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Scientists Argue Gas Isn’t “Green” & Call for Urgent Phase Out Across EU


Scientists Argue Gas Isn’t “Green” & Call for Urgent Phase Out Across EU

Andy Rowell

It is unconscionable that the EU is turning its back on the urgent climate action needed to remedy this situation.

Buying into the idea that gas is supposedly “green”– which actually is a complete and utter misnomer – there has been a massive expansion in gas in the US and also in Europe. Much of this comes from shale and is extracted by fracking, a controversial technique in its own right.


Meanwhile Russia is spending bucket loads of money building new natural gas pipelines to eliminate that 30+ year conflict with Ukraine, by going around Ukraine. A line being constructed in the Baltic Sea and another being constructed in the Black Sea. Yes, most of the natural gas that Europe depends on comes from Russia, and Russia is banking heavily on supplying it in great quantities for many decades to come. And while Obama was in office the DOE was commissioned to produce a report to show that liquefying US fracked natural gas for export to Europe would not contribute additional GHG’s. That report could not however whitewash the fact that such an endeavor would not reduce GHG’s.

The more things change, the more they remain the same, and it’s FUBAR as far as the eye can see.