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'Scary as Hell': Trump Response to North Korea Sparks Fear of Escalation

'Scary as Hell': Trump Response to North Korea Sparks Fear of Escalation

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following North Korea's announcement on Tuesday that it had for the first time successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)—one it claimed could "target any part of the world"—President Donald Trump continued his bizarre use of social media as a weapon by launching a series of tweets described by commentators as "insane," "unintelligible," a

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Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

Liberty and Freedom are Great!


Get the MAN BOY out of the Oval Office!


Time to urge Congress to support Barbara Lee’s amendment to repeal the Authorization for Using Military Force Act of 2001. It’s time that the requirement for Congressional debate and approval of any war be reinstated in our foreign policy. https://www.thenation.com/article/16-years-ago-barbara-lees-warning-against-the-aumf-was-ignored-nevertheless-she-persisted/


“That Trump so quickly fell for the bait…”

Should remind us all of how to conduct ourselves in response to Trump’s own bait.

Which, 2 years on, seems still to have eluded all too many.


Interesting. Today’s Greenfield Reporter ran the story that the pentagon is so ashamed of US weapons of mass destruction instability among the troops that all news about US atomic weapons of mass destruction is no longer to be printed anywhere formerly free people might see it.


Perhaps it’s time to follow the English example and make the Presidency here equivalent to the Queen.

Trump would make a great Queen.

Flamboyant and a Fop.


“North Korea’s neighbors, meanwhile, called for calm and restraint.”

We’ve had eight years plus of “calm and restraint” and that has gotten us where we’re at today. Maybe if we try something different and we can get the military to take out Little Kim themselves. Their citizens will probably still starve but maybe the West Coast won’t have to worry about getting nuked.

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Surreal…Alice? Is that you? Oh, Hi Willy Wonka!

So actually, nothing happened. N. Korea tested a missile, which it has every right to do, Trump tweeted, and that’s it.


Our best hope is that the serious military experts that Trump has around him will prevent anything from happening. Trump must have been told that North Korea has enough conventional weapons pointed toward Seoul that it could destroy the capital of South Korea in a matter of minutes. There is nothing Trump could do militarily that would not result in vast destruction in Southeast Asia. There is no military solution. Probably most Americans are only supporting Trump because they are racists and there are also many pro-life advocates supporting him based on that one issue. Even the Republicans who are putting party before country oppose his foreign policy, particularly with regard to Russia. It is said that when Nixon was having a lot mental issues toward the end of his presidency the people around him told the military that even if Nixon gave the order to use nuclear weapons that the order should not be followed unless these people around Nixon agreed (that wasn’t legal but they did it anyway). The same thing might be going on in now with Trump.

N Korea is “paranoid” … and just how many N Koeans did the USA kill in the 1950s?


Has North Korea fired a single shot, sent a single soldier, or even threatened any military action into another country except as retaliation for being invaded? Kim Jong-Un is a cruel dictator, and hopefully someday the North Korean people will depose his regime and Korea will be reunited. But the US leadership does not give a flying fuck about Korean human rights - look at how much the US Right-Wing loves the medieval head-chopping Saudi Kingdom!

N. Korea could be a democratic-socialist paradise and the US would only despise it even more!

North Korea’s military is doing is only what any sane sovereign state would do under the external threats it faces - threats that come primarily from the Unites States for which developing an intercontinental nuclear deterrent is the only defense.


The Trump Tweets would be an outrage had any other head of state - including US ones until now - been doing them. But yes, I agree that The Trump tweets have faded to normalcy, becoming background noise like the robins and cardinals out my windows…itself a troubling thought.

I put at least half the blame on the invention of the Twitter and Twitter, Inc. - an internet utility that must have been deliberately designed to degrade human discourse and human thought itself to the grunts and scrams of our primordial pre-lingusitic simian ancestors. I refuse to have anything to do with it.


Hmmm. Are you REALLY damage control, being forced to have your holiday interrupted as a Trump pooper scooper, or are you FAKE damge control? Part of a “MEDIA PLOT” ?!!! Hmmm.


Please don’t demean our simian ancestors or current relatives. They have nothing to do with this!

Once, a long time ago, good manners and civil discourse were expected, at least in public. One could be held to account for the quality of his or her character. Then, with Reagan, lies that were formerly unacceptable morphed into spin that was considered legitimate (untruths became “truthiness”). Then came the internet. Then came Twitter. Then came Trump, and truthiness died and was replace with the supposed post-fact present, wherein lies are de rigeur and regarded as legitimate means to whatever ends. And there went the last shreds of decency.

Next up, the collapse…


That may be true on some unrelated issue but Korea is not part of Southeast Asia and this article is about Korea. Time to get a world map.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42954”]"Following North Korea’s announcement on Tuesday that it had for the first time successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)—one it claimed could “target any part of the world”—President Donald Trump continued his bizarre use of social media as a weapon by launching a series of tweets described by commentators as “insane2,” “unintelligible2,” and “scary as hell.”

[Trump] could literally get us into a war with his tweets.” —Laura Rosenberger, former State Department official‏Given Trump’s track record over just six months in office — including his recent “deranged” attacks on the American media — some argued that such restraint will likely not come from the White House."[/quote]
More “Fake News”, obviously, as mein Führer has been in office just over FIVE months, not six.   — s.h.s.
(Or, more accurately, just under 5½ months:  Jan 20 => Feb 20 = 1 mo, Feb 20 => Mar 20 = 2 mo, Mar 20
=> Apr 20 = 3 mo, Apr 20 => May 20 = 4 mo, May 20 => Jun 20 = 5 mo, Jun 20 => Jul 4 = 14 days.)

"'In Cherman und Englisch I know how to coundt down . . .
‘Und I’m learning Chinese,’ says Verner fon Braun.”   — Tom Lehrer

Tweetle-Dumb is living proof of what I’ve been saying for several years now, “Only TWITS Twitter.”

North Korea knows that if Iraq had nuclear weapons back in 2003, George W Bush and his oilmen buddies, abetted by both political parties, would not had taken his little adventure into Iraq . As a result, 175,000 innocent Iraqi civilians would still be alive today.


Hmmmm, Eyewitness, not sure how to respond to this one. Uhhhh, media plot?