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Scapegoating Iran


Scapegoating Iran

Chris Hedges

Seventeen years of war in the Middle East and what do we have to show for it? Iraq after our 2003 invasion and occupation is no longer a unified country. Its once modern infrastructure is largely destroyed, and the nation has fractured into warring enclaves. We have lost the war in Afghanistan. The Taliban is resurgent and has a presence in over 70 percent of the country. Libya is a failed state. Yemen after three years of relentless airstrikes and a blockade is enduring one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters.


With our intervention in the MIddle East, which began long before 2003 and 1948, we have spent over a century making enemies. The carving up of the Ottoman Empire after WWI was the beginning of a long history of meddling in the Middle East in order to capture the rich oil supplies under the ground there.

It’s not a surprise that the people in the Middle East hate us. What is a surprise is to find anyone who actually likes the USA>


How extraordinary is this brilliant and prescient advocate for peace and sanity among the other nations of the world, and his rejection of the madness and ruthlessness of that single hegemon that seems bent on destroying it. What more can one add to this?


If only we could read the demise of the US empire, instead of living through this crap. The reason we haven’t attacked NK or Iran is because they can fight back. Let’s hope the neocons and hawks in Congress don’t have their way, so that human, environmental, and financial catastrophe are averted.


What would “they” (US government warmongers) get out of attacking Iran and wrecking the only stable country there? Isn’t it obvious that that is the point, they want to remove the only possible counter to Israeli hegemony–along with the usual reasons for US wars–feeding the MIC, making an example of any country whose leaders dare to defy Washington’s dictates, venting the sadism and death instinct of the sociopaths running things–not only since Trump’s election but throughout Obama’s before him, and Cheney’s before him, and Clinton’s before him. Yes, Obama negotiated the Iran deal, but that’s because he was content with wrecking Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia, as well as attempts against Venezuela and success in reverting Honduras, Brazil and Argentina to right-wing rule.


Poor sad, dying America…you want to be the Big Cheese…weirdly you want to be the world’s GIANT superpower--------but you dissemble a lot and even I have a lot of trouble believing what you say.

So you want to be like ancient ROME back in their day. I think you forgot that the world’s first super power was Persia. You remember but wrongly, because DARIUS, had the title of King of Kings first--------the Jesus guy was late to the name party.

I think that’s why Israel hates them so, because their history still stands in beautiful art and even more beautifully in the people. , Iran accepted Jewish people from Hitler’s camps after the war, and wow, there is a giant Jewish population in Iran--------who do not want to move to Israel.

PERSIA, Iran, the world’s first Super Power-------but you see America, Iran has already been there and done that--------and Super Power is not all that it’s cracked up to be---------- Iran knows that but in Israel and in America . they are still deluded by titles, and together, they seem ready to wipe everyone else off the map. : (


Darius was a Zorastrian or Zathurastrian (I am not sure what the correct name is ).
Since Persia was over ravaged by Islam, Darius’ descendants moved to India.

Unlike the claim you make of the jews, I know that at least some of the non-Islamic Persians that fled over a thousand years ago would like to return to a land that they once called their own.

I believe some of the biggest industrialists in India are of Persian descent.

Your bloodlust for the demise of the image of American Power ignores the plight of the American People, just like neocons blood lust for global hegemony ignores the people of nations they bomb to make their money.


What is the purpose of looking at one self?

When one can change their standing by forcing the observing populace to focus their attention elsewhere, why bother to nurture the internal self?

That is the methodology of a sociopath.

The scale of the action is irrelevant. This happens with personal interactions everyday, and gullible fall for it without any reflection of their own.

If you have resources at your disposal, why not borrow on that collateral to generate a frenzy over there?

That is what Bin Salman, NetenYahoo and Trump, and the neocons, in each nation do constantly.

We need a deeper analysis made along these lines. I believe that Chris’ article here is only a start.


“The issue of Palestine is at the heart of turmoil in the Middle East for Muslims”
If Iraq, Iran, Syria could be all trashed they would be unable to oppose Israel. For the neocons, that’s success. (Either that, or they are as dumb as a bunch of hammers - you decide).

We are being used for and by a foreign parasitic power.


Human, environmental and financial catastrophe is already assured. Look around at this world and try to tell me it’s not. It is as inevitable as the sun coming up in the morning. It will truly be cataclysmic. All of our previous horrors will pale to insignificance to what is coming.


It’s scary. It’s true that great environmental disaster has already unfolded, considering all the pollution and climate change in existence and worsening. But what I had in mind with human and financial catastrophe hasn’t yet happened, and it’s what I’m sure you’re alluding to: a great nuclear war, initiated likely by the US (either by a direct attack or through other actions leading another country to strike first and then responding). I would assume an all-out war would strain the US economy enough to halt it’s disastrous militarism and start winding things back.


Financial collapse will come soon. The bankers keep getting let off the hook for each crash, the dollar is losing value. All of it is going to implode for the u.S. and I don’t see a way this time for it to come back. As for human catastrophe, well we see humanitarian catastrophes all the time and with people like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo having the ear of the nuke wielding man child it doesn’t look terribly hopeful.