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Scathing UN Reports Condemns Trump and GOP for 'Deliberately' Driving Up Already Devastating Inequality


Scathing UN Reports Condemns Trump and GOP for 'Deliberately' Driving Up Already Devastating Inequality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

It is no secret that the United States has among the worst levels of inequality, poverty, and infant mortality of all wealthy nations, but a scathing new United Nations report (pdf) concludes that President Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress are "deliberately" working to make these already devastating crises worse by waging war on the poor while lavishing the rich with massive tax cuts.


This is why the Tea Party candidates were elected. From their point of view this is positive news. The choice between Republicans and Democrats is stark. But the country is split between people who want the government to do more to help those in need and those who want to dismantle the federal agencies with programs that help such people. It comes down to numbers and showing up on election day.


Stark? STARK?! Are you out of your fucking mind???!!!
Are you STILL that much in love with the Damnocrats???!!!
They are like two turds from the same asshole!
Two smells from the same sewer!!!
Stark difference?! Puhleeze wake the fuck up!!!


The signs say poverty is immoral. Ecological devastation is immoral. And there are Christians at the pulpit.

And no one else sees the irony of this?

Christians focus on family values, having more kids, and then demanding that resources keep up. They pray after a major ecological disaster, then demand more resources.

Science tells us this game is over.


" Who would Jesus leave homeless, starving and in need of medical attention? "
Hopefully 2208 American billionaires, and their enablers, are on his short list.


Funny, I see Trump surrounded by Christians praying for him and with him. The Christians are the ones destroying the Department of Education, EPA, and other agencies to help the poor. They are the ones calling for less human rights for women and LGBT people. They are the ones making excuses for Roy Moore.

Also, the Hollywood version of Jesus is not what the bible says. Jesus told women to shut up. He said a lot of other awful stuff too, if you actually read the bible.


Given new life by DonConCo., a proudly successful subsidiary of “Mission Accomplished, Inc.”


Leftist never tire of lecturing about what is moral while they promote and commit corruption, immorality, and criminality on a much greater scale. Leftist policies create poverty, tyranny, and death. You want to go scandal by scandal… the UN and democrats are masters of ignoring their own corruption!


The United Nations, home to such despots as Cuba, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Venezuela, and Sudan is condemning the USA. Yawn.


well there is that


I have three comments to your post:

  1. When reading your comment, it is very clear, though you don’t have the balls to say it, that your concept of leftists is state-controlled socialism. Your comments, however, are correct that state-controlled capitalism has led to poverty, tyranny, and death.

But … corporate-controlled capitalism is producing the same results via the gutting of all social welfare programs by robbing the American economy to further enlarge the military-industrial complex. It is the largest transfer of money in history from the working class to the elites along with corporate welfare programs via tax loopholes, the new corporate tax rates and inflated government-corporate contracts is pure theft using a nationalist, patriotic message. It is nothing but legalized theft!

Your perception of Leftism isn’t, wasn’t, or ever will be socialism that is democratically controlled by the people … community by community.

A person who sanctions capitalism isn’t really a leftist. Examples of genuine leftism are democratically-controlled socialism and Social Anarchism, also called Anarcho-Socialism.

  1. The Democrats are not leftists by any standard. The Democrats, in many ways, are better protectors and advocates for the capitalist elites than the Republicans.

  2. Thinking that corruption is limited to Democrats and the United Nations is nothing more than willful ignorance. The article, The Republican Party’s Corruption Will Bring Them Down – Again summarizes the situation well.


I don’t know what you are looking at but stark difference it is. Most people call it polarization. The parties are very different. All of the white nationalists are now in the Republican Party. So are all the anti-environmentalists. This isn’t the 1950s. Things have changed. Wake up!


Buddy, you are SOOOOOOO obtuse, I won’t even waste time trying to point out how fucked up your “reality” is. Maybe someone else can reach you. I quit…


“Stark difference…”

From the article:

“Acknowledging that inequality in the U.S. has been rising rapidly for around five decades…”

“Rapidly rising inequality” has been the case under EVERY administration, under EVERY congress, WHICHEVER party has controlled any or all of the House, Senate, and White House, since the 1970s.

i would say “For your information,” but you are uninterested in such information. You are willfully blind to such truths. But the electorate is NOT blind to such truths. This is why most people in the USA do not vote for either of the two pre-selected candidates in this ugly system.


And in a democracy (we are so proud of our democracies, aren’t we) the ultimate choice lies with the voters who give those people the power to make war on the poor. It’s not just the elite who choose to maintain injustice and poverty - it’s the electoral majorities as well.


No other country has caused as much devastation and death in the last 70 years as the USA. No other country has worked so hard to keep despots in power - so long as they kiss the feet of the USA. No other country has shown so much contempt for international law. Demonising other countries might make Americans feel better about their own government, but it can’t hide the truth.


“The United Nations, home to such despots as Cuba, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Venezuela, and Sudan is condemning the USA. Yawn.”

The UN is open to any sovereign nation; that was the point in forming the UN. So, yeah, those countries are included.

If the source makes a difference to you, the CIA, the Federal Reserve, and the IMF also note that the US is one of the most unequal countries on the planet in regards to wealth distribution, as well. We rank worse than countries like Russia, Iran, the Philippines, Argentina, Kenya, Turkey, Venezuela, Cambodia, Vietnam, Egypt…


There would be more homes for people around the world if they weren’t being bombed.
There would be more food to eat around the world if soldiers could go back home and be farmers.
There would be fewer immigrants to worry about if their countries were not at war.

Turn guns into butter.


Thank you United Nations! Now, will you please look into what Immigration and Customs Enforcement is doing to Hispanics in the United States. The civil rights violations would draw America’s ire if it were taking place on a scale nowhere near what it is here.


I’d like to have the confidence you do in Democrats –
but over and again they have betrayed the American people.

And that goes back to 1974 at the least when Dems had the White House/
Carter and Senate and House in Congress.

At that point, Dem Majority Leader George Mitchell turned the keys to the
Senate over to Repug Minority Leader Bob Dole.

This has long been game play between two parties owned by the same
Elites/large corporations and it still exists.

How many times could Democrats have called out voters to campaign for
Medicare4All? Are they doing it now?

How much “change” did Obama bring?
The first thing he did was to appoint Rham Emmanuel as his #1 in the White House
to attack liberal Democrats and to recruit corporate Democrats –
and as a side line to attack public education by supporting Charter schools.

Granted … the Dem party may be the “local” to Auschwitz –
and the Repugs the “express” – but they are both going in the same direction for
the interests of the same owners.