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Schools In America In the Blood-Stained Year of Our Ostensible Lord 2018


Schools In America In the Blood-Stained Year of Our Ostensible Lord 2018

Dear Leader has already caved to the gore-flecked NRA, but the brave kids - "canaries in the coal mines" of America's murderous landscape - continue fighting for gun reform. Tuesday, the day before a National School Walkout, supporters set up a searing Monument For Our Kids on the East Lawn: 7,000 pairs of shoes, each representing a child killed by gun violence since Sandy Hook, laid at the feet of a craven Congress that failed every one of them.


Very touching display with the shoes. I could add two people I know’s shoes to that exhibit.


“The NRA Is A Terrorist Organization.”

While the 2nd largest gun-lobby donor to politicians’ ‘campaign funds’, the NSSF seems never to be mentioned let alone receive deserved condemnation.

Why is it so?


Like father, like son. Like government, like people.


…empty shoes…


Excellent question. I was ignorant and had to look it up. Why not mention it?

KISS principle in communication to the masses:

Remember “W” ? Al Qaeda was hammered into the heads of every voter. Those terrorists were the source of the world’s ills, and up to the USA to save us all.

Bill Clinton “It is the economy.”

If people are dumb enough, so easily mislead to elect this celebrated rapist & grifter, how can they handle more than one gun enthusiast organization as a well deserved political target? They can’t.

“Our life is frittered away by details . . . simplify, simplify.” — H.D.Thoreau


I remember him from Denver when it happened and the years that followed. A true hero, victim’s father becomes activist and target of gun nuts. Not too many books of this vintage that bring $100 used. (on the monopolized online store I refuse to even mention)


Let me once again comment that I am a retired teacher, and Trump’s asinine comment to arm teachers should indicate to the nation what type of idiot was elected president. A total NRA supporter after their donations to his presidential election campaign. Almost all Republicans in congress have been bought in the same way as Trump was, and too many Democrats. How can we get a congress that has not prostituted itself to the lobbyists with the huge amounts of money?


May also be of interest: https://www.opensecrets.org/industries./indus.php?cycle=2018&ind=Q13


Thank you. These statistics are very telling…not to mention damning!


This is the heartbreaking visual that needs to be seen all the time and everywhere. It needs to follow the NRA everywhere. It probably did not make the MSM.


Thank you! Will enjoy sending that colorful graphic to my Rep., who celebrates his A+ rating from the NRA.