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Scientific Panel Criticizes EPA Assessment of Glyphosate


Scientific Panel Criticizes EPA Assessment of Glyphosate

Center for Biological Diversity

PORTLAND, ORE. - In a sharp rebuke, a new report by a key scientific advisory panel concluded that the pesticides office at the Environmental Protection Agency failed to follow its own guidelines when it found last year that glyphosate — the active ingredient in Monsanto’s flagship pesticide Roundup — is not likely to be carcinogenic to humans.



What a nightmare our farming system is. I read about half the report and it was riddled with concerns about methodology and conclusions. I cannot believe that a civilized society would let such a chemical as glyphosate be used on food crops.


It just goes to show that some humans are willing to sell their soul and lie in order to sell a product that is toxic to people. And, they do this for money.


Raze Monsanto to the ground, so we can dance on it's grave. Put the employees into infrastructure maintenance.