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Scaremongering About the Patriot Act Sunset


Scaremongering About the Patriot Act Sunset

Jameel Jaffer

In a last-ditch effort to scare lawmakers into preserving unpopular and much-abused surveillance authorities, the Senate Republican leadership and some intelligence officials are warning that allowing Section 215 of the Patriot Act to sunset would compromise national security. (One particularly crass example from Senator Lindsey Graham: “Anyone who


“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
-Benjamin Franklin


I sense the intimation of that meme favored by this site’s REGULAR posters: Blame the people.

Does the woman consent to being raped?

Did Mexican and Indian farmers consent to losing their livelihoods to atrocities like NAFTA and other trade pacts that they had no say in?

Does the Black community consent to martial cops using live Black males for target practice?

The STRUCTURES of power use the agencies of would-be law, police and military muscle, a deceptive media, and religious leaders who push the Gospel of War (under the guise of following in the footsteps of their Spiritual Master) to impose their will.

Women in an earlier era did not consent to being burned as witches.

Those who hold power and use it in absolute ways ROB citizens of their just rights and fair agencies. It is not the citizenry, by and large, that voluntarily gave up their rights… it’s what POWER has imposed.

Coup-like forces have crept into our own government and shifted the financial metrics to favor those with most. Their monetary power buys politicians and the policies they’re positioned to enact. Some of those policies punish persons who object to what these faux entities are doing. So the person calling out the theft, crime against humanity, ecocide has become THE TARGET.

We are living through an Inquisition in everything but name. Its church-state-military-financial means are as centralized now as they were during Europe’s darkest eras. And the same inversions of power and attacks on liberties are underway.

Many, who apparently can only view history through a Marxist lens, make a solid case that New Deal policies were rolled back–largely by stealth–forcing workers (and that includes the Middle class) to once again fight for a decent modicum of life.

But this same group can’t see that a similar protocol aimed at rolling back rights and liberties is also being applied to women, Blacks, Latinos and anyone outside of the all-white-male boys’ clubs… a few female and token persons of color included to confuse “viewers.”

The grip of the patriarchal church state may be called a New World Order today, or the triumph of capitalism, but it’s really a much older battle that pulses giving rise to periods of extreme suppression of liberties for most alternating with periods of radical reformation.

Humanity is now ensconced in such a spin-tide cycle.


siouxrose11: great comment. Thank you.


Amen! Not to mention that we the people did not give up our Liberty, it was taken away from us before anyone even read the Patriot Act. If only we had a few Ben Franklins with us today but we don’t so we have been overrun with scare tactics to take away our civil liberties. Hopefully this move will be the first in restoring what has been taken away.


'Tis amazing how rapidly and completely the English-speaking countries are abandoning constitutional traditions going back to Magna Carta. And with hardly a whimper.