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Saying Quiet Part Very Loud, Trump Admits "You'd Never Have a Republican Elected in This Country Again" If Voting Access Expanded

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/30/saying-quiet-part-very-loud-trump-admits-youd-never-have-republican-elected-country


Yea but…

With “Democrats” like BIden, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Perez,Feinstein, Hoyer…

Who needs Republicans


When you curtail freedoms you limit the divine.
Freedom,love,truth these are expressions of the divine .
Politics is your Spirituality demonstrated.As we can see our highest values have been abandoned by being children of a lesser God .


So the village idiot blurts out what has long been Republican strategy. I bet he thinks he thought of it first.


Finally, Trump gets one right. This is good news for Biden, bad news for Trump and sucky news for the rest of us.


I wish the networks would give 1/10 the coverage to Biden that they do to Mr. PoopyPants. I don’t like Biden, but we are stuck with him to go against The Cheeto.


Republican’s would not get elected if gerrymandering were not allowed. Republican’s could not get elected if only individual donors were allowed to make reasonable donations. Republican’s could not get elected if we stopped all foreign interference. Republican’s would not get elected if we did not have radical right wing propaganda channels like fox, OANN and Sinclair. Republican’s could not get elected if voter suppression were not allowed. Republican’s could not get elected if we had paper ballots. Republican’s could not get elected if we did not have the electoral college. Republican’s could not get elected if we had genuine democracy, majority rule and the will of the people.


Biden’s absence is intentional. It is to Biden’s advantage that he stay out of sight and off the airways. He knows this and the DNC knows this. (I did see him being interviewed this am on MSNBC, didn’t watch it though, haven’t the stomach for it.)

Biden is the DNC’s $9 Million Fabergé egg.


A girl can dream, Chump, a girl can dream…


I’d make one of my “gra$$y knoll” comments to lighten the atmosphere here, but every time I have made one here in the last 3 weeks, one or more of my Common Dreamers has flagged it and had it removed.

The Republicans in Congress are surely shaking their heads today.

“What a moron.”


I’ll bet that egg cracks before November 3rd.

It’s already gone rotten.


No we aren’t! Sanders is still in the race and his policies look pretty damned good right about now!!! After all, he is the only politician in the country who took the reins and started doing something at the start of this pandemic and had he been elected in 2016 we would currently have a much better handle on controlling the spread of this virus. It’s not too late. Bernie Sanders in 2020!!!


Exactly, Phred, and as I just commented in the “Times”:

Alan MacDonald
Wells, Maine just now


You’re right on target and up-wising, with your location line:

“Empire of Debt and Illusions” — since under our first obvious Emperor ‘Covid-45’ Trump, we obviously need “Our Revolution” to Dump Emperor Trump and vote-in the youngest-thinking candidate — who, although no millennial, knows what his young followers do in order to:


'We the American people only need to fire a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally non-violent “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite a Second American people’s peaceful and complete “Political/economic & social Revolution Against Empire” to lead the world in democracy as our first one did in ‘76 — but without the muskets.

There are only two choices in this ‘globalized world’, either ‘global democracy’ or ‘Global Empire’ — and without a new peaceful “Revolution Against Empire” we’re on the path to allowing this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire to “roll on under the night” as an Empire rather than a democracy for all ‘we the American people’ and all citizens of our shared world.

Only America can do this new peaceful Revolution, and only Bernie can lead “Our Revolution” to Dump Emperor Trump — as we need to:


and by that I mean not what you’re thinking, but to just gather enough ‘folks’.


most elites understand that it’s easy to prevent an insurrection: all you have to do is avoid self-destructive transparency. maybe trump is just what we need to kick things off…


Is there anyone besides Faux viewers who don’t know this? Who needs a circular firing squad when you have Trump?


I suspect Trump will win again, there isn’t much enthusiasm for Biden.

However, if the economy tanks and keeps tanking until the EOY, Trump will be in trouble. If the public is reeling from COVID19 deaths and the death toll reaches 100k or more, Trump will be in trouble. It’s really a tossup.

Unfortunately the only way Bernie can win the nomination at this point is for Biden to drop out. The math is not in Bernie’s favor, the deck was stacked against him and the DNC would never allow it.


We vote by mail in Ohio; we call them absentee ballots. I use them because I’m often a poll worker.


Not only would ReThugs have a much harder time grifting the electorate, but so would more than a few corporate Democrats. In fact, some of the more progressive proposals out there including ranked choice voting (which those fully invested in the current first-past-the-post, winner-takes-all electoral system absolutely loathe) would more than likely be available than the few places it already is in the USA.


Do you not have advance polls for workers & those travelling?

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That is my plan. Now that Florida had its primary (debacle) I am done with the party of “ohhhhh, that is too scary to try”.

How many times are we going to elect people that tell us only what they can’t do regardless of the need? I have always said “Shoot for the stars… settle for the moon”. The Dem party has become “ask for little to nothing and get less than nothing”.

And I know it is intentional. Like the song says “Won’t get fooled again!” Side note: Greatest scream in rock and roll history…