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'Scary': CO2 Rates Climb Even as Emissions Stabilize


'Scary': CO2 Rates Climb Even as Emissions Stabilize

Julia Conley, staff writer

Climate scientists are sounding the alarm about a new realization: while carbon dioxide emission rates by humans have stabilized, the level of the greenhouse gase in the earth's atmosphere has continued to rise in 2017.

According to a report in The New York Times on Monday, experts are concerned that human efforts to stop pumping carbon dioxide into the air can only go so far in the fight against climate change.


We’ll all soon learn about ‘abrupt’ & ‘runaway’ climate change as the various contributors to the climate collaborate to greatly accelerate global warming way beyond what is being talked about even by lots of scientists. In 5 years the drastic changes will be so impacting the world everyone will learn what climate research has been warning about for the last two or three decades - human extinction around 2030. Earth’s civilization needs hospice as we are approaching a point where advanced life support will be used by some to save themselves while the rest perish but this, too, will fail. We are fast approaching a terminal point and it’s best to recognize this undeniable fact and focus on appropriate actions that matter so as to not waste precious time and energy.
For real, folks. Study up…


Another reason to ignore the nonsense Trump is spewing on climate change and listen to what serious people are saying. For the first time in US history, for all intents and purposes the country has no leader in the White House, just a lying narcissist. We need to take this ominous news about carbon dioxide levels very seriously and do the best we can while the federal government is busy fighting efforts to fight climate change.


The CO2 tipping point is behind us, not in front. The methane tipping point is almost here.


“To me it’s a warning.” Here’s another:


2030 is starting to look optimistic.


Wallace Broecker & Klaus Lackner’s Direct Air Capture will probably be needed in the not too distant future.

Right now I am more concerned with developments down south, with roughly 10 percent of the Larsen C ice shelf approaching release to the sea.

Here is something from John Mercer - the iconic mentor to such climate scientists as Richard Alley and Lonnie Thompson - words from 1978:

“If the global consumption of fossil fuels continues to grow at its present rate, atmospheric CO2 content will double in about 50 years. Climatic models suggest that the resultant greenhouse-warming effect will be greatly magnified in high latitudes. The computed temperature rise at lat 80° S could start rapid deglaciation of West Antarctica, leading to a 5 m rise in sea level.”

Nature 271, 321 - 325 (26 January 1978); doi:10.1038/271321a0

West Antarctic ice sheet and CO2 greenhouse effect: a threat of disaster



A couple of years ago (or longer actually) it was found that the Southern oceans around Antarctica had become saturated with CO2 and had effectively ceased sequestering atmospheric CO2. Increased wind strength due to warming was also churning the surface layers interrupting the saline/freshwater exchange and causing more defined stratification (of greater or lesser salinity) to persist helping to prevent the exchange of gases at the surface and transport to the lower depths. Many areas of the ocean’s seabed are already so saturated with a stable CO2 strata that they appear almost devoid of sealife.

Scientists then announced that they would begin surveying the northern seas to find out whether they were also losing their ability to sequester CO2.

It seems they found the answer to that question.

It all moves faster now. Every year will keep getting a little hotter than the year before. Always! A dire consistency is thus displayed! It will always be getting hotter year after year. Always.


I doubt if every year will be getting hotter. There is no evidence from the past to believe that and no climate models show that. There is too much natural variability involved. This year will probably not be as hot as last year. However, it does seem very likely that each decade will be warmer than the last, and probably quite a bit warmer as this process of warming continues. An increase of 0.5C per decade would have to occur to reach 2C by around 2035-2040 which some scientist have predicted. That would be a several fold increase in warming compared to previous decades.


A few years back there was a film called ‘Children of Men’ that showed a world sliding towards extinction. One aspect of the story showed the government (of Britain) handing out and even advertising painless suicide kits for people who did not want to go on in a hopeless world.

Somehow I can’t see the vicious U.S. government doing something that compassionate given similar circumstances. They will be happy to shoot people who get near their bunkers (why do you think they’re stockpiling billions of hollow-point bullets?) but they’re not going to help in any other way.

Just as with healthcare, Democrats and Republicans agree about the collapse of civilization: you’re on your own, sucker.


Yup. Sober analysts have been sounding the alarm for decades.

i read Barry Commoner’s book “The Closing Circle” in 1972. It included a chapter on fossil fuels, atmospheric carbon, and global warming. i’ve chosen (for this and many other reasons) to never drive an automobile or fly.

Only the narrow self-interests of the “interested parties” – profiteering industrialists yes, but also the pandered “consumers” – have enabled such basic science to be ignored.


Can you say chaos?
Do you have the self-discipline and stability of community to work with the track record of collectively addressing the spectrum of community life?
People who have consciously immersed their lives in these know the value of humility, the importance of cultivating the real capacity to listen, to get your hands dirty - literally, in the soil - and the beaudacious irresistibility of smiling and keeping a sense of humor through the tough times. Knowing how to recover from vulcanization is no less important.


You love to babble but you do not do your homework. You repeat what you think is consensus in the press but you should try figuring out the science yourself sometimes.

