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Scientists Can Now Link Extreme Weather to Climate Change

Scientists Can Now Link Extreme Weather to Climate Change

Nika Knight, staff writer

Climate scientists have long been pressed to answer the question "did climate change cause this?" in the days following the most recent devastating weather event. A watershed report (pdf) released Thursday helps those scientists to more conclusively answer: "yes."

The report, authored by the Washington, D.C.-based National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM), outlines a system to determine which extreme weather events are caused by climate change and to what extent.

If it weren’t for the demons of the fossil fuel industry, this so-called “new” information would have been brought to us loud and clearly, many many years ago. This is not news to those of us who listen to REAL scientists and to real science. We’re the ones who’ve been saying “hey, somethings going wrong with our planet-and it because of us!”
Still gotta fight this fight, but it may be too late.


Why is it too late? Well …why may it be too late anyway? It isn’t yet in any case but we are moving slow and will regret that in a few years. Nevertheless we can do it but greed killed the goose that laid the golden egg and that is not a good sign.

I heard today how special interests successfully trashed the solar panel revolution in sun drenched Nevada and that the next target is Arizona. They don’t want to make the change over and use the excuse that net metering will not provide enough profit for keeping existing facilities profitable. You’d think in light of the science involved that they’d finally admit that we need to shut down the coal burning plants and build renewables into the grid or maybe build a new grid that will use home solar in a networked sourcing of energy. Instead they protect the profits of the coal suppliers and the utility company.

That kind of ‘servants of mammon’ behavior is literally a sin but hey their religion is money! It is that mentality that may make it too late… Bernie would get on their case about such chicanery… It is just so stupid and mediocre thinking. The sunny southwest but those dumb Americans don’t use it says the world. It really is embarrassing that we are this backward in our thinking. A superpower in decline for real. We fight our own innovations. A very bad sign.


It definitely could already be too late. We very well may be in a Wile E. Coyote moment having run off the cliff and not yet looked down.

It’s very probable that our environment won’t become noticeably unsustainable in a undeniable “oh shit” lachrymose epiphany until long after the actual damage is done. We haven’t yet come close to feeling the effects of greenhouse gases or the feedback loops already too late to stymie, and each consecutive year we manage to release new record amount of greenhouse gases. Either we have already crossed the tipping point of too late, or we’re precariously sitting on the edge of it.


We have built in our own extinction… by putting 500 nuclear power plants around the world… which need, stable political systems, stable climate stable economies… for ever… ???

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