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Scientists Leak Study on Global Heating Impact Before Trump can Suppress it

Scientists Leak Study on Global Heating Impact Before Trump can Suppress it

Juan Cole

A draft report on the current impact of global heating on the United States, produced by 13 Federal agencies, has been leaked to the New York Times. The scientists who leaked it are afraid that the anti-science Trump administration will suppress the findings to help its friends in Big Oil.


Man, am I glad that I was born in 1951.

My brother and I shared a bedroom on the second floor which didn’t have any heating or cooling. We called it the ‘Hot Box’ in the summer , and the ‘Ice Box’ in the winter. It wasn’t until the mid 60’s that our parents bought us a portable heater and a window air conditioner.

Kids today have no idea how the times have changed.

We had all better listen to the scientists and condition ourselves for what is to come.

Relying on politicians to do the right thing with our futures is a fools game. Especially when 95% keep voting for the Duopoly candidates.



Thank you, Juan Cole, and all the courageous scientists who are speaking/leaking truth to power!
Leaking facts and truth is essential if the people are to get the truth!


Overall Juan Cole reminds me a bit of Naomi Klein - who had an “epihany” moment a number of years back on the overwhelming importance of climate change - and then she researched and wrote “This Changes Everything”.

Yet yesterday I was talking to an otherwise very intelligent man who dismissed science overall - he was a dedicated Christian from Ethiopia, and I can only presume - lacking in a modern science education.

Here is the latest from the BBC - very good actually - I’ll quote two highlights first:

“In the air, we see methane going up. The warming impact from that methane is enough to derail Paris.”

“So, without good data as a basis, Paris essentially collapses. It just becomes a talkfest without much progress.”


Since Juan Cole is a specialist on the Middle East - I thought I’d post this from “Haaretz” in Israel.

Climate change and the Middle East are inextricably entwined, and I see that Israel’s ambassador to Egypt has been working out of Jerusalem the last few weeks - it being deemed too dangerous in the Egyptian embassy.

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Just below the horizon line of climate science is a wealth of science that corporations have been attempting to grease with their revolving door dances.

  • Think about the implications of MASSIVE INDUSTRIES (Mining, Agribusiness, CONSTRUCTION and power) that get together to squelch DUE PROCESS of informed consultation on the construction of mega hydroelectric dams. All over the world, the mega hydroelectric dam investors run interference for the most egregious usurpation of land and ecological destruction. While they use socialism in their debt denial practices.

  • these mega Hydroelectric dams (clean power?) produce methane for years and they smugly place monitoring equipment beyond the location of where the methane releases and then claim that rates of release are overstated while they socialize the costs

  • Monsanto demands that research be ‘in-house’ to deny effects of glyphosate etc… while it socializes the costs

The model is not just broken, its shattered so badly that it’s parasite stage is devolving into the cannibalism stage.

So why do their minions whang and whimper about the broad brush of ‘socialism’?
The phenomenon of accusation being projected as def/offence of what the accuser is actually practicing is rife throughout and a disease well worth immunizing against: document, document, document, document.

No wonder Trump and Sessions are trying to conflate “whistle blowing” with ‘leaking’ (and Trump and Sessions claim they do not do it?) and trying to cash in on it. Maybe when they catch themselves they’ll learn the difference between their a$$ and a hole in the wall.

Few in the U.S. have much understanding of socialism.
Sadly, the proof of the brainwashing is that even an informed discussion can hardly be had, for two reasons:

  • so few have knowledge or understanding
  • so few can get beyond their horror just hearing the word pronounced.

I don’t see how this can possibly be characterized as a “leak.” We, the taxpaying citizens of this country have footed the bill for all the research and preparation time of this report, and we deserve to have it, read it, and utilize it.

The release of this draft report is the result of learning (by the responsible scientific community) from the last Republican WH that any and all government studies and reports that do not align with fossil fuel industry interests will be butchered, re-written, blanked-out, or banished. Releasing this “Draft” is our responsible scientific community’s effort to make sure WE get to see the report they intended - that must be released - despite the corrupt partisan (and temporary) “leadership” of the authoring agencies fully anticipated butcher knife “revisions.”

I caught some of the discussion on News Hour last night concerning this report. The guest that was interviewed made the most important point about all of this, what I’ve been saying for some time now: The information contained in the report is structured to be helpful for regional and local planners, governments, and emergency agencies dealing with an already changing climate and those effects just around the corner. That guest also made the very important distinction that it is absolutely an apolitical report: IT DOES NOT AT ANY LEVEL ADVOCATE POLICY.

I downloaded this 500+ page PDF, and I urge many others to do the same. We owe much thanks to those responsible for this brave action. No doubt a pogrom will be the administration’s response.