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Scientists Fear 'McCarthyist Attacks' Under Trump, But Vow to Fight On


Scientists Fear 'McCarthyist Attacks' Under Trump, But Vow to Fight On

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Climate scientists are reportedly facing escalating harassment and threats in the Trump era, bolstering fears of a McCarthy-style crackdown amid the fight against global warming—and prompting vows of resistance from the scientific community at-large.


"I stand in solidarity with brothers and sisters that work to protect human rights, human health, and the environment here in the U.S. and all over the world. The struggle continues."

A true civil servant. If only the upper GSers and SESers in the agencies would courageously face down the this batch of extremist political appointees all be like this person is doing.

Much more than those solders sent to do the US' bidding in far off lands of people who have no quarrel with us, you should be thanked for your service.


What is it going to take? Now that so many climate deniers are in the Trump Administration, that believe Trump's statement: don't worry about what these fake scientists are telling you about climate change folks, even though I have no scientific, credentials it is all a Chinese hoax!


Seeing how the GOP appears intent on destroying at least 400 years of progress, will the inquisition's sentencing Galileo to house arrest for promoting heliocentrism (planets revolving around the sun) in 1615 be the model the Trump Regime uses for dealing with "so called scientists" ?

Galileo spent the rest of his life (nearly three decades) under house arrest.


What does it say about American corporations if they can't make a profit without poisoning the environment?


The wackos now have a green light. It is really hard to fathom how ignorant so many Americans are. I don't think they are all bad people but with essentially no understanding of how science is done they are easily exploited by fossil fuel companies who are willing to destroy civilization for profits by raising doubts about the findings of the climate science. The reality of course is that there is a climate crisis and a responsible government should be taking urgent action to address this crisis. Not promoting a witch hunt and making themselves look like morons to the rest of the world.


Your paragraph can be boiled down to MANIFEST DESTINY, that drove the expansion of Murka and nourishes the Murkin septionalism myth.

The risk of losing the South, California and Oregon, thereby stalling manifest destiny, was the major driver of the Civil War.

Whether they know it or not, Murkins view endless oil as essential to keep the manifest destiny dream alive.

"Make America Great Again" means manifest destiny at full throttle 24/7. Without manifest destiny there is no Murka.


"Climate denier" should not even be a term.

"Anti-science" is more accurate.

Science is not a buffet from which you pick what you like and what you don't based on personal whims, religion, party affiliation or $.


Here in winter Northern Vermont it is 60 F degrees.


I am in the northeast also. Just looked up the record for today and it is 60F degrees set in 1990. We may have broken our record by 1 degree. So what does this prove? I don't know.


A trillion dollars or save the planet. $$$ Hooray! Mars here we come!


Our "socalled" president has so far in his short tenure supported racism, xenophobia, death panels, the destruction of coal bearing areas through mountaintop removal and elimination of the EPA, Increased military activity and spending, privatization of our public schools, the minimum wage, agriculture by attacking migrant workers, the safe use of cannabis, The clean water act, and the worst thing possible Climate Change. The man, like many of his supporters embraces his ignorance and wears it like a flag pin for all the world to marvel and revier. He, like his Republican't predecessor, has surrounded himself with self promoting yesmen, and taking on a brain surrogate in Steve Bannon.
I cannot foresee this as coming out well for anyone.