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Says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New Hampshire for Bernie Rally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/10/says-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-new-hampshire-bernie-rally

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And by all means it can’t end on November 3, 2020. It would take generations to right this ship. The world we envision depends upon education, passion, and action all working in concert. Sans that, there shall be no harmony. To the legend of the Late Great John Lennon I type these thoughts.




The crossroads is not so much about the objective system ( democracy) as it is about where democracy comes from .
Democracy is an expression of an internal state/desire to show fairness ,kindness, equality, love and compassion for others .
The failure of the outward expression of democracy is an indication that humans have
regressed into its opposite as in hate , greed, cruelty etc.
This is the real tragedy.

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Allman Brothers, Crossroads.

All those RefusetoChange-HateChange Dems hate her, her posse, her followers as much as they hate Sanders, et al. The knives have been out to end her political career and the others standing with her along with Sanders who they have blocked for decades to pass bills and laws for all Americans.This is going to become REAL nasty as election 2020 gets closer.

This election taught me three important things about my fellow Americans::

First, I learned that small donors scraped up more than a hundred million dollars to thumb their collective nose at the Supreme Court: “We can’t over-ride your law just yet, but as a practical matter, we made your corporate billionaire friends irrelevant to progressive candidates.” Millions of people felt the power flow through them, the proud vanguard of a ‘small donors movement’. We’ll never give up that power; rather, we will extend it to other elections big and small.

Second, for every one of the tens of millions of Americans who made small donations, many others back them but for one reason or another didn’t send a check themselves. For example, every national poll show that the majority of voters support the same policies as those who made small donations. So it is not true that Americans do not understand policy, that they don’t bother to think. It seems that Americans are starting to immunize themselves against Fox News and other propaganda.

My third lesson has to do with a striking change in attitude, a change that escaped the notice of talking heads who thought they alone have the pulse of the nation. When Wall Street Democrats threatened to support Trump against Bernie, we had proof positive that Democrats vs Republicans is a false construct, set up to fool us. Almost as one, we stopped talking Party loyalty. We also set aside liberal, conservative, moderate, radical - meaningless labels all. Instead, we found a new paradigm - the struggle is actually between those who care only about number one, and those who care about their fellow Americans. In other words, it’s the neoliberals in both Parties against the progressives in all Parties.

After a hiatus of dozens of years, this election brought us back to a time when we took justifiable pride in the majority of our fellow Americans, in America herself, a truly wonderful country worthy of whatever sacrifices* are called for.

*A hint of things to come this July in Milwaukee. More on this later.

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Recall Schlitz Beer and its 1960s slogan: “the beer that made Milwaukee famous” ?

In July Sanders, AOC and other progressives will be the CHEER that makes Milwaukee famous.

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Harley-Davidson made Milwaukee famous. Schlitz made Milwaukee’s streets slick with puke and piss, producing an above-average number of skillful stunt riders. (grin)

“We have to nominate somebody with a political revolution at their back,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “It is not going to be any one candidate that defeats Donald Trump—it will be a movement.”

What a lady! Could she be a reincarnation of FDR?

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