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'Schumer and Pelosi Have to Go': Democratic Leaders Under Fire for Urging 'Civility' in Face of Trump's Vicious Agenda

'Schumer and Pelosi Have to Go': Democratic Leaders Under Fire for Urging 'Civility' in Face of Trump's Vicious Agenda

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) didn't issue a single word of public criticism of their fellow Democrats for voting to deregulate Wall Street and hand President Donald Trump immense spying powers, but on Monday the Democratic Party heads lectured their colleagues and grassroots activists on the need for "civility" in the face of Trump's vicious attacks on immigrant families, the poor, and the planet.


They need to keep this kind of talk up - it will only greatly increase the number of primary challengers from the left who will win in the primaries.


Here’s my response to Schumer and Pelosi and the rest of the Establishment Wall Street DimocRat whores, on civility:

FUCK you. Not very civil of me? I don’t fucking care. The time for civility is over. This is a war on democracy and the Constitution by the forces of authoritarianism. They are trying - blatantly - to dismantle every democratic institution and check on their power, and we are concerned about being civil? Schumer and Pelosi and all the other establishment Dims are part of the problem, and they need to go. If true Progressives cannot be elected to replace the Dim leadership and move the Party in a progressive direction, then fuck the Democrat party as well.


“Ya’ll are fucking hypocrite’s”. This is being too civil in my opinion


Better do more than write on the internet! As we speak a ruling is being made at the Supreme court to dismantle unions! This is being funded by the Kochs!


“We tried negotiation
And the token picket line;
Mister Charlie didn’t see us
He might as well be blind.
When you deal with men of ice (!)
You can’t deal with ways so nice
But if that’s freedom’s price
We don’t mind,
We don’t mind.”
–Malvina Reynolds, “It Isn’t Nice”


For Nancy Pelosi and Schumer they can only see this as “business as usual” when
Trump is calling immigrants seeking asylum here “animals.”
And when Trump Administration is DRUGGING immigrant children in US detention centers,
after separating them from their parents.
And when Trump administration is TORTURING young immigrants in US detention centers.

!!! ???

How many times has our seemingly deranged President Trump called for violence by his supporters against protesters at his rallies?

How many times has Trump suggested that VIOLENCE is the answer to any problem he confronts?

Recall Trump encouraging new police cadets to use violence.

Trump is ready, willing and able at all times to suggest and use violence – whether it is domestically or internationally.

In fact, Trump is so “willing and able” that 26 psychiatrists – now backed by 2,000 of them – have written a book to warn Americans of the dangers of this president totally losing his mind and all control.
And those psychiatrists have carried out this warning to the public because they see it as their duty to do so.

See: The dangerous case of Donald Trump by Wayne Barrett -
Amy Goodman at NPR did an excellent interview with the Editor of the book –


As Daddy Koch said capitalism and democracy can not co-exist. Bush was put in the White House and the GOP Supreme Court allowed politics to be run by money, not democracy. They allowed radical gerrymanders to give the GOP the House for ten years. They allow vote fixing. McConnell stole the seat for Gorsuch. Whatever they want will be called “legal”. So don’t blame Pelosi and Schumer. Did you vote for Bernie? Do you hate Hillary? Did you get conned by global dictators setting up Trump to do their work? When it falls apart the bad guys really take it all. Schumer and Pelosi are NOT the bad guys.


Fine, then say that to every media outlet. Quantify it and qualify it. Protest about it. But undoing public accommodation law to make exceptions for people whose political beliefs/actions are deemed wrong is not the way to do it. I could think of many on the left who would be denied service based on their politics. This is the road to chaos/totalitarianism. Take your pick but remember that the latter usually follows the former…


Yes, they are. Exhibit A is their deafening silence regarding McConnell’s refusal to hold hearings on Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to fill Scalia’s SCOTUS vacancy. There are others—many, MANY others.


Dissent –

Concluding with a quote from the novelist and civil rights activist James Baldwin, Glaude added: "But most would agree these are times that require us ‘to ask very hard questions and take very rude positions. And no matter at what the price.’"

Obviously, the Democratic leadership is NOT calling citizens out to support and call
for Medicare4ALL –

Nor are they calling citizens out to STOP the Trump administration’s abuse of immigrants –
to the point of DRUGGING their children in our detention centers –
and TORTURING young immigrants arriving alone and being held in our detention centers.

Keep in mind, these asylum seekers are here because of US/CIA coups in Honduras,
Guatemala and Somalia – and of course the many other countries where US has pushed
our fake Drug War and its violence.

Btw, Trump is now looking to sell more guns abroad.


Cassandra –

Our town has a Republican member of the House –
and every week citizens are confronting that member by protests outside of his local office.
That has led the Rep. to move somewhat to the left – which is good enough . . .
until he can be voted out of office.

This government only exists as long as it has citizen approval.

It is the government which has blocked citizen protest and dissent while the Trump administration
is volatile in its behavior and in its labeling of immigrants as “animals” – and in its very violent
approach to international affairs.

This “Democratic” leadership – as it has long been – has only cooperated with and given a pass
to fascism.


I would be happy just to see the two of them out of politics. Calls for murdering corporate sycophants will only force the rich to dig their heels in further and to use violence against us in face of the threats against their persons. The truth is the vast majority of politicians in our country are corporate sycophants. We need to focus on identifying the enemies of the people (like Schumer and Pelosi) replacing them with people who actually represent the 99% (those who are NOT sociopaths) and tearing down the status quo for good.


God took a rest, but the Satan has not yet taken even one-day-off. For, according to the Bible, the Satan of the bible, is not ever idle.

