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Scaramucci Goes to War Over "Leak" That Turns Out To Be Public Document


Scaramucci Goes to War Over "Leak" That Turns Out To Be Public Document

Julia Conley, staff writer

White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci waged war with President Trump's chief of staff, Reince Priebus, Thursday morning over leaks from the White House to journalists. But Scaramucci's fight against leaks appears to be at least partially focused on public information, and on the perfectly legal transfer of information from officials to the press.


Dandy, foppish Tony got his feathers ruffled and his real intent for taking the comm director position for an unhinged hatemonger is PUBLIC information: self-aggrandizement while also raking in profits from his hedge fund investment(s). Fits right in with the rest of the criminals occupying the now-dingy-grey House. Crying all the way to the bank… The jackals are circling amid the chaos.


I’m sure many people are hoping that the vicious back-stabbing occurring in Trump’s orbit somehow spells the demise for Republicans and their Social Darwinist, neo-Nazi agenda. Don’t count on it. Remember the film “Conspiracy”? The German style Nazis were vicious, back-stabbing scum amongst themselves. They still managed to hang on for another three years and murder millions more. Right-wing and fascist regimes always manage to survive just long enough to satiate the worst desires of their supporters. That’s the whole point of being a Right-wing extremist: kill and torture as many of your neighbours as possible. Just ask any Argentinian, Chileano, Spaniard, and for that matter Iranian and Saudi and current-day Russian.

The question for Americans is what do the worst desires of the Christian Fascists (see Chris Hedges most recent post) look like?


Correction: White House Ministry of Propaganda.


A ship of incompetent , criminal fools. The Orange Turd needs to start making the scalawags walk the plank one swamp creature at a time. Start with Pence, Sessions and DeVos. The only way to make America great, at last.:us:


Okay, I think we’ve had long enough to get an accurate picture of trump administration priorities:

  1. Hair
  2. Leaks
  3. Leaks about continuing to make $$$ from sources they claim to have divested from
  4. Leaks about hair
  5. Turf wars and infighting
  6. Leaks about turf wars and infighting
  7. The welfare of the country and its citizens

Wait…this tweet just in: Number 7 has been scratched entirely.


hey! ya forgot to mention the dark lord, Bannon! and that extremely creepy little Stevie Miller!


Stewart Granger’s Scaramouche makes Scarammucci look like a…snowflake!


Conley sez: “Scaramucci’s fight against leaks appears to be at least partially focused on public information, and on the perfectly legal transfer of information from officials to the press.”

No, his ‘fight’ is a theatre piece focused solely on getting his hedge fund profit-taking out of the news. Is anybody talking about that now?
This crap is straight out of Reichsminister Rove’s training manual for first-year propaganda students.


Loving this fight fest of them all turning on one another, make themselves look good to Cheeto or make the other guy look bad. Cannabilizing…


I wouldn’t normally suggest that you get news from somewhere else, but take a look at the site below:

I don’t think of myself as prissy, but Scaramucci’s language is beyond the pale. There are many many comments on C&L because of his language. Most newspapers won’t quote him because he was so obscene. This takes the White House unsuitability up by several notches. When will the Republicans realize that they’ve let snakes in the White House? If they want help in getting them out, they’d better move quickly.


I wish I could remember who first said this, which clearly applies to Tweetle-Dumb’s new Chief of (mis-) Communications:
“Obscenity is the desperate attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully.”

Having a somewhat feeble mind myself, or at least one that’s borderline senile, I can’t resist making the observation that it’s pretty clear where the filth that spews from Scata-Moochie’s mouth came from . . .


My feeble mind has heard and uttered about all one finds in three languages, main thing being I understand when such words are to be used and when civility and good manners take precedent, although I do slip up now and then.
Sadlyly such abusive language iis not restricted to Trump and his Trumpettez but in Halls of Congress vulgarity is common, and not restricted to the males.
The environment in which our political electives and appointees live within is one dirty low down sewer and its inhabitants have no more honor than rats.
We in US have allowed politics and those who engage in it to degenerate into corruption on massive scale, campain contributions and dark mony allow even if after just one term, for those participants wealth to gain into millions.
It hS Lso led to a hardening of hearts towards committing of atrocities by our military and Financial/Industrial Elites.
This carnal attitude towards rest of world and even towards small sectors of society And actions even of outright sexual perversions, racial and mysogynous bigotry to infect nation as a whole.
Once Bush I took power the gates of punisment were opened upon anyone that the executive Branch Officer and his political party against even the merest trace of conflicting ideas.
Cannot say that attitude was restricted to just elected and wealthy but Red Necks n Right and wingnuts on left have become very vitrolic in language when responding.
Truth to the me generational aspect of society but that did not begin recently; for the so called Great Generation set in motion to where patriotism to nation gave way nationalism, and “whats in it for me” now permeates every body of government and educational scientific practitioners.


Scarramoochie is nothing but a foul mouth NY punk! It’s appropriate that he now is head of “communications” for the WH of President Trump. Somebody needs to wash his mouth out with soap!! If this is what we have for communications in this nation at the national level we are finished…