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Scientists Call for War Crime Treaty to 'Stop Military Conflicts From Trashing Environment'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/24/scientists-call-war-crime-treaty-stop-military-conflicts-trashing-environment


Excellent Idea!


In order to stop military conflicts from harming the environment, it will be necessary to stop military conflicts entirely. Perhaps there should be a Sixth Geneva Convention (accompanying the Sixth Extinction) to cover that one. But the IPCC was intentionally designed to completely overlook carbon emissions from military activity (exercises and warfare). Whether the programed target is a practice range or a hospital in Syria, every bomb we drop blows up the future for our own children.

Were there the flimsiest semblance of actual democracy, serving the people’s interest, in this the land of the free and the home of the brave, then we could demand (or even just politely request) that the USA military kindly disclose how much pollution they’re spewing. But that won’t happen. They surely know, but they won’t tell us. Apparently they don’t view themselves as working for us.


The three crimes are; crime against peace, crime against humanity, war crimes.

The US military and political destabilization campaigns add up to number one polluter. The destruction of Earth’s life support systems is a crime against humanity and a crime against the peaceful living of everything alive.


It is encouraging to see this appeal to the United Nations’ International Law Commission to adopt a Fifth Geneva Convention that creates protections for the environment in armed conflicts. Perhaps others have noticed how little attention is given to the destruction of the environment and non-human life in war. I hope this is just the beginning of an upsurge of global demands for more responsible behavior and accountability on the part of those who take part in armed conflict. This initiative is similar to the lawsuit by 21 youth plaintiffs (Our Children’s Trust) against the US (Juliana vs.US) to assure the right to a climate system capable of sustaining human life, Extinction Rebellion and the Green New Deal. Much more such action is necessary. Political leaders often do not make wise decisions, and those with vested interests are almost never concerned with the larger impacts of their actions.


Interactive Map PFAS Contamination In the U.S

Good Guide Toxic chemicals in US

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DoD: At least 126 bases report water contaminants linked to cancer, birth defects

And these are just a few of the links from a search ‘militarypollution in the US’.


Oh great, another war crime we can ignore. They are meaningless to lawless nations


Unfortunately, the only thing that will make this work is a programmed method that will make these processes more profitable than the manufacture and use of weapons, many of mass destruction, whose profits are immense.
*The six billion plus people of planet earth are held hostage to three or four elderly men who own over half the earth and want it all, now!
*If We the People of the World can look to work and reason together, in closer cooperation for a greater goal, (planetary survival) we would be able to accomplish it. We can already see where the alternative is driving us; to a planetary charnel house in the next fifty or sixty years.


Collectively, the human species is guilty of the most pervasive and horrible crime of all: planetary ecocide.
We’re killing all other species, and the biosphere itself.
Anthropogenic mass extinction is the ultimate crime because it will eventually turn our bounteously alive planet into one which has only a fragment of the biodiversity, beauty and ecosystems integrity that it had before we started our death march.
Our choices to keep on having babies, eating and killing animals, paving open spaces, and participating in consumer capitalism are all part of the crime.
The following short, cute, brutally accurate video should be shared widely, because it sums up what humans are doing and have done:


So you think that doing that will prevent our species from going extinct soon? How foolish!


As this summary (https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2019/05/report-ipbes-global-assessment-one-million-species-extinction/) of a report to be release later this year points out, about 1,000,000 species are likely to go extinct soon. I would add that OUR species is likely to be among that number!


June 15, 2016
VA finally - in writing - accepts that brain cancer suffered by cottonbalers from 3rd brigade, 3rd Inf. Div. during the final combat hours of desert storm inside Iraq is true. they were the point of attack.

ten years after soldiers dropped off unit message boards. why? they had died.
disability pensions are being provided to the remaining victims.
Film of the battle of medina ridge can be viewed at youtube…
you can also read about this armor battle at various sites.

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What’s the point when the “winning” nations inevitably get away with their crimes and use the convention to punish their “enemies”. If this had meant something, Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have been considered criminal, as would the fire bombing of Tokyo and Dresden etc. Instead the people who committed these atrocities were awarded medals and high political office. Their side won. The Conventions are a great idea, but most people still think tribally, think their side is always right and justified, and only really care about winning and carrying off the plunder. A few years ago a British sergeant shot and killed an unarmed, wounded Afghan soldier as he lay helpless at his feet. The Great British Public responded with outrage at the thought that their hero could be accused of a war crime and demanded he escape his punishment. Nobody gave a fig about the other human, no different to him in essence, whose life he brutally ended. He was the “enemy”. If the Convention were to work, we’d need a genuinely impartial supranational body with the ability to enforce it. And you know what the USA would think about that.


Yes, but your cute little video fails to note that there are some people right here on earth trying to do something about it: https://www.stopecocide.earth/

More important, perhaps, is the fact that we will never stop climate desecration before we have stopped war, for the very simple reason that modern warfare is utterly impossible without cheap and abundant fossil fuels (unless we resort to the uncontrolled use of nuclear energy, i.e. atomic bombs). This in turn shows that the proposal discussed in this article is just so much window dressing. Thorough documentation of this fact may be found in Matthieu Auzanneau’s recent book, “Oil, Power and War: A Dark History.”

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Like UN resolutions make any difference at all!