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Scientists Call on Obama to Enact Trump-Proof Arctic Drilling Ban


Scientists Call on Obama to Enact Trump-Proof Arctic Drilling Ban

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With the proverbial bell tolling for the end of the Arctic ice sheet, as well as for the Obama presidency, dozens of leading scientists are calling on the president to pass a permanent ban on fossil fuel drilling in the Arctic—one that cannot be easily undone by his climate-denying successor, Donald Trump.


I'll believe it when I see it. Obama has shown himself to be no friend and protector of the environment. As Jimmy Carter was about the leave the White House in Nov. 1980 he signed into law the ANILCA - Alaska National Interest Claims Act which provided various sorts of protection to more than 157,000,000 acres of Alaska's lands. I would love to see Obama do something similar to protect the proposed drilling along our Eastern Seaboard, the fragile Arctic and many other places. I would bet that he won't. His 8 years have seen huge increases in exploitation of coal, oil, and gas deposits by drilling, fracking and mountaintop removal. Like so many other issues Barry the Liar spoke so eloquently in his campaigns about the environment and then, after being elected, followed up with more exploitation. In 2009 he revealed his real alliances when he spoke to a group of energy executives and assured them that in terms of "resource extraction" choices he was in favor of "all of the above". He has amply lived up to that betrayal.


If Obama really cared about the environment, he could have done so many things in the last 7 1/2 years.
He has done nothing to help the people fighting for the planet in North Dakota.
He clearly favors the corporations over the people.


As Romney famously quipped, "corporations are people, my friend!"


''on Friday designated three new national monuments in the California desert, a 1.8-million-acre landscape of mountain ranges, lava flows, Joshua trees and sand dunes that nearly doubles the amount of public land he has protected as president.''
He's done plenty.
'Barack Obama stops oil and gas drilling in Arctic Ocean' The Obama administration is blocking new oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean, handing a victory to environmentalists ..


Damn it Mr President--do it!


These scientists/climatologists are wasting their breath, just as so many other activists have done on various critical issues - begging Obama to do the right things falls on deaf ears. Obama will not listen or do a damn thing for people at risk, our Mother Earth or Her creatures, the Water Protectors at Standing Rock suffering violent state-terrorism, pardon any "controversial" person, or further the cause of justice! - he is now, and always has been, a tool of the 1% and corporate/banker abuses and exploitation - he just used progressive issues and voters to gain power!


Silly Proles,

You can't make the worst president we've ever have into a good guy his last two months in office!

Both his fathers were oil men. One in Kenya for Mobile, and one in Indonesia for Chevron, IIRC.

His family's gotta be sitting on a ton of oil stock. There's no way that selfish spy is going preserve the planet for his daughters!

luv, from the Tar Sands


Oh yeah, that's gonna happen.


Many of us worked our rears off for Obama. It's not the color of his skin we mind, it's his actions or lack thereof.

Nina Turner/Sanders 2020.


Just STOP!!! Obama is Mr Drill Baby Drill. He oversaw record expansion of pipelines, lifted fracking bans, sent Clinton around the world as sos to sell fracking to globe and proposed lifting bans off East coast and Artic. He also led on TPP which this site reported was end game for climate change. He is allowing big oil to break treaties in North Dakota to Drill. Common Dreams has reported on his betrayals extensively yet continues to phrase this and other issues as Trump threatening an issue. It's bs. The issue is both parties are sold out to corporate and military money interests but you remain attached to delusions Dems are different even when they do the exact same thing. Please knock it off and admit both sides are screwing us hard


"But climate hawks" What kind of negative spin language is this to designate people who care about putting the brakes on increased global warming atrocities?


"Delusions that Dems. are different".

America is a government of the economic elite; for the economic elite; and by the economic elite. There really is no difference whether one is Republican plutocrat or a Democratic plutocrat. Both parties have always supported and been fawning parasites of the oligarchs. The democrats only seem to so many deluded people as different because they are clever enough to disguise themselves as the opposition when in reality they are really nothing more than the oligarch's controlled opposition!


Agreed, and I deeply resent the arbitrary bullshit from "Don" in Canada who accused me of being a racist. I voted FOR Obama in 2008, you jerk! Its just that I get a bit snippy when I've been had with slick political rhetoric that turns out to be worth little. "Hope and Change" was pretty damn empty.
As to "lindsncal" I stand by what I said. Your examples are fine but they do not represent the vast lands "opened up" or suggested for exploitation by Obamas's Interior Dept. Thousands of new wells have been issued permits in just the Gulf of Mexico (even to BP which was responsible for the disatrous oil spill in 2010) alone along with the suggestion of drilling along the Eastern Seaboard which even the assholes in the Bush regime didn't propose. Fracking wells, which Obama did little to curtail, have left many regions looking like they were bombed. As far as I can tell no remediation has been done by the energy companies. Fracking wells play out in 3-5 years and the companies simply move on leaving their toxic legacy in the ground for the locals to deal with or leave. Have you seen a nighttime photo of North Dakota from orbit? It looks like it is on fire. That is a lot more representative of what "all of the above" means than saving some ancient Joshua trees.


I'm hearing commentary from sources in the MSM who talk about the transfer of power to Trump as a result of the election, saying 'President Obama is just doing his job as president to ensure a smooth transition. Hmm...where have I heard that before - 'I am innocent because I was just doing my job.'

The situation requires bold action, Mr. President! Stop worrying about your damn legacy.


Don accuses everyone who criticizes Obama of being a racist--you're in good company here on CD, with the other posters he's designated as racists.


He had a yuuuuge mandate from the start--the world was behind him and he had both houses of Dems.

But you go ahead and believe that we're all racists, okey dokey. And who says we voted for Trump?

Democratic Socialilsm, oh yeah! Turner/Sanders 2020.


You one funny guy. Keep up the "luv." See ya.


Perhaps Bernie can explain it to you, Don. If not, you can dismiss him as a racist, too, and carry on with your preconceived notions. In any case, I won't engage with you any further on this topic, as you seem only to want to hurl stones at others regarding their views of Obama, seeing nothing but skin color in your analyses.