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School Shooters and Drones


School Shooters and Drones

Allegra Harpootlian

In the wake of the February 14, 2018, mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which killed 17 students and staff members, a teacher said the school looked “like a war zone.” And to many young Americans, that’s exactly what it felt like. But this shooting was different.



Excellent article, thank you so much for trying to raise awareness of these horrors done in “our” name. And the analogy with school shootings is perfect, I really liked how you made so many connections.

Very impressive – thank you!



Distressing, very distressing. That said, let’s focus on the bureaucratic and budget-hungry nature of the Colonel Cathcarts within the military, or any bureaucracy for that matter.
Most government bureaucracies automatically receive renewed funding for next year’s budget based on the current use of, and “need” for, resources. That need is gauged by equipment/resources “used” and which must be replaced (or up-graded), plus an inflation “allowance.” In other words, there exists a customary use-and-spend “quota” which the head bureaucrat must meet, or else next year’s budget and resource allocation will suffer reductions! Hence, the memos (or in many cases, to avoid documentation of this corrupt practice, the word is passed on via supervisors) to use up the existing inventory of equipment, supplies, funds, etc. Otherwise, cuts will occur next fiscal year. And we can’t have that! It is part and parcel of the acquisitive impulse of bureaucratic heads and bureaucracies to expand–ever expand–their fiefdom, their budgets, their employees, their resources, their…power.
These allocated drones (and manpower) can and will be used; we can rationalize or apologize for “honest mistakes” later. The point is to use, always use the resources at hand. This philosophy becomes especially true in an era of budget-cut “threats.”
I suspect there is no need to add that once the base commander or whomever authorizes these careless (suspect?) bomb-runs retires, a very grateful, tax-fed munitions merchant will embrace and recruit him/her into its war-profiteering ranks with loving arms for “assisting” the bottom-line! The retired commandant’s successor understands the score and acts accordingly, and so forth. Hence, the real rationale for "Forever Wars. “Cui Bono?” Yep, “follow the money.”
Be well.



Even if every “dangerous terrorist” were “taken out” “surgically”, with no “collateral damage”, what would be the reaction to another nation doing the same to the dangerous terrorists headquartered in D.C.?



I feel the need to mention that Obama launched 10 times more drone strikes than W.

Liberals make fun of the way conservatives irrationally lionize Trump, but Liberals themselves put Obama up on this bullshit pedestal, irrationally making Obama out to be some kind of humanitarian. Strictly delusional, just like Trumpers.

By any reasonable standard, Obama is a psychopath, the same as Bush & Trump. Perhaps worse, because he was so smooth-talking, and hence, more dangerous.

We’re not going to confront the horror of drones and America’s War Against the World until we learn to see past manufactured illusions of righteousness.



“We’re not going to confront the horror of drones and America’s War Against the World until we learn to see past manufactured illusions of righteousness.”
or until someone uses their drones to kill some of our terrorists. I could name a few to start…



And how do you put an end to the legal corruption? Certainly not through legislation, they are bought too. All over the world when a government gets this bad a reactionary group becomes the way out. A huge group. Or a smaller, highly trained one.
I’m old and disabled so it won’t be me in any so called group, I’m just saying.



In order to come full circle, the waste and pollution that results from military actions be they in the killing fields or in the experiments on land, in the oceans and in the atmosphere needs to brought to full light. Since the military actions are responsible for destruction and the biggest producer of pollution activists need to broadcast detailed information and post it on billboards so the youth climate movement can use the information in their fight against climate chaos.



All because humans think they can solve their problems with more violence.
Only men play the hammer game , those with the biggest hammer wins. Women would hammer out justice .

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Hey bro…that sounds kinda violent…don’t think that option is for me…



sorry! I wasn’t advocating for violence. I was trying to point out that soon or later some other country or organization will use our technology against us. And then we’ll consider it terrorism.



Ask whats left of the Libyans how they feel about the justice Hillary hammered them with. Or the Hondurans.

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