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'Scary': After Abnormally Warm Winter, Arctic's Strongest Sea Ice Breaks Up for First Time on Record

'Scary': After Abnormally Warm Winter, Arctic's Strongest Sea Ice Breaks Up for First Time on Record

Julia Conley, staff writer

After abnormal heatwaves this year in the Arctic, the region's oldest and thickest sea ice has thinned out considerably—to the point of breaking up in recent days.

As the Guardian reported, the Norwegian Ice Service found this week that the ice cover in the area off the northern coast of Greenland has been at record low levels at least 14 days in the past month, sometimes reaching levels 40 percent lower than the average for this time of year.

Meanwhile, pragmatic incrementalists will point to Obama signing the non-binding, unenforceable Paris Accords as a major achievement.

The slow walk to climate chaos just keeps picking up steam. Articles on CD talk about preserving life as we know it. Tell it to species that go extinct each year:



Species extinction - let’s absolutely NOT blame any of those extinctions on the fact that there are 7.5 F*#!*ing HUMAN BEINGS on this planet taking up way more than their fair share of space and air and water and things that other species need to exist. Oh no, no, no - let’s not blame unrestrained human procreation. We can have as many as we want and too bad for the rest of the species on the planet.

Too many humans will argue that it is the quality of human spirit that matters - we need more humans who are less greedy. No doubt quality matters. But so does quantity.


To address the “7.5 billion f_______g HUMAN BEINGS” problem, instead of spending money re-introducing grizzly bears in the Washington Cascades perhaps we should spend the money turning polar bears loose in the states that decide to water down greenhouse gas regulations so the bears can start “controlling” that 7.5 billion population ?


I suspect we will be seeing such articles, with even more dire and alarming headlines, until the power finally goes off.


It’s fossil fuels and animal-based agriculture AND UNCHECKED HUMAN POPULATION. HUMANS ARE THE CONSUMER SPECIES that generates tons of garbage and waste!



Wildlife managing an arrogant, aggressive, invasive species that’s out-of-control:

That shop-worn cliché ‘The sanctity of human life’ sums it up in a phrase. This concept is probably the most damaging sophistry ever propagated. It has rooted well. The cause of the damage is clearly seen when we examine its implicit corollary ‘the desanctification of life other than human’.

No longer can it be said that peace, plenty and plurality are worthy ends…. As Julian Huxley has it, Homo sapiens is in uncontrolled, cancerous growth and medical research has merely exacerbated this condition. Unfortunately its efforts to neutralize our time-honoured, natural beneficial predators…have proved only too successful. If an animal renders ineffective its own evolved cullers, then it has signed its own death warrant. Remove natural selection and the genes run amok. An irreversible process of genetic drift steals upon the species and guides it to the shambles. Eugene Marais, the pioneer ethologist, saw this fifty years ago, when he stated that any species that allowed deviants and aberrant to breed without restraint was doomed to extinction. Man is in the extreme condition of this laxity. Medical research should be funded into abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and birth control. – John Aspinall

When I was in college a half century ago the concept of zero population growth (ZPG) was widely discussed and even practiced to some extent. Also discussed was appropriate technology (AT). There was even an AT Club on campus wherein every technology (new and old) was scrutinized to determine its social and global worth and its social and environmental impacts.

By the time Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 discussing those topics had long since become taboo.


Putting together the Paris Climate Accord was a major achievement for Obama and everyone on the left should be able to grasp that. Obama and John Kerry worked very hard to make it happen and it took a considerable effort on the part of these climate heroes to get China and India on board. Everyone on the left should be able to understand that the developing countries would never sign on to a binding agreement to reduce emissions. They should be able to recall that the developing countries refused to be part of the Kyoto agreement which is why the US Congress did not ratify it. The developing coutnries wanted to continue the Kyoto agreement because it required them to do nothing. But finally Obama and Kerry were able to get China and India to at least voluntarily pledge to reduce emissions and the rest of the developing countries went along, even the poor the developing countries. Considering what went on in the past at the climate conferences with a block of developed countries, a block of rich developing countries, and a block of poor developing countries all disagreeing the Paris Climate Accord was a remarkable achievement. And it continues to move forward, even with Trump withdrawing the US. Even Putin is still on board. This agreement at least gives us some hope that there will be global cooperation to address climate change. Everyone on the left should give this agreement full support. There is no alternative out there. Forget the fantasies of some global binding agreement and support what is actually happening.

after seeing the video of the starving polar bear i became ill. there is nothing quite like seeing an animal so huge looking like that. it needs to be shown on tv once an hour until we humans put 2 and 2 together and realize what we are doing to the wildlife on this planet. we are bombarding their homes with chemicals and fires and building homes. we pay little attention when another small village drops off into the water. who do we think we are fooling? it’s us doing all this and there is no one else to blame.


If Arctic ice is melting, besides raising the sea level—what will happen to the Jet Stream? As i think of the jet stream, i think of how weather works and there are certain areas which are drier or wetter because if it. So----if this just stream moves-----what happens to America’s bread basket? What happens to the East Coast if it keeps getting drowned every winter…and besides the amusing fact that Wall Street will be “underwater”----which seems like poetic justice----what will happen if the west coast becomes a desert—and what will population shifts bring in economy and professions?

Obama didn’t get China to join the Paris Accords or to reduce emissions.

China’s terrible air quality and their quest to be the world leaders in solar panels and wind turbines did.

As this article states, signing onto the Paris Accords was easy for China–they were already well on their way to meeting the emissions reduction goals.

There is also the fact that they are a meritocracy, at least in theory, which if nothing else ensures that they are not ruled by abject morons.

Capitalism—wall street—love an ever expanding population-----yes we need to stop the population growth----but we also need to be supporting a green Earth. This past week there was a lot of video of all this crap washing up on beaches-----and this past summer I notice a sharp decline and I mean zero crickets and many other insects I use to see this time of year. We may be past the tipping point. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

You are right, but look at the video of the Yemen bombing and murder of children. That seemingly does not bother those making policies so what impact do we expect from a starving polar bear video? The point is that this culture, this society is heartless, cruel and self-destructive. The only solution is a mass movement demanding peace and concern for the entire planet, not likely until way too late.

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