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Scary Dairy: You Scream, I Scream... Monsanto Roundup Ice Cream


Scary Dairy: You Scream, I Scream... Monsanto Roundup Ice Cream

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ten out of 11 samples of Ben & Jerry's ice cream tested positive for glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, the nonprofit Organic Consumers Association revealed on Tuesday.


Wonder if the Dutch and the Brits consume Ben & Jerry’s ice cream…they own the company, after all (Unilever). So much for “homemade”…nothing like including carcinogens in ice cream that children will consume (let alone young and old adults) that got there by feeding the cow that produce the milk forage laced with Monsanto-created toxins. And Monsanto, Unilever, and any number of other foodstuff providers (corporate) lobbied successfully to keep Non-GMO labeling off their garbage in the U S.


I never have had a taste for ice cream with disgusting flavor names like “chunky monkey”, “chubby hubby”, and “cherry Garcia”. So nice to know yet another reason for avoiding this brand.


Unjust desserts


Cherry Garcia is the only flavor I ever buy! It’s my favorite flavor of ice cream (though I’m not a big ice-cream fan). How odd. Glad to know that one was glyphosate-free. Hope it’s true of all their batches!


So what about other brands of ice cream? How much glyphosate in them?


Good question deserving a detailed and thorough answer!


A very timely article but hardly a surprise. My first contact with Roundup was forty five years ago and it had been around for a while then. With more land under the plow today and the promotion of Roundup, I was once told it was safe to drink, it isn’t surprising that it should be even more dispersed than DDT. They were finding that in human tissue.


This paragraph confused me, until I went to the Whole Foods site and learned that their brand 365 vanilla ice cream is not labelled as being organic (Fair Trade; but, not organic). That explains why it’s not surprising that it tested positive for glyphosate. The other three brands: Alden’s, Julie’s, and Three Twins, I’m assuming, are certified as organic.


Has Monsanto done anything right? dioxins in Agent Orange, glyphosate in Roundup, GMO, PCB’s, alachlor?
The US contracted to spray glyphosate in the hills of Columbia to eradicate coca. Coca managed to thrive, but the farmer’s gardens were also sprayed, and the incidence of birth defects there was appalling. Even so, I was difficult to get the US to stop doing it.

Wiki says glyphosate is key to the USA’s sugar beet industry. This article didn’t discuss whether the ingredient of sugar was a possible source.

Wikipedia lists its legal battles.


The Brits won’t care. We’ll spoon down anything so long as it is cheap - and we just voted to leave the most consumer-safety-conscious club in the world. To keep the dirty immigrants out. So don’t expect shame from here - we’re just waving our little Britain flags and dreaming of Empire.


Ben and Jerry were, first and foremost, consummate capitalists. All the rest–the “hippie” BS–was window dressing. They never cared about clean cows, their workers, or anything else but getting rich. They would gladly sell you laced ice cream if it means increasing profit.


Of course, The Cherry Garcia would be clean! :v:


Please correct me if I am wrong:

32 ounces is the recent uptick in allowable glyphosate food residue per person per year.

The US government lets you to be legally poisoned with 32 ounces of glyphosate residues per year.

Your liberal democrat and right wing crazies totalitarian military empire wants you to consume a quart of glyphosate weed poison per year so Monsanto can make more money and drive family farmers from their homes.


We constantly hear that toxin X was found in food at levels which meet federal safety guidelines.
But we never get to hear about what happens in a society with 100’s of federally approved toxins in their food. Does science do the collective analysis of the effects of many toxins, operating synergistically in people? Would we not predict that such an outcome would have serious measureable negative health effects?
Oops, stupid me, such research would never get the necessary funding nor the light of day in media.
The machine claims authority to represent and protect us but refuses to perform its basic social responsibility. Call it authoritarianism or fascism.
But don’t forget to recognize it as anti democratic, corrupt and inherently violent.


32 ounces? The EPA limit is 30 ppm in grains. So to consume 32 ounces you would have to eat 60 million pounds of grain (30,000 tons) a year.


It is almost impossible to find and edibles that are not contaminated with glyphosate. Three raspberries to the Environmental Protection Agency for protecting Monsanto instead of us.


Well, thats grain. Now we have early roundup potato harvest and etc. Then there’s soybeans bred to live with glyphosate.

My understanding is every living cell on Earth carries a chemical burden proportional to corporate identity brand profits.

Pardon me; Correction has not been made.


There are so many things wrong with this story, first shown in the NYT. First, there are no peer-reviewed published data, and the group making the claims does not even post the methods used. That’s not how we publish results. We cannot judge their validity, and the fact that sourced materials are non-GMO means it is unlikely that it is actually there. These assays can be difficult at < 1 ppb. That’s less than one second in 32 years.

Amounts that low have no physiological relevance whatsoever.1000’s- Millions of times below thresholds.

Read on the pages of Regenerate Vermont and OCA. To me this looks like payback for not using organic sourced milk. They take down the brand because they didn’t play by the activists’ rules. To achieve their goals with misinformation is really low.

I did a podcast on the topic today on Talking Biotech Podcast (they won’t let me post a link)

Glad to answer questions about analytical chemistry, science etc. Thanks.


And that is if you are at the high limit. In USDA data the amount was 300-30x less than that when it was detected at all.