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Scientists Call for 'Global Agricultural Revolution' and 'Planetary Health Diet' to Save Lives—and Earth

Scientists Call for 'Global Agricultural Revolution' and 'Planetary Health Diet' to Save Lives—and Earth

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While scientists continue to call for immediately phasing out fossil fuels across the global to avert climate catastrophe, a team of international experts on Thursday unveiled a proposal to address another major driver of the climate crisis: the world's unhealthy and unsustainable food system.

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I’m trying to substitute hemp milk for Half and Half (remains of my Atkins and Keto dieting) in my coffee. I’m getting used to the taste.

Almond milk is a good substitute, too!


What I use. There are also creamers but sometimes too much sugar in them. Avoid those that contain maltodextrin as this can bring terrible spikes in your blood sugar levels and no one but athletes can really tolerate it.

This is a very good issue and needs to be part of our strategy in providing a National, single-payer Health Insurance with emphasis on preventive care.


What Planet are they talking about? This one? Better off changing your diet to Methane and CO2…


Oh. You’re a gas


I thought they were trying to poison me


I was excited to begin reading the article only to see the same old message being trotted out.
What would help is if nutritionists were allowed to educate America on the boob tube. The conflicts of interest with the beef and dairy industry and the federal government continue to suppress settled science regarding health and nutrition. We need to stop using pesticides, adopt sustainable farming practices, banish Round Up, educate people about eating animals–the human health deterioration and degradation to the health of the planet. Their statements were not bold enough to make a ripple for the needed change we all want in order to clean up our diets and environment. It would be great to see hospitals, health clinics and doctors sponsor public health by having whole food plant-based cooking classes. Then, a documentary or lecture with a discussion time for Q and A. Giving a nod to greasy deep fry, lard, saturated fat, eggs, cow’s milk, eggs, and fish are not going to change a thing.


My wife and I just started an all plant-based healthy eating adventure two days ago.

Two days in and I’m loving it!



Our scientists are so weakened now by the threat of Elite/corporate power that they

This is how little they are saying …
low amounts of animal-based foods,

and to “HALVE” the quantity of animals you’re eating

On the one hand making clear that there is a climate catastrophe in Global Warming
under way – where we may have only a dozen years or less to respond by changing
our culture – and yet this is a watered down advisory on an industry impacting the
earth severely —

Right now, parents need to be thinking of whether they want a planet for their children
or whether they want to continue to violent tradition of animal-eating.

By the way if you want to build up crap in your arteries eat dairy products/eggs/cheese/
and animals.

If you want to return your arteries to health, eat raw carrots, celery, cucumbers, etal.
And OLIVE OIL – but your doctor isn’t going to tell you that.

There are some wonderful children’s books at the libraries now about going VEGAN –

RUBY ROTH is a wonderful artist/illustrator and writer –
Find her books for your children at your local library now –



Yes I was excited to see this article but distressed that there is no mention of glyphosate or other poisonous pesticides and farming practices that deplete soils–the policies pushed by Big Ag–so that everyone who doesn’t insist on non-GMO or organic is at high risk of health problems including pancreatic and liver cancer, in addition to the damage to earth. Also no concern for humane treatment of animals who give their lives so that humans can eat them.
On a personal note, I was recently told by the local food shelf that if I did not want to accept their bag of refined bread, processed packaged food, and additives I could not really need the coupons they offered for produce that could be used at our coop. I refuse to be poisoned, honoring myself as well as the sentient beings I refuse to kill and eat. Why is the only concern in these calls for change for the health of the human who kills and eats their fellow creatures?


Almond trees use tremendous amounts of water. They should only be grown where enough water is available.


Literally, more half-measures. Go vegan. It’s the obviously rational and ethical course of action; it’s good for the earth, the animals, and your health.

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No, it’s not a good substitute:


I Propose: THE 25% SOLUTION

Starting in 2020 (symbolic of good vision)

Think locally act globally

Here is a glyphosate fact sheet

Organic Consumers Association

One easy thing Congress can do is to make it easier for farmers who produce pasture-raised meat to process their animals closer to home, and access new local markets.

The benefit to consumers? More locally produced meat at potentially more affordable prices.

TAKE ACTION: Ask your representatives in Congress to be original cosponsors of the New Markets for State-Inspected Meat and Poultry Act and the Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption (PRIME) Act.

Read More


I used to use almond milk until I saw how much water almond trees require. Now I drink flax milk and it tastes pretty good.

Hemp is way lower ecological impact. Almonds use extravagant water. And hemp milk is more nutritious. Try it!


why I think we may just kiss our asses all goodbye…we can’t even stop (even a little) eating animals.

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The most important missing piece of this call for Earth- and human-healthy food systems, is recognition of who has power in this world, and how do they use it.

The food system is not distorted primarily because of bad government policy or bad consumer choice. The food system is grossly distorted because of corporate “interested parties” who profit outrageously from the dominant system of “agriculture as warfare” feeding commodity production for global markets. This is what distorts government policy, and this is what distorts both marketing and pricing which distort consumer choice.

Unless we asses who has power and how do they use it, and recognize the need to confront the powerful interests who distort economic systems to fuel their gross wealth accumulation, then all our analysis and all our reports and all our “calls to action” will be pushed aside, while the looting class continues to treat us and our world as their tools.