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#SchumerNoShow: After Canceling In-Person Town Hall, Schumer Called Out for Poor Leadership in Supreme Court Fight


#SchumerNoShow: After Canceling In-Person Town Hall, Schumer Called Out for Poor Leadership in Supreme Court Fight

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As grassroots pressure on Democratic leaders to do everything in their power to stop President Donald Trump from nominating yet another right-wing extremist to the Supreme Court continues to intensify, New Yorkers reacted with fury on Monday to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's (D-N.Y.) last-minute decision to cancel an in-person town hall—a move one organizer said shows the senator is "out of touch


opposition party Leader…Not!!!


Shades of grey, not blue. Ineffectual hack.


Legislation should be written and passed forcing all elected officials to hold bi-monthly town halls in a different location each time in their district on their dime not the taxpayers.


"out of touch"?? Chucky Schumer has never been IN TOUCH!..except to support Israeli interests, NOT his constituents or the nation as supposed “leader” of the corrupt, complicit, complaisant, contemptible, DINO establishment! The NY DP corporate/banker/war-whore mafia is always in-bed with big-money, selling-out the people’s interests and sustainable future! Schumer, Cuomo, Sean Maloney, the Clintons and others who sellout the people to serve themselves and cronies! With corrupt swine like those who needs RepubliCons to screw us!?

Cuomo’s $7.6 Billion aged nuclear plant bailout and his “start-up NY” “jobs” scam wasted another $25 Billion taken from taxpayers, especially via obscenely high property (our homes!) are only two example of the many Cuomo utter failures! Cuomo’s slick TV ads are lies and BS!

Support Cynthia Nixon for Governor!

After proclaiming the “party” should be “neutral” the usual suspects, like uncle-Tom Perez, endorse more years of Cuomo’s corruption and inaction…unless its to give taxpayer money to corporate interests via bailouts or his incentive scam! The DP shills like Duckworthless et al, must be seen for who they really are!

Let’s face it the DP is entrenched in corruption and self-interest; wedded to big-money - weak, silent on critical issues, totally beholden to special interests! Schumer must GO - along with all the rest D’s and R’s!



Schumer is a sleazy Zionist sellout, as is Pelosi.
He’s disdainful of and afraid of the voters.
Politicians should be required to have an open door policy and be routinely available to hear from their employers (voters) all the time.
It’s great that more and more Americans are confronting the tyrants. Here’s a courageous mom, confronting an earth-raper who travels with an armed goon squad:


Schumer and Pelosi could not care less. And it’s SHOWN for a few years now. Fuck them both, they have blood on their hands and continue to reach for more cash. Never in my 60 years have I been as angry at anyone in the Democratic Party. Normally I will tolerate some of this kind of thing, but both are gutter and acting like they are not. Posturing, like Pelosi. Who ONLY associates wtith money. Impeachment may be “off the table” but THEIR removal is what’s for dinner. What awful people.


Legislation should be passed MANDATING no more than 2 weeks “vacation” time for all these ass holes. They are home and phoning for $$ twice as much as they are in Congress “working”.


"Our country is in crisis and we need leadership." What’s the matter folks? Have you come to the realization that, in the game of Hearts, an opponent has the needed cards to make you all “Eat the Bitch.”?


Schumer is nothing more than. Coward. He’s next on the chopping block. Disgrace!


I buy the plane trouble excuse. And why wasn’t the synagogue air-conditioned? And why did anyone schedule a town hall in a place that wasn’t air conditioned? Or was it broken? The temps were well into the 90s and it was humid. In any case the Democrats need to hold the line and hope at least two Republicans join them.


Man, you can see this coming! It’s like we’re Nell, tied to the train tracks. We a can see the train speeding towards us, yet Dudley-do-right is nowhere to be found.
In the end, Trump will now nominate a neo-Nazi woman for SCOTUS. Collins, Murkowski and Heitkamp will fawn all over her, while Donnelly, Tester and Manchin will come in their pants. That nominee will get at least 55 votes in the senate, and by the first SCOTUS term of next year, abortion will be illegal, with marriage equality soon to follow. The minimum wage will be ruled unconstitutional. Proud white 'muricans will be able to not only use racial epithets in pubic again, but also to descriminate in all manner of employment and services rendered. Blacks and Hispanics won’t have to sit in the back of the bus, because there won’t be a bus. The AFA will be gone. Medicaid will be block granted and eliminated in most states. Medicare will become a voluntary voucher program as the deduction for it will be ruled unconstitutional as well. Our children will be made to wear brown shirts to school (where there are schools) smile while they shout the pledge of allegiance, and of course recite the Lord’s Prayer.
The few liberal states will have a single choice. Either capitulate to the new Christo-fascist order, or secede from the union.


OK, lot’s of righteous, deserved anger and indignation here. That’s good. Now please everyone condemning Chuck and Nancy and the Democratic Party, please make the logical leap and commit to leaving the totally corrupted and unreformable Democratic Party for the ONLY party with ballot access, that is not beholden to any wealthy interests, does not take ANY fat-cat billionaire, corporate or lobbyist money, has no SuperPACs, and is run from the bottom up by progressives like YOU. The Green Party. Yes, we are small and struggling, no we do not control anything. That is because we depend on people like YOU to do everything. So, quit yer bitchin’ and get involved at some level so we can take the power away from the corporate shills and give it back to the real people!


schumer, and gillibrand both are New York bank tools. Pelosi is just worn out and ineffective. Dump them all if you want progress. Keep them if you want four more years of trump.


Until the LOSER Democratic leadership is sacked, this country will continue to slide into endless warring, Neoliberalism & Fascism.


Schumer is a Schmuck. He cares only about his rich friends.

WTFU Democrats.

Find a political party that represents, “You.”


This didn’t start with Schumar and Pelosi. It started with the 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and regressive 1986 tax reform that Democrats continue to brag was “bipartisan tax reform”. Recall Bill Clinton pushing NAFTA through during his first year in office, resulting in Democrats losing control of Congress in 1994 for the first time since 1954. Congressional Democrats have been playing second fiddle ever since, even during the periods they have controlled Congress.


“We do not control anything”. When did ineffectual become a virtue? Bernie actually took responsibility for governing a city before going for anything else.


Also, they have been in there way too long like a lot of the others. They hate to let go of the power and let others play a role. We need change (not the Obama fake change) but real change and in a progressive way. We have gone way over the line in this nation and now is the time for things to stop and turn the other way.


Clinton was slick and was always looking out for the money and the people who have it while putting on a folksy talk for the rest of us. The Clintons have done very, very well financially in their life of “public service.” That’s really what its all about for most of these career politicians - feathering their own nests while laughing in private at how stupid people are to buy into their bullshit.