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Scholar Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Applauds Sanders for Activating 'Typically Invisible' Multiracial Coalition With 'Class Warfare' Campaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/10/scholar-keeanga-yamahtta-taylor-applauds-sanders-activating-typically-invisible


Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor is fantastic.


That smell is Corporate and Racist fear.


“Neither the Democratic Party or media UNDERSTANDS Sanders’ campaign” doesn’t sound like a very scholarly statement when you consider that we all know that the corporations, their media, and their DNC have always demonstrated a very clear understanding that Sanders’ expects government to stop enriching the 1% and their corporations at the expense of the rest of us and they will never stop fighting against him in order to retain their status quo.

Perhaps Princeton Assistant Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor needs to have coffee with Princeton professor emeritus Cornel West who always gets it right.


It’s this simple.

Reach out to someone.
Someone who might vote in the primaries. Someone who might not.
Especially that second group.
Keep it casual.
Give them a pitch on Sanders.
Mention that we’ve been trying the moderate approach.
Point out that it hasn’t worked – wealth inequality is growing, healthcare is STILL the #1 concern.
Admit that Bernie’s approach is bold – an outsider challenge to the status quo.
Remind them that Trump won with just that populist stance. Except Trump is an asshole.
Change one or two minds. Get someone to register and bother this time.

That’s how Bernie’s 13 million votes in 2016 become 25 million next year.


Yeah, They downloaded in their pants again…

lol but I won’t re-post that FUGs tune


Unless the very significant block of black primary voters changes their minds and wanders away from massa Biden, then the best Bernie could hope for is a brokered convention.
I pray they see the light, and finally realize that the Third Way and Clintonians have been unmitigated disasters for America’s black communities.


The DNC is a private 501© (3) non-profit corporation. Meaning they split the wall street profit among themselves. To keep the wall street slop pouring in, they must stop Berne, again. Losing is not a factor.
Their current strategy seems to be ‘out white’ the Republicans. In the meanwhile, Uncle Tom Clayburn will keep the SC primary vote safe for, as noted above, massa Biden. How the f do you get people to vote for someone that gave a prison record to half the black population?


corporate media outlets have often downplayed or ignored the Vermont senator’s campaign—a phenomenon Sanders supporters have termed the “Bernie blackout.”

Bernie is an anathema to the corporate, media, we progressives have known that for a long time, but what worries me much more is Bernie will probably be " blacked out" by the DNC!


I don’t know if I agree with that. Maybe they realize the threat that he poses to their power, but they do not understand how it feels to be a working class, middle class or poor American in modern American any more than you know how it is to be a Chinese peasant. You can read all the books you want about Chinese peasants, you could know their history more than they even do, but you aren’t a Chinese peasant. You don’t know it feels like to wake up a Chinese peasant, what structural barriers they will face that you won’t be aware of if you don’t live their lives. Those in power don’t understand his campaign in that regard. I also don’t think that they know how to make sense of a campaign that tries to get those that don’t normally take part in the political process, and none of them outside of Bernie (including Warren) knows a damn thing about using grassroots movements to push through changes those in power oppose. Again, they can read a book or see a protest, they wouldn’t know how to utilize those movements, nor do they really understand movements like that. I have zero respect for most politicians in either party as far as their understanding of many issues, but I would be willing to bet that few of them have any knowledge of radical history or the history of social movements. All they know is that democratizing the economy and the political system means that they have less money and power. It’s about as complex for most of them as fire is hot.


Once again, black people are not a monolith. Biden has a lot of support from OLDER black voters, Bernie has support from younger black voters. If people over 65 didn’t vote, Biden’s campaign would already be done. Some gift that voting block is giving society late in life, and I do realize that there are many voters in that age group that are progressive. The data is clear on that though, Biden leads entirely because of older voters. And Biden didn’t do well with black voters the previous times he ran, which makes sense. His record on issues impacting black people is absolutely atrocious. The entirety of his support among older black voters comes from his connection to Obama. He will get killed versus Trump if older voters force his mentally declining ass on us all, and those older voters will utterly screw over younger people. To think that we would give him power when our country has the problems it has is mind blowing.


Others in your community need to know there are a lot of Bernie supporters out there, since the MSM is trying to suppress his success. Slap a Bernie bumper sticker on your car or put a yard sign out or both. Bernie needs all the exposure he can get.

I fear you’re correct about that.
My god, can you imagine a debate stage featuring Trump and Biden? One guy that has no idea what the truth is, and the other who forgot long ago what the truth may be.
It would be like watching a really horrible remake of Abbott and Costello doing “Who’s on First” only neither guy will know who is on first, or where first is, or why it’s there, or where they are.
The perfect reflection of the American body politic.


I’ll respectfully submit that whitesplaining won’t help your cause.
Older black voters know what’s up.
If anything, they’re more knowledgeable about what’s possible in the d-party.
Which doesn’t mean they aren’t persuadable.
Just that there are arguments that don’t include massa Biden.


I am more and more impressed by Bernie Sanders.
Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, found my way downstairs and had a cup.
That’s my typical day. How does Bernie hit the trail most days and still find ways to come up with new ideas, support righteous causes, and so many of them? Must have great staff and support group.


Hi, Skeptic. Did my fourth walk for Bernie on Saturday. Encountered a well-educated man about my age who loves Bernie but is refusing to vote. Couldn’t budge him. I told him I thought he was more cynical than I was. He said, just wait, you’ll become as cynical as I am as time goes on.


I also met people from all around the world who were delighted that we, (and my buddy was a Spanish-speaker), came to their door in pouring rain.

I gotta say something about my buddy: she was a newbie, the first time out walking, and I was so impressed with her. I had the best time knocking on doors with her, and now she’s an old hand like me! We’ll see each other this coming Saturday. Bernie people are the best!

Oh. Not done yet. And I’m so grateful for the encouragement I get here! Thank you!


Bernie or Bust

Glad that this was published in the New York Times which is the propaganda sheet of the corporate democrat establishment.

They hear us and they fear us.


I’ve knocked on too many doors to count.
More often that not, my candidates have lost.
It just happened again in 2018.
I’m an old cynical man like the one you described.
It didn’t take getting older to make me that way – I was born that way.

But I prefer to go out fighting and standing up, than to go out whining on my knees.
And you’re right: you meet the best people fighting,
XR meeting tonight. Disruptive people. Doomers, too. But fighters.
Like you and me.


“‘Neither the Democratic Party or media UNDERSTANDS Sanders’ campaign’ doesn’t sound…scholarly…we all know that the corporations, their media, and their DNC have always demonstrated a very clear understanding that Sanders’ expects government to stop enriching the 1% and their corporations at the expense of the rest of us and they will never stop fighting against him in order to retain their status quo.”

Sure, ray, they see him as a threat, especially corporations, blocs of the rich and the R. party.

But I think it’s also true that a lot of establishment liberal media has trouble wrapping their minds around the Sanders movement and his popularity - it’s the flip side of their failure to grasp progressives’ critique of the establishment Democratic Party’s unpopularity and the establishment misreading of swing voters - e.g., conservative Democrats in midwest swing states who went from Sanders in primaries to - faced w/an establishment Dem. - Trump in the general.

Sanders is a threat, but - in terms of the establishment’s view of what is ‘realistic’ - the Sanders movement is also incomprehensible…he’s ‘not how US politics works.’

See this pov expressed in the first 10 minutes of this great panel discussion another poster linked: