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Schools to Close, Strikers Ready Ahead of A Day Without A Woman


Schools to Close, Strikers Ready Ahead of A Day Without A Woman

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Dozens of schools are closing, rallies are planned, and women everywhere will take action on Wednesday in observance of International Women's Day and in defiance of a patriarchal society that's been emboldened, at least in the United States, by the right-wing Trump administration.


Best of luck to this Her-icane! Cat-5, baby!


My only red hat says "Convict Dick & W". Seems a very fitting choice for the day.


more like "a day without white middle and upper-class women who can afford to take the day off."


The General Strike is the best nonviolent tool to effect reform, which works best if more people (men and women) are involved. One can not not afford to take the day, annasdottir.


There is a parched and cracked shell imposed over wisdom of women. It is designed to instill vast dissociation of the crevasse. Few explore this more powerfully than Audre Lord

If we do not make this assiduously all inclusive, we contribute to perpetuation of a schizophrenic breakdown based on sets of ossified, fast-crumbling dogma.


Proud of Chapel Hill-Carrboro teachers.


and they are fighting for you and me and women the world over. Thank goodness for women who are in the middle and upper class as you describe them are willing to work for the rest of us.

We don't need your dissent, we need to come together. United we stand, divided we fall.


I agree! Someone who berates anyone for being white and middle or upper class only sounds angry and divisive. People are people and need to stick together. Part of the fault of the protests of the Viet Nam war was that the so called elites sometimes excluded the working class. be thankful for anyone who comes out for a cause. Lots of people these days just stick to themselves.