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'School of Assassins': Protests Demand Closure of Notorious Training Camp


'School of Assassins': Protests Demand Closure of Notorious Training Camp

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Thousands of activists and dozens of peace groups converged this weekend in Georgia to call for the closure of the School of Americas (SOA or WHINSEC), a controversial training facility for Latin American soldiers, and the nearby Stewart Immigrant Detention Center.


"We have to address the root causes of migration, which to a major part lie in the deplorable economic and military policies, which the United States has imposed on Latin America," Borgeois said."

Imagine if such a perspective were held up to Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and the stable of xenophobes masking patriotism as hate--and thus a call to do harm--to Other.


Lies, theft, rape, pollution, torture, terrorism, assassination, war. It's what the oligarchy's conservative minions do best.

The Oligarchy is Mammon.


It is heartening to see a resurgence of of the peace movement. May it grow and grow. There is hope, yet.


"Ahead of the actions on Friday, SOA Watch national organizer Hendrik Voss told local media, "We have to take an honest look at the violence the United States is exporting all over the world. If we don’t do that, nothing is going to change."

I was born three months prior to the end of WWII, making me 70 yrs old. Just counting the American War in Vietnam, in which I am ashamed to say I participated, and the past 15 years of war since Bush's war, the US has been terrorizing other people around the world for half of my life! If you include the "small" wars and the terror the US has perpetrated on others, such as that which the article describes, their has been very little sunlight for my entire life. Honestly looking at the history of the US......... just what can you call this country?


" What can you call this country?"



We should change its name to School of Terror and Terrorists. It would be far more accurate and descriptive.


As long as so called "schools" like this exist in the U.S. or globally, we know that we have work to do as a species.


Been listening to David Talbot's new book, The devil's chessboard which shows how the Dulles brothers had and continue their legacy or running the CIA, taking down governments that we did not like, etc. We the common people are up against an enemy with many talons using our hard earned money to create more wars around the world.


Torture is nothing new for America. The military and civilian militias were torturing indigenous people beginning in the 18th century...


I highly recommend that you attend this event. I was there five years in a row.
There, you will meet the flower of America's youth - average GPA 3.7 (!!) (I surveyed about 90 of them.)
and your faith in humanity will be restored. Great young people.
We can win.
Veterans For Peace


Instead of fidelity, bravery, integrity the F. B. I. has been proven to be nothing but a fascist tool and it is way past time that the name of J. Edgar Hoover be removed from the FBI building in Washington D.C.

The fact that the FBI has been used as a way to spy on American groups like the protesters wanting to shut down the school of assassins and too many others to list here tells me their real fidelity, bravery, and integrity have absolutely nothing to do with protecting anyone but the fascists and oligarchs of the Amerikan Empire.