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Schumer Demands Every Agency Inspector General Investigate Trump's "Shameful" and "Illegal" Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/10/schumer-demands-every-agency-inspector-general-investigate-trumps-shameful-and

Is Vindman rotting away in solitary confinement like Chelsea Manning or Julian Assange? Did he get sent to prison like Kiriakou? The hypocrisy of established Dems is disgusting.


The “Rumpenstein Monster” will never know how many people in the White House are leaking his craziness on a daily basis.

Pray for a massive stroke that affects the one last brain cell he has.


Even if I believed in praying (no, especially if I believed that prayer worked) I would never pray that anyone would have a “massive stroke.” I had a very dear relative suffer a stroke that put her in a nursing home for a slow, tortuous death. I would much rather pray that the country comes to its senses and elects a president whom we can be proud of, and that Trump is finally prosecuted and convicted for his racketeering. There is no need for the kind of cruelty that Trump supporters love to dole out to those they hate.


Beyond Chuck’s strongly-worded letter, he vows to shake his fist harder.

If the concept of “Democratic Party Fecklessness” has a poster child, his name is Schumer.


Oh, dearie me, a modern Nazi pushing the neocon agenda got FIRED by a mean, mean man! (pearls clutched, REAL whistleblowers spinning in their graves…)

Maybe these play actors should have impeached the S.O.B. over his support for genocide in Yemen (continuing Obama’s policy)… or his drone strikes in Iraq and Syria… or his attempted coup in Venezuela…

But wait, the Democratic “opposition” totally supports those things! They even gave Guiado, usurper and murderous thug, a standing ovation!

Minority Leader Schumer’s demand is transparent grandstanding. Even when inspectors general put out damning reports – like the CIA’s Scott Helgerson did under Bush/Cheney, condemning torture and pointing out that no useful intelligence came of it – the Congress does nothing (they love torture and normalized it under Obama, after all – everything but waterboarding and threatening to shoot a POW’s family, basically).

GOD, this farce makes me sick!


Don’t say it too loudly.
Someone here will accuse you of depressing turn out in the Dem primaries.


Thanks for the early-morning laugh, ST – I needed that : )


“Schumer demands” Unless you enforce the subpoenas that you issued and were ignored you are in no position to demand anything. If these conservative corporate owned democrats had fulfilled their job as the opposition party we would not have Trump raping and pillaging our nation.


Your caring response would go further if it wasn’t for the utterly horrible human being I aimed mine at.

That was my free opinion.

Oh, and sorry you find prayer useless.

Just about everyone in the administration should be getting investigated, including trump.
As far as anything being done other than voting; we know by now nobody, and no group, will fight hard enough to make a difference.
No head chopping, no bruising, and no pitchfork marches.
Impeachment was a joke, subpoenas don’t count, courts are not expediting, and protesters are slated for jail if they dare offer dissent.
What a country. Certainly not one to sign up to protect and serve.


You’re right Charlie. If the Democrats had issued an arrest warrant the first time a subpoena was issued and neglected, respect for them might have been made easier.


If Schumer got himself arrested and jailed for a protestation of anything blatantly corrupt going on in this administration, he’d come up a notch in my book.

He’d be up to notch #1.


lol seriously?

please, “Partisan” Charlie didn’t care too much about the whistleblowers Obama herded into cages for 8 years, as the prez who jumpstarted this whole assault.

Manning, Assange, Kiriakou, and others would love to be protected by IGs. Oh wait, Schumer wants them tortured and executed.


It’s utterly amazing. This country wants to jail and execute real heroes of the people, and let corrupt criminal war-mongering politicians run the government.

My dying words will still be, “Revolution!” I’ll bet on it.


Schumer is a POS. Notice he says nothing whatsoever about Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, or Eric Snowden. Those whistle blowers are traitors in his eyes, because they exposed the rot that he and his party, the Democrats and Republicans, alike are complicit in. Assange is being kept in isolation and psychologically tortured in a UK prison, Manning is back in prison for refusing to testify against him, and Snowden is still in exile. The only thing Schumer and his corporate ass-kissing Democratic cronies are good for is calling out the shit that Trump is guilty of, and we all know that already.


Isn’t Chuckie the magnanimous one! Notice that he says nothing about Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Eric Snowden. I wonder why? Hmm…maybe it has something to do with the fact that they all exposed the shit that he and his Democratic corporate/warmongering associates, and Republicans alike, are guilty of. Assange is being kept in isolation and psychologically tortured in a UK prison, Manning is back in prison fore refusing to testify against him, and Snowden is still in exile. But Chuckie couldn’t care less about them. He considers them traitors. The only whistle blowers he regards as heroes are those who expose the corruption of the Democrats’ rival party and leave the rot of his own party untouched. Go to hell, Schumer, and the rest of you oligarchic thugs in the White House.


Oh yeah PB, jail should have been threatened if subpoenas were ignored along with court orders. Sadly that would not have garnered any respect from the right.
Respect from the left? They would have had mine.

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New Hampshire votes for primary. Just as Iowa permits anyone to come on in and register as a democrat for caucus, so does NH. A CD commenter wrote that his republican dad had attended Iowa dem caucus years ago. Pete went high with all the republicans helping him out there.

I am expecting the same cross over assistance to him in NH voting. At least the vote count will be honorable.

And if the EU ambassador double crossed me, to Gitmo!!
Vindman twins were assigned to NSC by pentagon to report back just what Bolton was up too. Yes, leaking spies. And initial persons who informed the info consolidator, labeled whistle blower.


Yes charlie6, but don’t you see they are doing their job! The corporate democrats are doing a great job at: BEING THE FAKE OPPOSITION PARTY.