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Scale of Threat Seismic Blasting Poses to Whales, Dolphins Laid Bare


Scale of Threat Seismic Blasting Poses to Whales, Dolphins Laid Bare

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Though the Obama administration in March put a halt on drilling for oil and gas in Atlantic, the dolphins and whales inhabiting the waters are still at risk, says one ocean conservation group, as proposed seismic airgun blasting to look for reserves of the fossil fuels would leave the marine mammals "profoundly impacted."


sonic blasts will kill whales in order to do something nobody should even tnk of doing: digging for more fossil fuels. we need a global referendum about how much more oil we need- that is to say how much faster should we speed up climate change? more droughts in Africa, more island nations drowned - Obama has no right to make decisions like this


Are we supposed to give Obama credit for "halting" drilling when the fossil fuel industry is obviously so sure he's just kidding that they continue to invest in seismic blasting for exploration? Or perhaps they are confident the next administration will let them drill? The Republican Party is the party of drill and kill, and the Democratic Party is the party of bait-and-switch, so you get drill and kill either way. Vote Green.


Frankly, I've often thought that those who advocate high intensity sonar and seismic blasting should be required to put on a wetsuit and breathing apparatus and go down to where these tests are made.
* After a test series is completed, they can come to the surface and, after they have cleared the blood from their ears, eyes, nose and mouth, if they can speak coherently, they can be allowed to express their opinion. They should not be allowed to make these decisions sitting behind a desk in DC.


An old military contractor told me that cetaceans would beach themselves when navy sonar was used. The boom was powerful enough to knock out a diver.


Yeah, I know. He was right.


Obama born in Oahu, schooled at super wealthy Punahou school, and went right to the top like a rocket. And, the whales, dolphins, seals, fish, and all the other marine life mean nothing to him. For it appears with Obama, it is commerce before life itself. He lies, and life dies!


Barack Obama is the most ignorant and uncaring president on the natural world, wildlife and habitat protections, and general environmental protection we have ever had. His record on the environment goes far beyond ignorance and failing to designate wilderness protection, but to actual destruction and numerous threats and slaughter of wildlife as this case amply demonstrates.

From Whales to wolves, to wild horses and all large predators a genocide is taking place every day in America, directed/tolerated by political creatures serving exploitation and wealth alone!
Obama's first Sec of Interior, the odious Ken Salazar, has reared his ugly head again as Hillary Clinton's "transition team" chief, a clear signal of things to come.

The secretive division of the Ag Dept called "Wildlife Services" slaughtered 2.7 million wild animals in 2015 alone! 7,400 every day! This government, taxpayer-funded, slaughter must be stopped and "Wildlife Services" disbanded!!



Obama's concept of wilderness goes only as far as the nearest golf course - his concern and respect for the wild non-existent! A despicable environmental failure by any measure and his likely successor is in the same mold!! A contemptible pathetic excuse for a person.......


We can't safely burn most of the oil reserves we have now. There is absolutely no reason to allow this exploration for yet more sources--it amounts to a statement that the convenience of the current generation, and the increased wealth of those who have more money than they could ever spend, trump all other considerations including the survival of advanced life on Earth. The system is hopelessly corrupt. Petitions ain't gonna stop it, voting is a joke, demonstrations are ignored. Direct action is our best bet--in conjunction with demonstrations and lawsuits and public messaging. And work at the local level to rearrange our lives so that we use a small fraction of the resources, emit a small fraction of the pollutants, that we now do.. Hundreds of native Americans massing to block a pipeline--THAT warms the cockles of my heart. Fortunately there is a hell of a lot more of this sort of thing than there was five years ago.


Honor thy mother( Mother Earth).


Neither whales nor dolphins are 'fish' - I suppose you were making a joke, but it seems a bit fishy to me as it's in poor taste.


And they say it's the animals who have no souls.