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'Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud,' Trump Suggests $5 Billion Weapons Contract Awarded to Boost 2020 Chances in Wisconsin

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/26/saying-quiet-part-out-loud-trump-suggests-5-billion-weapons-contract-awarded-boost

This whole system of government, politicians, institutions, wall street, corporations are all one in the same -corrupted. Oh, forgot to individually name “the supremes” fascist moves to incorporate the US. How did this happen?


To the contrary, it is very normal that the government contracting process is corrupted by political decisions. Every house member, every two senators from each state, including the one (I), are looking for military slop in their district/state. The politicians literally force the military to spend billions for items (systems) they do not want … I think that is called an oxymoron or maybe just plain moronic.

The end results is the US spends more the next 15 countries combined and 12 are considered allies. Wars and rumors of war assures a continuous flow of campaign slop regardless of party.


Amazing that the moron thinks this is OK, and, that he can get away with it.
Also amazing that the GOP is covering for this. (Silence is agreement)

The Navy finds its top divers, no scratch that–its deepest diving unmanned submersible, sends it to the deepest and most unrecoverable wreck in the ocean. Upon that vessel is emblazoned the “USS Donald John Trump”.

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Just part of the $Trillions stolen in the “Stimulus” bills being used to buy votes.

How much longer will Americans allow this nightmare to continue?


This loathsome scumbag must be imprisoned at hard-time for the rest of his life and all his assets seized! Fuckin scum must pay for his crimes and destruction of everything!


Trump is such a sad sack. He lies one the one hand and foolishly spouts off about his bribery scheme.
So shouldn’t he be paying expenses for the Wisconsin trip? It’s an obvious campaign visit.

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Yes Donny this is how you do it------but you need to code your words—all that foreign stuff you do----no that’s not ok??? I think he has the farm vote locked up----of course they might all be busy spending all their kickbacks???------Republicans???conservative??? Sen Portman R ohio wants to pay people $450. a month to go back to work-----How about everybody gets a 10.000 check before election???

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The Maroon Moron’s tongue got loose again.

This is why his lawyers didn’t want him testifying in person in the Russian probe. LMAO

My rep, a House Progressive Caucus member, voted against Trump’s latest military budget – but when it comes to bringing home the military pork, Katie bar the door – she’s gotsta get us our share.

Trump must thank his lucky stars that here in America we don’t do squat about lying, cheating bastards.

It’s a racket, so I’ve heard.
But is it the main thing propping up our economy? What to do?