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Scapegoating Snowden is 'Irrational' and Very Troubling, Advocates Warn


Scapegoating Snowden is 'Irrational' and Very Troubling, Advocates Warn

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As politicians and security officials rush to shift the blame—with the mainstream media following suit —for Friday's Paris attacks onto NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, a chorus of voices is warning that, in addition to being "unbelievably irrational," these claims are also very, very dangerous for civil liberties.

The dust hardly settled in Paris before former CIA director James Woosley said that Snowden had "blood on his hands."


It was NSA's illegal and unnecessary surveillance of allied heads of state, US politicians, and honest good US citizens that have given them a problem. Their breaking the law and violating the constitution by spying on people who do not deserve to be spied on have hindered their ability to spy on the bad guys. In order to protect our rights to privacy, we have had to develop better and more effective encryption. Unfortunately terrorists can use that better inscription as well. If the NSA had operated in a legal, moral and, ethical way, they would not have the problems that they created for them self.


Looks like Paris is serving to have killed not just "two birds with one stone" --
but rather quite a hefty number of birds.

What's anyone here thinking about Paris?

"Establishment political parties in France, Germany, and the UK are in trouble, because they enabled Washington’s Middle East wars that are bringing floods of refugees into Europe. Pegida is rising in Germany, Farage’s Independent Party in the UK, and Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France. Indeed, a recent poll showed Marine Le Pen in the lead as the next president of France.

The Paris attack takes the issue and the initiative away from these dissident political parties. Among the first words out of the mouth of the French president in response to the attack was his declaration that the borders of France are closed. Already Merkel’s political allies in Germany are pushing her government in that direction. “Paris changes everything,” they declare. It certainly saved the European political establishment from defeat and loss of power.

The same result occurred in the US. Outsiders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were slaughtering the establishment’s presidential candidates. Trump and Sanders had the momentum. But “Paris changes everything.” Trump and Sanders are now sidelined, out of the news. The momentum is lost. The story has changed. “Paris attacks become focus of 2016 race,” declares CNN:
Also among the early words from the French president, and without any evidence in support, was Hollande’s declaration that the Islamic State had attacked the French nation. Obviously, it is set for Hollande to invoke NATO’s Article V, which would send a NATO invasion force into Syria. This would be Washington’s way of countering the Russian initiative that has saved the Assad government from defeat by the Islamic State. The NATO invasion would overthrow Assad as part of the war against the Islamic State."

and background re Charlie Hebdo attack

. . . . . . . . . .


The NSA and the entire security state establishment is not a cause, rather, it is the effect of a society that has lost its way. These self-appointed protectors are a mirror showing in growing detail a society and culture that is distracted by endless entertainment and marinated in violence, sexual indulgence, and indifference to contempt for others.
Into such an environment those with discipline and purpose can move into prominence and dominate the hapless masses. Our self-imposed dependence on mass technology feeds our willingness to sacrifice such values as self-reliance as well as personal contact and relationships with other people.
We will be walked up to the gallows, have the noose placed firmly around our collective necks, and hung till dead with nary a whimper of protest, so long as we can keep tweeting on our hand-held, portable, communications devices.


So reading this article, I learned next to nothing on how to thwart the people who would believe the lies (all of America and Europe). Game Over!

Were these terrorists played?


Or it could be a sign that we are tired to the bones of banging our heads against the wall, scraping by, and need to tend to our own and our families' basic needs first, if we are to have any energy left for the fight ahead.


So, what do YOU do, hmm?


we had a "spontaneous" uprising in Occupy and we answered the call. perhaps Bernie is just the ignition that we need. i do the best i can, sometimes giving more than at other times. i look for the best in people and work knowing that some of the worst is happening.... it's ok if you believe i'm a loser.


In a time of universal deceit of the Amerikan Empire, rotten S.O. B.'s, like puke Woosley scapegoat Edward Snowden for telling the truth. No James, if anyone has "blood on their hands " it is you and your ilk who are war criminals!