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Schumer Demands Every Agency Inspector General Investigate Trump's "Shameful" and "Illegal" Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

New Hampshire votes for primary. Just as Iowa permits anyone to come on in and register as a democrat for caucus, so does NH. A CD commenter wrote that his republican dad had attended Iowa dem caucus years ago. Pete went high with all the republicans helping him out there.

I am expecting the same cross over assistance to him in NH voting. At least the vote count will be honorable.

And if the EU ambassador double crossed me, to Gitmo!!
Vindman twins were assigned to NSC by pentagon to report back just what Bolton was up too. Yes, leaking spies. And initial persons who informed the info consolidator, labeled whistle blower.


Yes charlie6, but don’t you see they are doing their job! The corporate democrats are doing a great job at: BEING THE FAKE OPPOSITION PARTY.


Oh Chuck - as if Teflon Don gives a rat’s arse about “shameful” and “illegal.”
Do something about it, or stfu.


Right - Don’s a threat to our country. My Rep. sent an e-mail to his constituents stating in part that Don “is a threat to our national security.” None. The. Less. There he is, still in office.


What exactly is this all about? The Vindmans spies? Where did you get that info? What is an “info consolidator”?

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The whistle blower who wrote the sequence of events about Ukraine was not a direct witness. He or she listened to peoples who provided them second hand, third hand and first hand info. It was enough to cause alarm that Trump was forcing Ukraine to announce that Hunter Biden is being investigated. Ukraine did not do this investigation.

The consolidated info was provided to an inspector general, per law. This guy held for two weeks and gave to head of homeland security, who held for one week. ‘Urgent’ has a different definition in DC. Three weeks ain’t urgent around here.
The house intel committee chair, Schiff, had direct or indirect contact with the consolidating whistle blower before this person wrote up the sequence of events. Nunes, the lead republican on the house intel committee is even worser.

Dr. Hill testified to the house intel committee that Thompson told her that Vindman is a leaker.

Stalag 17 was a 1953 movie about american POW’s suspecting a spy in their midst. We have Ukraine experts far better than Vindman to serve at NSC. This guy and his ‘ethics’ twin brother are saps.

I will repeat: they provided the first Ukraine info to the Schiff assigned whistle blower.

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Your comment is a direct mimic of what Trump and his surrogates say about the Vindman brothers, the whistleblower, the impeachment process, Ukraine, etc.
Do you recognize the obvious fact that Trump is the most criminal president we’ve ever had and should be removed immediately?

I write about the Vindman bros. from a military point of view.
I write about the Vindman bros. from first hand experience with such critters.
Neither are in my heroes column or even average Joe rating.

Trump is evil.
Mueller handed congress the indict and an easy guilty vote for the senators.
But, Noooooo!!
nancy had to get wet pants

The sad part is that the house impeach was so darn weak. The senate just laughed. The white house did not even break a sweat.

David, you know darn well that this not guilty is going to get Trump re-elected. Dems who voted for him are in remorse, but look how many died off over the past 3.3 years.

The real important is to win the senate. 16% of the population elects 52 senators. Get Mitch out of power.

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He still has one brain cell left?

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Obama persecuted more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined. Where was Chuck?
Dems are such hypocrites. They are almost as bad as Repubs.


You speak of spies, 70 year-old movies, and how much you think you know about the Ukraine scandal by relating (more or less) a chain of events that is public record. (“Dr. Hill said Thompson told her that Vindman is a leaker.” What does that mean? What was leaking?)

You seem to be saying that by testifying to congress that Vindman were leaking information and this is a bad thing somehow. I know no more after reading this gibberish than I did before.

Sure voters are concerned about getting trump out. But they act like it is a new revelation. I felt as strongly in 2016 as many claim to be now as though they were asleep during the last election. I find it a bit ridiculous and shortsighted frankly.
I love our progressives but I worry if our heads are on straight concerning some of these candidates .

I did not write that very well.

  1. Vindman is a leaker to whom? Which twin brother or both?
    Take your pick = the pentagon or house intel committee. I’ll say both. What was leaking = everything Vindman brothers could acquire inside the NSC. Word got back to Thompson who warned Dr. Hill.

Testifying is not a bad thing at all.

The 1953 movie refers to placing a spy inside a group to keep tabs on just what is going on. That is what the DOD, pentagon accomplished with the vindman bros.

Didn’t bother reading the article. I don’t care about a worthless strongly worded memo from a useless Senator who allows the real whistle blowers to rot in prison and excile.

I did, though, enjoy reading the comments – most of which nailed the Schumer for what he is.


I have a question for my friends here on CD: Does the President Not have the legal right to fire, remove or reassign anyone who works “at the pleasure of the President?

Not trolling, just curious as to your thoughts.

I thought Eric Ciaramella was the so called CIA anonymous “whistleblower”.
That was the unnamed name everyone was crying about last week when Rand Paul said it.

Memo to Chuck: Teflon Don has entered his fourth year in office. He and his wrecking crew control every effing agency. This was promised to us by the stateless Stephen Bannon at the CPAC convention, in February of 2017 (that’s right Chuck, three years ago). But don’t let that stop you from your demands.

I am totally partisan in my concern for democracy, I care very much about the persecution of liberals, left leaners and honest folks at the hands of conservative scum, including conservative democrats like Clinton and Obama. As for Schumer, he works for Israel, he certainly is not a liberal.