In this case you cite the evidence from the past and claim that it is applicable to current conditions? Yeah okay. Try to become current first next time. There is no parallel in the past that is applicable to current conditions. Even temperature changes of twenty years ago are not applicable. Conditions have dramatically changed, in fact these last ten years are unprecedented. The last twenty years should be evidence enough to give anyone pause but the last ten years (rarely cited in the Press, lrx…sorry) are way beyond normal. Try twice as much heating over the decade than ever before. Than even the decade preceding in fact.

I will not do your homework for you but I strongly suggest that you try to figure things out on your own because you need to do that! This article cites a new finding about oceanic sequestering. I cited the first step in that scientific process which was the findings on the ability of the Southern Oceans to continue to sequester CO2. They had reached the saturation point. This was so critical a discovery that it prompted a similar series of studies to be done in the northern oceans which I assume have been completed (sufficiently enough) to announce the findings of those reports. It also created a need to study gaseous exchange at the surface and it’s transportation (or blockage) into deep water strata.

My projection is based on both oceanic studies and basic physics of CO2 saturation/thermohaline strata.

Things are changing fast lrx. To keep up you have to do the research on scientific sites rather than just repeating back press releases. Nevertheless, I was stating my opinion as I cannot predict the future any better than someone else. Just the same, I reiterate - it will always be getting hotter from now on. This last decade shows a dire consistency that has overcome former variables to maintain a very regular ascent in temps. While there are always volcanic eruptions to cool a year or two, some common sense is needed to account for these anomalies in the yearly data.

Heat baby! Heat! It will always be getting hotter. Sequestering saturation does that.

If the world is lucky in a couple of years or so, Trump’s retro oldies but goodies affection for dirty fossil fuels will cease and the world will rapidly begin the joyous transformation to clean and cheap solar and wind energy production. It will be a wonderous time of much needed optimism for our world. It will be a time where the world acts together in concert to affirm life over profits. The curiously ironic thing is that the change over to solar and wind will actually be a tremendous economic stimulus across the planet increasing profits!

Somebody should tell Trump but we’d make more profit from going to solar and wind than by holding back progress and artificially supporting fossil fuel use.


Our Wall Street stock could be invested in companies that embrace renewables and planet friendly technologies like Elon Musk’s. These may be longer term investments today, but nothing is as certain to profit tomorrow.

Direct Democracy Party


E. F. Schumakers “Small Is Beautiful” still rings true. Appropriate technology is starting to take a greater role as stupid systems collapse.

One thing that holds hope for our biosphere is the coming singularity where Artificial Intelligence, trillions of times smarter than humans will meld all knowledge into a Universal Mind. One that recognizes the value of life, evolution, diversity, beauty and seeks to preserve, protect and continue its progress.

Direct Democracy Party


There is no reason to predict each year will be getting hotter. It has no scientific basis. There are a lot of factors such as el ninos and la ninas, Also, pacific decadal oscillation shifts. And other factors. Scientists are not cetain why CO2 levels are rising so much while emissions have leveled off. Reduced absorption by the oceans and land might not be the main reason. There are no climate models that predict increased warming each year. You made some good points, particularly about the Southern Ocean study, but why make wild predictions at all without a scientific basis other than just about anything is possible.


You don’t know but want to appear like you are well informed. For you an article read on CD or some other site is good enough. I told you that you need to study the data and make scientific assessments as to what the data means. Look at how you try to rationalize. You try to dismiss saturation limits as maybe not being the reason CO2 levels are increasing although emissions have plateaued? Think about it? You need to think for yourself and use the data to understand the process.

My citing the earlier studies on the Southern Oceans saturation levels was not a good point silly. It was hard data and it was the first step which saw the northern oceans data assembled. You simply don’t try to understand for yourself. You are like someone who sees heavy dark rain clouds out the window and hears thunder but doesn’t take an umbrella because a weather broadcaster said it was a sunny day!

You need to try and understand the science for yourself.

Oh and by the way. The rising temps have overcome the effects of El Niño’s and El Ninas. In other words, a cooling effect disappeared with one and a heating effect disappeared as well for the other. The temperature rises simply overcame such influences. You need to do homework! The Press is inhibited by trying to explain variability and complexity to a poorly informed public so relying solely on the press will limit your understanding the science.

While it may seem that way to you (you do have a habit of being wrong btw), I did not make a wild projection. I made a scientific projection.


Everything is unraveling and will continue to unravel “much faster than expected.” It’s all about the loss of habitat. Here’s an article I found on ClimateCentral.org where coffee growers in Etheopia are at risk for losing HALF of their coffee production due to rising temps and changing rain patterns. It’s only the beginning.


There’s no negotiating with nature

We do what it demands

Or we die


I keep hearing that there is actually a technological way to clear the air of its overabundance of CO2. Anyone know what exactly this is? I mean exactly how this could work? I find it extremely hard to believe that there is someway we can vacuum up all this extra CO2, I mean, com’on, the atmosphere is HUGE beyond our comprehension, However, if it IS actually possible to do it, why not do it? I know it would be bloody expensive, but if our continued existence depends on it…

Well, I looked up Klaus Lackner’s ridiculous idea of using artificial trees. Does he or anyone else seriously think that we can remove enough CO2 from the troposphere, whose volume is approximately 8.2 billion cubic kilometers (by my calculations), to seriously put a dent in this problem we have? How do we coax 8.2 billion cubic kilometers of air to pass by these artificial trees for them to suck the CO2 out?