He [yes, he. Thank god he’s not a she] also can act, talk and behave just like any good angel or spirit [or even Holy Spirit].
Thus can convince a believer to even kill another believer or unbeliever.

I don’t want to even hate anyone right now! Does it prove that Satan is busy on someone else at this very moment? Like working on Hagee, Netanyahu, a Senator, Trump…?

Btw, are all spirits, angels also males?

Space —

Calls for murdering corporate sycophants will only force the rich to dig their heels in further and to use violence against us in face of the threats against their persons.

The only people I see calling for violence and carrying it out is the US/CIA and Trump –
Certainly US foreign policy has ever more been based in violence to protect Elites/capitalists’s
and their profits and power over governments in many nations — and Brig. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler’s “War is a Racket!” is testimony to that. You can find TEXT of his book on the internet.

Many Americans are CONFRONTING their House and Senate officials at their local offices.

In our town, this has been going on for months – with once a week get-togethers outside of the
local office of the individual who “represents” us in the House.

Only non-violent campaigns against Elitism – Patriarchy – Capitalism … for DEMOCRACY
will bring the changes needed to address Global Warming and the many social problems which
have been created since the overturning of the New Deal which is being replaced by very brutal
policies of “austerity” intended to enable tax cuts for the rich on a criminal level.

If you want to help the planet and your own health – STOP the practice of animal-eating.

If you want to disable the Trump Empire, stop shopping at stores which carry Trump products –
whether women or men’s clothing – or wine, whatever sold by the family based in their positions
in government.

And if want to influence AT&T and Verizon and Comcast to STOP pushing to destroy Net Neutrality
I’d suggest we do the same thing – stop doing business with those who are abusing their customers
– pull the plug on cable if they overturn Net Neutrality.


We all would do well to remember the words of Robbie Robertson, “with eyes of fire, no one can see”. Don’t loose your rational state, employ it. Don’t hate but extend compassion. All of this means organize, move to and join the D.S. of A… Your voice should not be louder than your vote. Direct action, by all means and by any means but remember to be silent as well. Silence can say more than words when used properly. To stand before the houses of governance in silence would be something they will not understand with their minds but their hearts.

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Dems were civil to Mitch McConell and we got Gorsuch on the Supreme Court

Dems were civil to Obama as he instigated his assassination program by drones

Dems were civil to Obama as he greatly increased incarceration of aliens

Glenn Greenwald tweeted this article from 2014 by a Philly reporter who challenged Obama about the horrible things happening and warned that this would harm his legacy. Obama asked him if his friend was an immigration atty and he was, so Obama said that it could be ignored.

This journalist is strongly anti Trump, but as Greenwald notes, he is holding dems feet to the fire and how they set up what Trump is doing in so many ways

Some of the pictures of border kids that haunt me most are from 2014. Here’s why | Will Bunch

The article was updated on June 24, 2018 and here are some of his updated comments (Will Bunch)

Look, I don’t think Obama was a monster, and I’m not arguing that. He did push for a more rational and more humane immigration policy and…

But Obama also amped up deportations to record levels — which, in some cases, separated families here in the United States — and he did little to radically alter the sick culture of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that would be “unshackled” the moment that tinhorn despots like Trump and AG Jeff Sessions arrived on the scene. And, probably fearful of midterm election politics, Obama didn’t treat the 2014 event as what it really was: a humanitarian refugee crisis.

That said, this is also another case where progressives should don their “nuance caps” and think about what is a “Trump problem” and what is a deeper “America problem.” Although immigrants have been at the core of what actually has made America great, our immigration policies have too often been far from perfect — and things really started going off the rails in the 2000s when a) the rise of a homeland-security-state meant increasingly treating refugees as criminals and b) right-wing talk radio and the Fox News Channel saw boffo ratings in demonizing The Other. We didn’t do enough to stop this, and now we’re seeing the nightmare of what a proto-dictator like Trump can build atop this immoral foundation.


Ditton –

Our Electoral System has long been rigged, making the voice of the people in the VOTE
a mere squeak.

Here’s a voice from the past which can finally be heard on that very subject –

Devil’s Chessboard by Talbot - page 532

Here’s Oswald on our elections –

“I am a patsy” – https://www.amazon.com/I-am-Patsy-George-Mohrenschildt/dp/B00MPNAVEK

In the memoir Oswald comes across as “a budding 1960’s radical - and as a man sensitive enough
to recognize the plight of black Americans and native Americans in our white-dominated society and
hardheaded enough to recognize the fundamental flaws of American democracy.”
de Morhenschildt supplies a direct quote from Oswald:

“Under dictatorships, people are enslaved but they know it” he told de Mohrenschildt based on his
days in the Soviet Union. “Here the politicians constantly lie to people and they become immune to
these lies because they have the privilege of voting. But voting is rigged and democracy here is a
gigantic profusion of lies and clever brainwashing” Oswald also worried about the FBI’s police state
tactics. And he believed that America was turning more “militaristic” as it increasingly interfered in
the internal affairs of other countries."

This is the de Morhenschildt manuscript provided by the US House of Representatives in 1979

or https://www.amazon.com/I-am-Patsy-George-Mohrenschildt/dp/B00MPNAVEK

The findings of the 1992 JFK Classified Records Act panel, however, were unanimous –

"Oswald was employed by the CIA working on high level assignments

and probably also for the CIA"


There is much that I could say but this is not the place. Here is why…

Somehow I doubt McConnell would allow hearings to look into his refusal to allow a vote on Garland while saving the post for Trump to appoint Gorsuch. Ryan is the same. They control what is said and done in Congress.