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Saying 'Underlying Premise' of For-Profit System Out Loud, GOP Staffer Punished for Telling Constituent People Don't Deserve Healthcare They Can't Afford

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/09/saying-underlying-premise-profit-system-out-loud-gop-staffer-punished-telling

He was disciplined for saying aloud what they all believe.

Only people with money deserve anything as far as these people are concerned. They would then claim that only people that deserve it get money. This all derives from the Dominator model the world adopted all of those years ago which displaced the partnership model.


Biden is much too clever to come out and say it but if he believes in the for profit model he is just using something like Obamacare coupled with the “All Americans should have access to healthcare” to line the pockets of the insurance companies with money.

His underlying motive is not granting all Americans that access. It is using their desire for the same to ensure the Corporations profit and his campaign donations keep coming in. In very many ways this just as bad as the mentality of the “if you have no money you do not deserve it” crowd.

Biden works very much like those that profited off the Hurricane in Haiti worked. Millions of Americans had a desire to help those people and donated monies to the Red Cross. Very little of that Red cross money found its way to the peoples affected after the profiteers took their cuts.

It really one of the things that bothers me most and that people using others peoples desire to do good to line their own pockets.


That is the most honest exchange regarding healthcare in this country that I’ve seen in years - perhaps ever.

Shoot… put aviator glasses on that guy and he’d sound just like somebody else, man.


“All Americans should have access to healthcare”
Says Biden. Access to healthcare is not the problem Joe. Affording it in the first place is the issue. Obviously



that’s the only logical conclusion. This story provides yet another example of the second biggest distinction between the two parties. The Trump Death Cult is an 'in your face" worshipper of big money and is far more likely to just come right out and say that “It’s the money, stupid.” It’s the unDems who are the more deceitful ones, as they look you in the eye and tell you that the so called Affordable Care Act is a great deal when, actually, it’s one of their most egregious sellouts. The ACA was the first really clear demonstration of Obama’s political treachery. And the Party’s continued embracing of it rather than of Medicare for All tells you that they’re no more interested in representing the interests of the people at large instead of just the fat cats than is the Trump Death Cult.


By all means punish the staffer for saying exactly what’s going on.


No one does anything wrong given their model of the world.

Just being alive is enough for one to get basic health care .

Punished? Huh. Round of golf with the boss, laugh about it over steak dinner.

In the anti-bizzarro world in my imagination, healthcare haters lose theirs.


If people can think it, they can then believe it, then say it, then do it.Thoughts, combined with motivation(good or bad), can get results. Now, the hard right will begin echoing that “if you can’t afford it” line of reasoning. A dress shirt, or or a few gallons of gas, or food for an elderly neighbor, are very different from cancer therapy. Republicans, and many Democrats, simply are incapable of truly caring for other people.


"’…Mrs. Veals was talked to by a staff assistant in our Washington office was completely inappropriate and violates the code of conduct…’ "

IOW, spilling the beans will get you in trouble.


The difference here is the Republicon/trump politicians, elected officials, and “conservative” mindset believes that if one cannot afford health care, they do not “deserve” it - like the idiot admitted.

The Democrats are slightly different in that they may think health care insurance might be a “right” as do most all people of moral compass and socially aware, but the political system is ruled by money. The party establishment, becoming a candidate, running a campaign, getting elected and getting re-elected is all based on money; not ideas, policy, morality, social equity, or any other quality, just money.

That system of politica and thus government, based on money means those that control it have more influence than other citizens (including corporations that are now “people”. - a system of actual bribery to serve a corporate entity or individual, or class, rather than the public - the people.
That dynamic was enshrined by the scrotus who ruled that “money equals free speech” - of course it follows that those with more money have more free-speech than others, and that truth runs counter to democracy and one=person, one-vote. Money must come from somewhere and if not you, you do not count, the big-money donors do, and that is legalized bribery!
The mechanism and moral compass that dominates and defines the agenda of the Democratic Party elite is who delivers the most money, not moral compass or societal need, just money and that is the DNC, joe biden, the clintons, Obama, all the neoliberal trash double-talkers, that betray the public - the people - to serve that wealth, now Of the Corporations, By the Corporations, and FOR the corporations!!


The republican’s (and now most dems) healthcare model for the poor, for years has been:

“Don’t get sick, and if you do, die quickly”

It’s actually refreshing to hear this brought out in the public, those that are still asleep, need to wake up.


this woman is obviously a better person than me…I would have then said: “ you know what I need to figure out? how you can go to hell the fastest way possible”…and hung up…
My God…who ARE these people??
Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach wrote a song about W. Bush supporters with that title…
these people are worse and WHERE
is there any real leadership to stop them,
including from the
DemoRATs don’ t really care…just exploiting this hell for their own
advantage and then tell us the same damn thing as this sociopath…


That’s my Senator. [groan, gnash teeth]

He’s up for reelection, but the progressive candidate lost the primary to a corp Dem, thanks to the local democrats who wanted someone “electable”

North Carolina state Sen. Wiley Nickel is also my rep. He mostly talks good. But he also likes to brag about how proud he was to work for both Obama and Biden. He’s been pushing that Biden connection lately to make himself (Nickel) look “good”.


The Dems, Repugs and the Ruling elite would rather see their profits and power grow by killing 45,000 people a year than give Medicare4All to American citizens.

Think about that. Thats, 22 Sept. 11th events every year! Then think about how much tax payer $$$$ was used by both parties for illegal wars to supposedly stop more events from happening. Trillion$.

Thank think about how much profits and power were made by both parties and the Ruling elite through the wars and security-torture-endless-war state. Trillion$.

The Ruling Elite - Wall Street and both parties make Trillion$ off killing Americans and they will not stop unless we stop them. And it will not stop through VOTING.

The USGov is a murderous tool used to harvest millions of lives and the planet for the power and the profit of a small group of mentally deranged sociopaths.

Voting now is like being in a prison camp and being told to vote on how we want to die.



The real question is, “Why do people consistently vote choices against their better interest?”


NO it’s not at all! It’s because their better interest is not allowed on the ballot nor in the corp media.

If you are trying to tell me the one of the corp parties serves the interest of the 99% you are delusional.

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Not sure which is more prevalent among republicans, stupidity or insensitivity.
I suppose that means you don’t deserve to own a car or a home if you can’t afford the price tag.
Some day we may have to prove we can afford to raise the children we haven’t had yet.
And of course we have to fund retirees healthcare for USPS employees that haven’t been born yet.

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For profit healthcare is unethical and immoral, and yet both political parties embrace it. Lesser of two evils, no, insanity.

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