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Saying Quiet Part Very Loud, Netanyahu Calls Palestinians Future "Subjects" as Annexation Looms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/29/saying-quiet-part-very-loud-netanyahu-calls-palestinians-future-subjects-annexation


The next step after apartheid for Israel is full on concentration camps featuring forced labor.
Then comes the final solution.

Israel, the new Nazi regime. Your tax $ at work.


Who said the Nazi’s didn’t win?

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This planned Israeli “annexation” of the Occupied Territories, the West Bank and Golan (as well as the Gaza prison), threatens International law as well as being a crime against humanity - ethnic cleansing on a massive scale.

The Israeli leadership openly stated decades ago they would “Put facts on the ground that will be hard to change”, thus showing their premeditated plan to build “settlements” on occupied territory, and eventually annex - showing contempt for International Law and world opinion - as well as the Palestinian people and culture they have spent over 50 years trying to destroy under their endless premeditated military occupation and illegal colonization.

The Zionist Israeli propaganda machine has had the world buffaloed by BS charges of “anti Semitism”, a lie always used to thwart any attempt to end their brutal occupation of Palestine

That stated goal of the settlements is creating a reality that “would be hard to change”, is “annexation” that must not be tolerated by the world, or all the sacrifice of WWII fighting fascism and the proscription in law against taking “title” to territory by force of arms is made a mockery! But that is what the Zionist Israeli racist mindset brings to the table, isn’t it?

That donald trump supports such an egregious contempt for International Law doesn’t make it legal, or anything other than racist, as he himself has demonstrated as his MO numerous times - Israeli ethnic cleansing and any attempt to “annex” Palestinian Territory are crimes under International Human Rights Law, as are the so-called “settlements” in the Occupied Territories, and hopefully soon will lead to heavy sanctions against the Zionist entity - if only the world grows a backbone and resolve, and stops being a lap-dog tool of blatant Israeli racism and ethnic cleansing!

BDS! Zionism IS Racism!


Apparently, if you’re Arab and Muslim, you CAN keep some people stateless for centuries. The Imazighen. The native Egyptians (Copts). The Assyrians.The Chaldeans. The Kurds. The Baluchis. Islam and Chritendom collaborated on keeping the Jews stateless and defenseless for over fifteen centuries. And now elements of both want to return the Jews to being helpless. Quite true to say the Nazis haven’t lost–yet. They’ve just assumed different shades, a different language and a different religion.

Netanyahu Calls Palestinians Future “Subjects” as Annexation Looms

Netanyahu might have used the term ‘subjects’ but his actions indicate his thinking is more in line with the Avigdor Lieberman comment that Palestinians don’t belong in Israel.

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“The Two State Solution” was just a re-branding of “Separate But Equal” and even that has lost its propaganda value. It is church full of unbelievers.

Ethnic cleansing is alway wrong. No exceptions.


Thank you, Juan Cole, and commenters here. It’s important to keep bringing this monstrosity into clear view: Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing and brutalizing of the Palestinians.

Suggestion for edit on the subtitle of this article:

Instead of “You can’t keep 5 million people stateless forever, that this is monstrous. But apparently, you can do so for many decades, maybe a century or more.” – what about this: “You can’t keep 5 million people stateless forever… this is monstrous. But apparently, you can do so for many decades, maybe a century or more.” The “that” works in the full original context in the article (at it’s end), but it is just confusing in the excerpted subtitle as is, in my view.

To equate stopping the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and their forced statelessness by Israel–with “return[ing] the Jews to being helpless” is a reasoning I find to be entirely upside-down. Jews and anyone else who would embrace the status quo of Israel’s ongoing illegal military occupation of the West Bank and Apartheid policies towards Palestinians as acceptable are the ones embracing helplessness. We humanity are not helpless in front of injustice. Rather, we can act for justice for all. Justice for all Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and everyone else. We have that capacity. We are not helpless. But it begins with vision, with effort, and with connecting with basic human values, like cherishing human rights as either universal or a lie.


No, It is Israel that is essentially a dependency of the United States And the most fervent supporters of Israel and destruction of all prospects for Palestinian Independece are not Jews.

You “Zionist World Order” thing is a hoary old deeply anti-Semitic, fascist canard.

With nuclear weapons, more money in aid from the US than any other nation by far, nearly 100% fealty from US politicians, and virtual carte blanche to bomb its neighbors and openly practice apartheid and land grabbing in violation of international law, I find your characterization of Israel as pushed toward helplessness to be absurd.

I don’t support enforced religious discrimination in any country – that includes Israel.