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School Choice Is a Scam in Segregated Neighborhoods


School Choice Is a Scam in Segregated Neighborhoods

Jitu Brown

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos seems not to hear the fierce protests of parents, teachers and school officials over school closings and charter expansion in New York, Chicago, Oakland, Detroit and other American cities. How else to explain her continuing tone-deaf comments praising the glories of school choice? In truth, school choice does not exist in most black and brown communities in the United States.


Below presented are examples of legal reasons for imposing liability on the POTUS. They related to the concept of agency theories of liability and also whether the acts of the agent were performed within the scope of the agency.

Did the principal to the agency ( i.e., the POTUS) do any of the following:

  • Issue to the agent a precedent, direct order to do something;
  • Aid and abet the performance of the act or otherwise facilitate the activity;
  • Acquiesce to the deed, after-the-fact;
  • Fail to disavow the act, after-the-fact;
  • Actively engage in a coverup of the activities.

Note: One could also analyze the situation in terms of the “fraud and deceit.”


A “a robust, rigorous and relevant curriculum” would perforce include an honest examination of the factors that lead to such inequity.

Regardless of how well endowed a school may be, what are the odds of that aspect being extant?


Betsy DeVos is going to pay dearly on a spiritual level for the outright malevolence she shows towards what amounts to the majority of K-12 students in our country. Despite her “airy, Junior League persona,” I believe she is truly that somewhat rare find-an outright female sociopath who knows exactly the harm she is inflicting. Why doe she do it? Who knows? Personally, she has plenty of money. I chalk it up to outright cruelty. She really belongs in jail. For starters, she owes the federal government millions for cleaning up after her fundamentalist, anti-gay PACS in Michigan. She couldn’t care less. The woman gets some pretty sick thrills in the name of improving kid’s lives. She does nothing of the sort.


I think that rather than a Crabby Appleton (rotten to the core) we have a Natasha Badenough whose sinister, imperfectly thought out, nefarious efforts are a result of her privileged life. Either way, This Just Will Not Do. Of course the entire administration reads like a nightmare of devastating potential. The inmates have taken over the asylum and they know that they have to work fast before their minders can rebuild the wasteland.


“A robust, rigorous and relevant curriculum” would require that our students are told the truth about our history. We get "history’ as the rich man’s idea of what they want the people to believe. His story is made up of lies. Tell the children these lies at an early age, and repeat them over and over again as they go though the grades and this sick brain washing will be what they believe.


Well, listen to a lot of Gen X who hit college in the 1980’s. They came of age during Reagan and internalized much of the revisionism that went on throughout the decade.