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'Scared of What Will Happen If He Lets People Vote': Rights Groups Know Why Trump Panicked by Mail-In Ballots

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/26/scared-what-will-happen-if-he-lets-people-vote-rights-groups-know-why-trump-panicked


Corporations are trump’s base. The USPS is not one of “them”! Just thousands of well-paid citizens who had to pass a “drug” (cannabis) test. Honest, hard-working, no frauds. This prez must be up in arms over this change to voting? Damn straight! No more hacking (at least easily). No more state and county corporate followers controlling “its” racially suppressed voting systems! Well, now! Could it be that Justice has been set free(or maybe She just got sprung from her 100-year or so imprisonment)? A corporation take-down is possible in this mail-in scenario. Just having to deal with biden will be hard work enough to nullify his witless agenda of returning America to Obama’s agenda.


No wonder the GOP is accelerating its half century campaign to dismantle the USPS.


President Donald Trump on Tuesday alarmed pro-democracy advocates once again by elevating his attacks on voting rights by falsely claiming that mail-in ballots are inherently “rigged”

Translation: I cannot rig the election that way!


I think you meant the House and the Senate are accelerating their half century campaign to dismantle the USPS. The Duopoly is non-partisan in the destruction of the public commons.


There is very little voter fraud but election fraud is bi-partisan and ramped.

Hi Alan:
Yes victor fraud:
See Scott Walker and his assistant in that WisonSIN vote for Scott Walker for Governor.
yes, his assistant had all the votes collected , and all on her personal computer. Hmmmm, but it was a republican state so that idiot Walker won by cheating: (

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One must always translate what the dump says! It’s like he has his own language.

Send a ballot to every citizen in the country and the percentage of voters will go up dramatically. I can’t imagine any repub being re-elected in such a scenario.


just wanna pass on what greg pallast said:
vote by mail is also corruptible.
they just throw them away. or they mail stupid ittle post cards to you in an envelop you got to mail back to prove you live there. still.
most people throw them away.
so like in Georgia you will never get a true count because of the vehement racism.
expect dirty tricks on all of it. but for sure where Rip GOV and Sec of State are ripuglicqans.


Throwing the baby out with the bath water again are we? There are plenty of legislators in both parties that support the USPS.

When trump isn’t lying in some other way, a large portion of his bovine scatology is:

“No I’m not, you are.” OR
“It’s great, wonderful, tremendous, or his hysterical, It was perfect line.”

Or some asshat will send out notices that voting day is on Wednesday, perhaps due in some way to the virus situation.

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“Mail boxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged & even illegally printed out & fraudulently signed.”

This is a “tell”, he is the ultimate projectionist (I’d give anything to play poker with him), so be prepared for Trump’s cronies to do this and as Jimmy_Gulag say’s above, I would encourage everyone to go the Greg Palast’s web site and check out his information on the subject.


Chrump often fears that which he himself is guilty of! Now there’s No Doubt that he Has… and Plans to participate in voting fraud. What ELSE would a “FRAUD” do?


Of course trimpty dumpty is panicking, he knows that the vast majority of people in the US consider him to be a rabid fascist. Not only that, outside of the US he is considered by the vast majority to be a sick joke who should have been made persona non grata everywhere else in the word. Despite that, here in the UK he has a crony in bojo the bozo, another right wing extremist who is in power on the votes of 31% of the electorate. Democracy is not dying in the ‘civilised’ world, it is being deliberately destroyed by these right wing, neo-liberals who are only interested in lining their own pockets. KICK HIM OUT in November and make the US and the world a betterand safer place.


I’m not sure the world will be a much “better and safer place” with a demented Biden White House full of Obama and Clinton alumni … but it should be slightly less obnoxious.


The Republicans have led the attack on the Post Office for years now. Remember Speaker of the House, Denis Hastert, well when he wasn’t buggering teenage boys or selling U.S. nuclear secrets to the Turks, he led the proposal to make the USPS put $5 billion a year into a fund to pay for health care and retirement expenses. That would be fine if all governmental agencies and businesses had to do the same thing but the USPS is the only one. So now, the plan is to privatize the profitable parts of the USPS operation, raise the price for a first price letter to $5 for high volume routes, and $30 to remote places. The vultures also are greedily eyeing the $50 billion or so that has built up in that account, that will immediately disappear of course. As usual a few decent Democrats, and even fewer Republicans, make some attempt to defend the USPS; but the corporate Democrats do nothing and most of the Republicans eagerly join the attacks.

Destroying and dismantling the USPS, in the wake of the Covid-19 situation, serves the needs of Trump politically. Voter suppression is vital to his chances to win the extremely controlled and closely constrained American election process. And the fall-back position is for Trump, if he loses, to claim that the election was tainted by the “mail-in ballots” and refuse to accept defeat. Then it would be necessary for the progressive people to stop business-as-usual until he leaves. Supporting the Trumpian attempt to “win” the election, the “red states” are tightly controlled with draconian voter suppression laws, armed right-wing vigilante groups planning to post themselves outside of Democratic leaning polling places, jerrymandered districts that minimize the opposition party’s impact on legislatures and congress, and election fraud computerized vote tallying operations ready to operate.

But the significant level of opportunity to defeat this fascist monster is made possible by the unbelievable incompetence, callousness, and cruelty that Trump has demonstrated during the Covid-19 crisis. Nobody should have any illusions about the corporate ties of Joe Biden, any serious attempt to exercise political power by the working and common people will have to include a follow-up to force Biden to do some progressive things. And, most importantly, to organize some kind of 3rd party force, that can serve as a viable alternative to the Corporate Democrats. Jack Rasmus discussed a plan, with two former Sanders campaign officials, to establish a viable 3rd party at “Alternative Visions - America’s Triple Crisis & the Organization Question”, May 18th, 2020, at ~https://alternativevisions.podbean.com/e/alternative-visions-america-s-triple-crisis-the-organization-question/. It is well worth a listen. It doesn’t really matter which of the duopoly party candidate wins the election there surely be vicious attacks on the social fabric of the working people in this unjust degenerate country. But we cannot sit back and hope some benign force will save us, we have to save ourselves.

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Exactly. The GOP are freaking out because they will not be able to use the new Ballot Marking Devices (as a sneaky response to calls for paper ballots) to rig results in their favor for the next two decades, as planned.

“Voting system experts and computer scientists warn barcodes on ballots…could give hackers a chance to rewrite results in ways that could not be traceable… " As longtime Finnish computer security expert Harri Hursti to President Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity late last year, “certain vendors include barcodes into the ballots, and proper studies [to] my knowledge have not been made,” despite “the recent understanding [of] how to use barcode as an attack vector.” Also, the human-readable portion of the BMD printout — which is supposed to correspond with the voter’s selections on the touchscreen — is not what the optical scan computers actually count when they tally results. Rather, the scanners read only the bar-coded portion of the printouts, which humans cannot read!”
… from the BradBlog 3/12/18

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Trump does have his own language, being a pathological liar…EVERYTHING HE SAYS IS A LIE!