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Schumer: GOP Disavowal of Racism Empty If 'Despicable' Assault on Voting Rights Continues


Schumer: GOP Disavowal of Racism Empty If 'Despicable' Assault on Voting Rights Continues

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Actions speak louder than words."


Credit Schumer when it is due, he’s right on the money here.


While Schumer’s words are laudatory, they just seem like empty words. If he were to ever act based on these words (say introducing legislation to reinstate the voting rights act) then I will applaud. Until then, my take on Schumer is that he remains a corporate whore.


Schumer: that is great that you call out the hypocritical Republithugs…

how about the hypocritical demoRATs like yourself? Namely, how about STOP ATTACKING
brown skinned people in the Middle East, namely Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and
let us not forget YOUR support and most demoRATS support of Israel’s apartheid against
the Palestinian people…
can we address that? stop your support and stop the support of punishing those who are
fighting to end apartheid…HYPOCRITE…
OH AND ANOTHER P.S…where was your protest against the rights of voters who voted for
Bernie Sanders and their votes were eliminated? how about the rigging of the DemoRATic Convention…???
…not a peep from you, oh great sudden leader…
(Better late than never, I suppose)…let’s see if your words mean anything, indeed.
Finally, how about supporting Colin Kaepernick and his right of free speech & dissent?/??
CALL VERIZON: 212-395-2355 & ask them to pull their $130 million in ads until
Kaepernick gets a postion on SOME NFL team!..


Elections have been a national crime for years. The democrats have not yet pushed the issue because it looks like they were satisfied by the status quo and like all politicians continue to claim the mantle of “legitimacy” because they were elected.

There were 2 articles in the WA Post in March 2016

The U.S. has ‘worst elections of any long-established democracy,’ report finds

U.S. elections ranked worst among Western democracies. Here’s why. Americans are often proud of the democratic process here. Maybe they shouldn’t be.

Ari Berman has been doing excellent work for years on elections.

Here are 2 other people who have written 6 books on US elections. They updated their book “The Strip and Flip Election of 2016” and it is titled

The Strip & Flip Disaster of America’s Stolen Elections: Updated “Trump” Edition of Strip & Flip Selection of 2016

It is $3.99 in a Kindle edition.

There is an excellent review of the first edition

Book Review: Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, THE STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft by Marta Steele

Some text on amazon on the changes to the second edition

Even the conservatives called the first edition of “The Strip and Flip Selection of 2016” a must-read: “Robert Fitrakis Professor of Political Science in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Columbus State Community College has written a must-read book on the strip and flip technique used to rig these voting machines.”

This new edition adds additional essays including post-2016 election information concerning Jill Stein’s historic recount of the key three states with suspicious numbers in the general election. The book also includes new commentary and analysis U.S. elections, Russian hacking, and the Trump presidency.

The bold is in the original.

Fixing elections should be a no brainier. There are known ways to fix it at a little cost.


The words of condemnation of the Republicans are important. Those who haven’t yet strongly condemned the neo-Nazis, KKK, etc should be prodded to do so until they finally make such a condemnation. Schumer has a point but I don’t think the Republicans will listen. The situation they are in is that in many areas of the country they have no path to winning elections except by voter suppression. The Democrats know that the easier it is for people to vote the better chance they have of winning. The Republicans have offended so many Americans that they know they have to stop many of those Americans from voting. The Republicans have no positive agenda. There only agenda is dismantling the government. Many voters want something positive from government.


Paper ballots supervised by UN poll watchers, third party voices included in ALL debates and on ALL ballots which need to be publicly funded and hosted by the League of Women Voters…


Good for Schumer. But I want to see him and the other Dem leaders adopt Bernie’s entire platform before I believe them.

Direct Grassroots Democracy


these wouldn’t be the same voting rights they dismiss when it comes to their primaries, would it?


Yes, Hand counted paper ballots is one way to give Democracy a real chance at returning to this country.

Dumping the Duopoly parties, is the other. They’ve had 217 years to perfect governance, and look how they’ve fucked it up.

Thieves and Whores the lot.


Tax payers pay for these primaries----yet many are closed-----it should be an open primary-----and why ow why is election day held on a Tuesday???Schumer call for REAL reform—and really the way to go is vote by mail. And can WE educate the kids about how to vote----voting should be celebrated not treated like a criminal act–the voter turnout in this country is a disgrace, most of all in local elections.


Presidential Debates, indeed, must be taken out of the hands of the Duopoly, and include Other Voices.

Real Debates, not the Idiotically Rushed 30 - 40 seconds allowed for Responses to Glib Questions.

A Major League Pitcher regularly gets 10 Times that much Air Time to pitch to a Batter, 27 Different Times over the course of Several Open Ended Hours, yet a Candidate for the Highest Office in the Land, and ostensibly, the Position of Most Powerful Person in the World is relegated to mere Nano-Moments to answer Questions of Life and Death.

And, up until now, we’re supposed to believe that that actually constitutes a Debate, suitable for the Edification of Us Citizens, on a Matter that is this important.


Patrick Leahy introduced a bill to protect and expand the VRA already, S 1419. None other than one Chuck Schumer is a cosponsor of it, as is nearly the entire Democratic caucus. It is not the Democrats who are the problem, much less Chuck Schumer, however much a “whore” he is.

To put it into perspective, did you know 166 Democrats sponsored HR 3899, a bill to protect the voting rights act in the House, in 2014? A total of 11 Republicans joined them at the time, including the bill’s author. It didn’t even get a formal committee hearing. A companion measure in the Senate, S 1945, cosponsored by Schumer, also went nowhere since it had no Republican backers. That should tell you everything you need to know about where bills to protect and expand voting rights go when Republicans have any power. In that sense, calling out Republicans is exactly what Schumer can, and should, do.

Democrats Need a Strategy and a Viable Candidate, Not More Excuses