling “Government.”
The term Mussolini devised added “Police State”
vigilante armed forces brutal law enforcement which today is
in effect throughout USA municipal police forces.
“Gangs of New York” 1927 Herbert Asbury.
Those Irish fleeing the famine meets the
Native Born 5-Points Protestants in
New Amsterdam and implode.
Bloody Gangs of New York.
19th Century decades.


sigh—if only he was really leaving the presidential stage ---------but since he did that Apprentice show, I don’t think that he will be able to go back to his own pre presidential life, since he still has the state of New York ready and willing to work on his lack of paying taxes.We will no doubt see his bizarre self on TV, as there appears to be several brands of Trump Encouragement TV— yes, we have in Trump, never a dull moment ,nor a sane one. And certainly, not even an honest moment at all. : (


Um…where did Jared get that 30 mil, when he still owes billions on the 666 building? Talk about being underwater!
This bit of news did not help my mood today when I discovered my federal income tax deduction went up, and that I’m paying more than Trump, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk combined in taxes on my small pension. Oh, and my Medigap insurance cost went up, too. Gee, thanks, boys and girls, for once again giving big breaks to the Big Dogs and shafting the working stiffs.
May the next hurricane take out that billionaire’s haven as well as Mar-a-Lago. Two birds with one stone…


With a neutral press who would have dominated this election in a landslide.


Hitting T in the pocketbook…