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Schumer Demands Immediate Resignation of Alex Azar for Being 'Subservient' to Trump as HHS Officials Distort Covid-19 Threat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/15/schumer-demands-immediate-resignation-alex-azar-being-subservient-trump-hhs

I’m sure that Trump will get right on that Chuck

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Indeed. It’s so quaint when Democratic pols issue their demands - that is, when they can be bothered.
Even if Azole resigned, someone just as fraudulent would take his place, after a polite bi-partisan vote, that is.


Azar, like every single trump appointee or Cabinet member was chosen to serve trump and his malignant ego madness, not the republic or American people - or really anything but trump!. That reality is a gross violation of the Oath of Office trump took (meaningless to him I know) but it does show his contempt for the people and precedent, and treasonous tenure…


Like a bunch of penned in yappy little dogs


Democrats demand Trump stop being the “Racist, Conman, Liar, Narcissist, Thief” that he is.


This is political representation?

The Dems should have saved impeachment for something that matters. The theater of the absurd isn’t making the grade.