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School Daze: Use That Bribe Scandal to Fight for Debt-Free College


School Daze: Use That Bribe Scandal to Fight for Debt-Free College

Michael Winship

This will come as no surprise to most sentient human beings but we have an education crisis in this country that begins with the Cheeto Benito in the White House and trickles down all the way to households in which a child has never had a storybook read to them.



I don’t think this is a new scam at all. GW Bush went to Yale. Besides being a cheer leader, and drinking—what was his major? I think it’s old news that the rich get in no matter how lacking that like they may be. But, the other problem is with the universities and where do they get off charging students such high rates and then offering them jobs as adjuncts —where they can barely survive and have to work several schools at once?
Maybe the problem starts earlier as students from other nations often have better grounding in languages and a better support system and better rates for education. Maybe it all has to do with America being the last one standing after WW 2—and we are mediocre then in many ways. —it just took a while for other nations to rebuild and surpass us in so many areas.



Winship writes:

“And while we’re at, let’s insist on a required civics curriculum in every classroom all the way up through the university level, whether history, political science or just the basics of good citizenship.”

i’ll see that, and raise you: Make that civics curriculum reality-based, engaging students at every level in organized campaigns (of the student’s choice) for civic improvement, and directly in civic decision-making and advocacy bodies like school councils, neighborhood councils, city councils, state legislatures, water boards, etc.

Children should learn civics and democracy – not solely by reading texts and passing multiple-choice tests, or even just by participating in seminars, discussions, debates, and mock UNs – but by actually engaging, participating in, and experiencing civics and democracy.

Just let me write the new national standards for basic curriculum! Screw the fundamentalist, anti-science, anti-progressive, corporate libertarian horrors who have grabbed hold of and dominated public education since the loathsome Pat Robertson organized his minions to run for local school boards.

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Unfortunately, what I am seeing is that there are some people who are using this story as an excuse to advocate against people getting a degree and instead, going for career technical training. As a result, they are making the argument that only people who should be getting an education are the rich and the rest of us just need to concentrate on getting jobs and becoming tax payers and consumers as soon as possible.



And don’t forget. Illiteracy continues to exist in the USA.