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Schumer and Pelosi Under Fire for 'Spinelessness' as Congress Hands Trump $4.6 Billion in Border Funding Without Protections for Children

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/28/schumer-and-pelosi-under-fire-spinelessness-congress-hands-trump-46-billion-border


Really? Can we impeach both of them?

Alright, I’ll settle for tar and feathers.


Would just like to point out that anytime you report blatant criminality or corruption as “spinelessness” , “a mistake” or whatever you are made complicit in the crime.


complicity |kəmˈplisitē|
the state of being involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing: they were accused of complicity in the attempt to overthrow the government.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Middle English complice ‘an associate,’ from Old French, from late Latin complex, complic- ‘allied,’ from Latin complicare ‘fold together’ (see complicate). Compare with accomplice.


Johnson sez:
“Thirty-three (Senate) Democrats—including Schumer—voted yes, handing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) an easy victory.”

Claude Rains sez (paraphrased):
“I’m shocked — shocked! — to find that capitulation is going on in here!”


As previously noted: The Blue Wave has a yellow streak …


Or as Jim Hightower used to say
“You only find two things in the middle of the road, yellow stripes and dead armadillos.”
On the democratic road I think we just found both.


The duopoly conducting business as usual. Nothing new to see here…


The democratic plan for 2020 comes more into focus every day.
Hope Trump screws everything up, then swoop in with a conservadem “moderate” that will look down right liberal compared to Trump. Win back the White House, claim you have stopped the march to fascism, and then do nothing of consequence for the next four years. All the while the earth warms out of control and the US has no disaster plan in place.
Sounds like a job for status-quo Joe and his two flying monkeys, Schumer and Pelosi. Although the democratic power brokers seem to have their new fallback chick in Harris.
It seems they all went to the Barack Obama school of negotiations. After all it was Barry who taught us to ask for healthcare reform, with the conservative counter proposal being to shoot him in the face. The democrats then settled for a giant bailout of the private insurance industry, and to only be shot in the knee.
Another victory for bipartisanship


What a win for Pelosi & Co.


Just another example of the Duopoly.

The ‘centrist’ 3rd Way job is to fold to the Reich. Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, etc are just doing the job they are being paid for (by Wall Street)


Nancy and Chuck are doing their jobs well making it look like the democrats are a party of opposition. Maybe they had dinner last night with Mitch and Mike at some really fancy country club where they would all feel comfortable.


The Pelosi House “leadership” is a fraud! The Schumer Senate role the same; both betrayals of the Democratic, independent, progressive base of the party and American people!

A collaboration without consensus or input from other Democrats or the public! A behind closed-doors capitulation on issues when R’Cons and McConnell have refused to act in any kind of constructive , non-partisan manner - quite the opposite - think McConnell blocking the nomination of Merrick Garland and bragging about it! THAT scumbag and his extremist lying BS is what pelosi and schumer “work” with? More like complicity and collusion!

Pelosi’s record is one of spineless and complicit-bimbo collusion - fighting for nothing ever - same goes for the Israeli tool and sycophant - only back-room contemptible failures of leadership from both. But that’s what the DINO sellout corporate-whore establishment want and foist on us all! That MO is NOT “democratic in any sense”!

Making secret deals and accepting the terms for all Democrats and alienating progressive, independent voters; is a sure recipe to lose the critical 2020 elections - their typical MO - a complicit stooge, and a feckless cow who deserves as much respect as McConnell - zero!


Actually, they do have a pharmaceutical that does that (spine) however there are some serious side effects including death.


The issue is that kids were never intended to be in extended care of boarder patrol, they are not a care facility. It is suppose to be 27 days at most. All the other agencies have those protections because it is a different agency. Or, they have to create a pediatric border patrol unit, There are 58,000 unaccompanied kids.


The issue is that we have a sadistic government that is using child abuse and family abuse as a weapon against desperate people.


How would you do it differently? Remember these are the same rules that apply across settings. With the exception of Boarder Patrol which has different jurisdiction.

The kids and families should be released into the care of sponsors or civilized care facilities, given schooling and jobs and healthcare, not imprisoned in for-profit operations with gorillas patrolling them that treat them like animals.


That seems reasonable. I think that is being worked on.

I hope you don’t bother watching any democrat debates if you have already lost hope and have thrown in the towel. It also makes a mockery of the young men and especially women that have come to address change.
I’m sure they love being accused of working with leadership to undermine the country.