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Scientific Knowledge Sorely Lacking at Breitbart-Tweeting House Science Committee


Scientific Knowledge Sorely Lacking at Breitbart-Tweeting House Science Committee

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Displaying a troubling disregard for science, the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on Thursday tweeted a misleading article from right-wing, white nationalist website Breitbart News—one written by a climate denier and debunked by actual scientists.

. @BreitbartNews : Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists https://t.co/uLUPW4o93V


This US House of Representatives Committee has been renamed! It is now known as the US House of Representatives FAUX Committee on 'Science'. Lamar Smith needs to be charged with crimes against humanity for his continued support of the wholesale destruction of our planetary habitat. LOCK HIM UP and throw away the key.


"It has electrolytes!"


There is no news coming from Breitbart, only opinion. Anyone thinking this is factual should be ignored for repeating or posting because it is false. If elected representatives claim any science story from Breitbart is true, they should be exposed as liars with apolitical facts, especially Lamar Smith.


a misleading article from right-wing, white nationalist website Breitbart News—
This isn't factual, it's embarrassing, and Breitbart is not a credible news source.

Where'd you get your PhD? Trump University

"These tweets, and the information they cite, are a scary reminder

What an amazing unbiased and impartial scientific assessment:


And they will keep tweeting idiocy like this right up to the moment when the effects of climate change kills them.


Dan Quayle, George "Dubya" Bush, and now the most ignorant, ill-educated, arrogant, and perhaps most dangerous of them all, Donald J Trump.................he is also a pathological liar! Release the hidden tax returns now!


The authoritarians seek to impose their authority over all knowledge.
They are anti-knowledge and pro-power.
Challenge the ignorant and power-mongering authoritarians.
Speak the truth!


Dan Quayle - DePauw University
George W Bush - Yale University
Donald Trump - 2 years at Fordham University followed
      by 2 years at Wharton, U of Penn

You can send them to school, but you can't make them think.


Bear in mind the Obama administration has steadfastly ignored scientific findings regarding the value of medical marijuana, on the on hand, and its relative safety as a recreational drug on the other.

Refusal to listen to science when corporate interests are at stake is a bipartisan failing.


Apparently these people don't mind being the laughingstock of the world. Their aim seems to be preventing government regulation of business. When the ozone hole was discovered and that is was caused by CFCs they chose a nonscientific explanation. The same with global warming. Fortunately with the ozone hole serous people from around the world got together and banned CFCs and the problem has been addressed. Climate change is much harder to address even for those who believe the science that understand the threat. Our fate probably depends more on what happens in China and India then within the Beltway but having the federal government as an obstacle will be a major setback and may help derail efforts that are not going that well to begin with.


Do we have a common ancestry with Trumpanzees!


Yes, both are denials of science, but the comparison is a false equivalency.


Hell yes it's an "equivalency". Both the Ds and the Rs ignore science when science interferes with doing the bidding of their corporate puppet masters. They are equally guilty.


Isn't a posited right to smoke a intoxicating weed kind of insignificant compared to a global climate catastrophe affecting 5 billion people?

But regarding pot, when I was in my teen and young adult years, lots of people I know - including two brothers, had a serious marijuana dependency problem and it messed up their lives becasue they ceased to care about anything except where to find another buzz.

But sure, it has few to no adverse physical health effects.


Not everything Trump or Republicans do does is related to his personal business interests - there is also this thing called "ideology".


I originally meant not R's and D's, but marijuana as an issue compared to global warming.


My point was that both parties deny scientific findings to satisfy their corporate sponsors.

Clearly the question of which issue is the more important or whether they are of equivalent importance is a matter of perspective. To a child or the parents of a child with epilepsy that responds only to marijuana clearly the marijuana issue is the more important. It's easy to imagine other scenarios, such as those spending harsh prison terms as victims of the drug war. Their lives are in hell right now, for no logical reason.

My contention is that both parties are causing needless suffering by denying science when it benefits their corporate benefactors, whether those be the fossil fuel industry on the one hand or the pharmaceutical and prison industrial industries on the other.

As to which is worse .. I'd say they both are.