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School Strikes Take Off as Legacy From ‘Grandfather of Climate Science'

School Strikes Take Off as Legacy From ‘Grandfather of Climate Science'

Aaron Gray-Block

More than 40 years after Wallace Smith Broecker published his landmark 1975 paper ‘Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming?’ the world is still to set into action a global plan to prevent climate chaos.

But . . .  But . . .  “net zero by 2050” just means that we (including Mother Nature) must be removing as much CO2 from the atmosphere as we are adding each day.  This does NOTHING to remove all of the excess CO2 (and CH4) that we will have added to the atmosphere by 2050 — even if by some miracle we’re adding only half as much by 2030, then gradually less and less.  There will be so much carbon dioxide (& methane) ALREADY IN the atmosphere by 2050 that the world will continue to warm a little each year after 2050, probably for several decades, unless something is done to begin REDUCING the amount of greenhouse gases ALREADY IN the atmosphere.  Meanwhile, rapid deforestation continues unabated . . .

Pay attention Betsy DeVos …

You and your lalaland cronies can take your half-baked self-serving ideological shite smear and destruction of education and carefully insert them where the sun doesn’t shine and then be sure to take a long walk on a short pier - something you exhibit as having past experience in doing - so should be fairly easy.
Your ‘charter’ organized crime buds no doubt have a pair of concrete booties for the trip because you will NEVER succeed in “privatizing” education so that the owners can have their socialism. They must be some kind of disappointed in you. Wake UP!!