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Saying Quiet Part 'Really Loud,' Trump Admits He Hopes Supreme Court Kills ACA as Barrett Moves Closer to Confirmation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/saying-quiet-part-really-loud-trump-admits-he-hopes-supreme-court-kills-aca-barrett

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If there was any question at all about how broken and absolutely dysfunctional the US government is currently, look no further.

And it continues…


Serial sexual predator/rapist meets anti-abortionist fringe lunatic.

Get ready folks to rumble.


What will we do when Barrett is confirmed and then Trump steals the election? How will we respond to the Trump-McConnell-Barr coup?


I think Patrick Henry if he were alive, would say: " GIVE ME LIBERTY FROM THIS FASCIST, TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT…OR GIVE ME DEATH!"


We have to recall our radical roots:

Labor Prepares for Last-Minute General Strike If Trump Tries to Steal Election


You might want to read the recently released book by some on who was in the thick of it during the 1960’s and see the kind of courage, moxie, perseverance that we must muster and consider total, rolling non cooperation.

Rumor has it that there is a lot of organizing from not just labor but our youth and they are going to coalesce for the Times demand it.

From the press release for On The Ropes: A Tale Of The 60’s, Neil J. Smith

In the words of the author, Neil J. Smith:

Let me introduce myself, Neil J. Smith , by first introducing my book, On The Ropes , a boxing story, a love story and a ghost story unlike any other. It is, as wrote T.S. Eliot, The pastness of the past, but its presence too. Set against the backdrop of the boxing ring, On The Ropes is, generally speaking, a tale of the domestic turbulence which, along with the Vietnam War, rocked the late '60’s to its foundation, turning the sociopolitical spectrum on its head. It is a story of inner-city Blues, of black northern youth’s heartened by the historic success of the Southern-based Civil Rights Movement, took revolution on as a call to arms with the outcry Seize the time on their lips. And gave rise to The Black Panther Party, in light of the greater Civil Rights Movement. In conjunction with the aforesaid, On The Ropes relays the story of The Free Speech Movement, which helped galvanize radical white students, identifying their cause with the struggle of inner city blacks, on University Campuses nationwide. Among other things, it is a story of the complexity of interracial relations during a time of war and civil strife.

In short, On The Ropes, is multi-factorial, takes the 60’s to task and explores some of the more widespread myths of the day. It also reveals a
nobility of Spirit that was characteristic of the Black Panthers but seldom heralded. Indeed, the Panthers may rightly be compared to King Arthur’s
Knights of The Round table legend. Their successes and failures were relatively similar, and quest for the Grail stifled. The stuff of chivalry surely. Hence, its protagonist is Percival.



SCOTUS has been totally corrupt ever since it stole the presidency from Gore in 2000, if not longer.
Trump hired Handmaid Amy to help him steal the election, to destroy ACA, and to help him avoid prosecution.
She should not be allowed to take her seat on the court.
If seated, she should be impeached, as should Thomas.


Oh, I should have added hypocrite to Trump’s nomenclature…

From Democracynow:

The New York Times reports President Trump has secretly maintained a bank account in China for years, even as he bashed Joe Biden for being “weak on China.” The Times reveals Trump paid nearly $200,000 in taxes to China while pursuing licensing deals there from 2013 to 2015. Around the same time, Trump paid little or no U.S. income tax.


Thanks. As a 71 year-old who marched against the U.S. war on Vietnam, obtained a C.O. classification from my draft board, and marched in opposition to every U.S. war since 1967, I know that we played a role in ending the savage war on Vietnam. But I also know that the G.I.'s in service who opposed that criminal war played a major role in ending it.

Will there be 2020 versions of these “insiders” of the System who will step forward to prevent or end the Trump-McConnell-Barr coup after Nov. 3? We can only do so much out in the streets, and I fear that there will not be enough of us out there for a General Strike to stop the whole fascist U.S. state and its armed Trump supporters both inside and outside law enforcement agencies and the military.


The big concern is that she will end the Heritage Foundation Health Care Plan (ACA) that on its best day leaves 30 million Americans with zero coverage and millions more with such inadequate coverage that even though they pay their premiums they can’t afford care.

In other words their big concern is that without the ACA the door will be left wide opened for the real solution, National Improved Medicare for All, and will thus leave their insurance donors going begging.

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If the ACA was called trumpcare instead of obamacare , the ones most opposed to it will be all for it. Such is the mindset of the worshippers.
And, btw, I think of it more as the
MANDATORY cate act than affordable care.
My 2 bits and the ramblings of a jaded mind as always.

I wish I shared your optimism. Now that Alabama has been told it is free to disallow curbside voting that is easily a “reasonable accommodation” for the disabled, we are reminded that the Supreme Court itself is working remotely.

Or, is the Court even remotely working?

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I hope the Supreme Court kills the Trump brand.

Yes, it will require at least one major political figure the masses have respect for, and or, a major political party of which there’s only one other of sufficient size to make the waves necessary to call to arms all sane citizens of the United States to demand the immediate resignations of all of the criminal elements of the coup.

Unfortunately, any politician attempting the organization of a revolt as such would not be supported by the Corporate Media, and the only other major political party is the Democrats who are undeniably tied to Military Industrial Complex and as such won’t attempt to cut the hand that feeds their repulsive reelection campaigns.

In short, We the People are pretty much on our own unless We enlist those elements who are not adverse to fighting.

It was never going to be a clean fight no matter how anyone looks at it.

The media, and how they reported it, would be the wild card in getting the masses who tune in to join in “in making a statement the whole world hears.”

Will not have had that experience of being up against superior forces since 1970 when Nixon fucked up and began bombing Cambodia and the campus I was on, literally exploded into action.

Which lasted nearly that entire month.

As of 10-23, Schumer and other Dem senators are doing procedural moves and other tactics to stop Barrett. Proud of them for trying.

There can be no doubting the fact that the USA is now the most backward developed nation in the world and it took trumpty dumpty just four years to achive that status. He will get a medal from his big business cronies but he deserves a kick up the backside from the people ! Vote the bastard OUT.

Gosh, it 's almost as if we have NO representation in government. Hmm…