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Scientists Racing to Archive Climate Data Before Denier-in-Chief Trump Takes Office


Scientists Racing to Archive Climate Data Before Denier-in-Chief Trump Takes Office

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Anticipating the worst under the incoming administration, a group of scientists are frantically trying to archive government climate data before President-elect Donald Trump's "band of climate conspiracy theorists...storm the castle," as one put it.


The U.S. had a choice this year between the Enlightenment (Bernie) or the Dark Ages and it chose the Dark Ages. In the previous Dark Ages, the monks in obscure monasteries in Ireland preserved the great literature and philosophy of the world until people came back to their senses. I hope these scientists can do the same with our science data.


I love the multitudes of ironies revealed in this article's language. First, factual truths obtained at taxpayers' expense and for ouir benefit are now "refugees," to be preserved at the PPEH's database #DataRefuge. The #DataRescue and moving much of it to Montreal brings to mind the Underground Railroad from the days of slavery. Now we're smuggling the height of the sea level measurements out of the country.
I'm not going to imply that things can't get any more bizarre or absurd; I'm sure we're just embarking on a trip down the rabbithole. Will these guys outlaw possession of a thermometer or the practice of mathematics next?


Like living in Bradbury's Farenheit 451. It's a coup--from the inside. Anyone who believes Trump and his horde will preserve a democratic system are naive.


It is insane to be emitting the amount of greenhouse gases that are being emitted. It is even more insane to pretend these gases are having no effect on the climate. With madman Trump and his band of madmen ready to frantically bring on doomsday, whatever can be done to protect data should be done. Below the federal government in many states we have a world of saneness to which we can cling to while the crazies invade DC. To the rest of the world our incoming administration must look totally nuts and they are still trying to figure out how Americans could have brought this on themselves. The US is responsible for about 15% of emissions from energy. Let's hope those responsible for the other 85% will have saner leadership than we have coming in to power next month.


They will try to wreck the democratic system to gain power. It is up to us to preserve the democratic system. Just look what has happened in Turkey and you can see how fragile democracy can be.


Both Democrats & Republicans are more concerned about wars & drone strikes than about the environment & domestic affairs. Trump will appoint a current or former Exxon executive to head the EPA. It's name should be changed to the Environmental Destruction Agency.:japanese_goblin::japanese_ogre::ghost::space_invader::alien::scream_cat::pouting_cat::crying_cat_face::no_good::frowning:


Hope they are archiving actual temperatures and not "adjusted" temperatures.


The feelings everyone is getting from the Trump choices are exactly correct - we all instinctively mistrust what this means - destruction of however much he can get away with before a rebellion of some sort. There will be a rebellion which will be put down aggressively and violently and then we will know where we are - then the big decision - does the country just settle down & hope it 'gets better' or take them out - becos that is what it may take to get things back to a normal political scenario. I hope those feelings of threat are NOT real but Trump does appear to be moving in that direction without any real sense of what this Democracy actually means to the world !!!!!


Nailed it.


Strange to think that Stephen Harper may have been a role model for Trump.
Stevie will be so pleased to embellish his historical significance as a 'leader' in denial (not just climate!). Maybe Trump will hire Harper and his consulting firm so that US/Canada relations can be 'saved' (further infiltrated, undermined and corrected) by a former PM now insider lobbyist/ corporate shill/ fundamentalistic Christian extremist. Steve and Trump are brothers in corporatism who never understood what democracy actually means. They think democracy is a synonym for 'raw capitalism rules'. Apparently, Jesus, Trump and Harper know the free market will somehow miraculously save us while paradoxically devouring the planet. They will show us the way - hallelujah!
Can we be 'great again' while drinking toxic water and choking on more fumes? lol
Permanently archive the madness in everyone's memories.


It is also, up to the rest of us... to copy and save AND PRINT OUT...hard copies of all studies and articles we can possibly find.... it won't matter if data is saved in some central spot...if no one can get to it... hard copies need to exit all over the place... hide them if you have to... Local knowledge will depend on it.


I have been saying since 2010... the country will divide into .... about 5-6 regions... ... Texas will be the first to go.... cause.... they will have their own oil..... then, California and the North West... will be number 2...then ... the Midwest... then the North East.. Don't know about the Mountain States of Montana... etc.. then, you have the South East.... Some kind of breakdown along these lines... there is too much division for us to stay one country any longer... Guess I might get in trouble for not sticking to the myth of Unity...


Obama is a constitutional lawyer - the drone king - and despite this - was voted in two terms in a row.

Trump is a climate denialist, as are many of his cohorts and appointees - and was voted in by the very same electorate - 99% of whom did not vote for Jill Stein.

We seem to be in a rut of our own making, do we not ?

Hitler was voted into office - another democratic tour de force.

Makes you wonder ~


Democracy in the USA has been dead for a long time.
Citizen's United was one of the final nails in the coffin, but the loss of the free press and open Internet were important milestones on the road of decline. We now live in Corportacry, not a Democracy.
Trump and Clinton are just results of the this decline, not the cause.


Let's be honest here. At the bottom of the chain of climate denier thinking, is a Christian view of God, the Earth, Creationism, faith over science. (And greedy billionaires who use power to sway these people)

Remember James Watt, Ronny's Sec of Interior? I think he lays out the absurdity of faith over science perfectly here:

In his article, “Ours Is the Earth,”13 and numerous articles since 1981, he made clear that he viewed earth as “merely a temporary way station on the road to eternal life…The earth was put here by the Lord for His people to subdue and to use for profitable purposes on their way to the hereafter.

This is what we are dealing with: religious fanatics hell bent on denying the human origin of the coming world apocalypse, and denial of science itself.

And if Earth goes to hell, then nothing to worry about, we pre-selected Christians will be seeing the pearly gates of heaven.


Something else we can do: Since Donald Trump heavily invests himself in media and opinion-shaping then it would seem likely to use this to the advantage of 'we the people'.

Stated variously, by philosophers, civic leaders and men of conscience like Edmund Burke and JFK: "For evil men to accomplish their purpose, it is only necessary that good men do nothing.”

One of the 'lawful' things that can be done at this precipitous moment in time--because DJT is an avowed Twitter-pater--is to ask all your social media contacts to flood @realDonaldTrump, every day with concerns, demands, etc., and don't ever stop!

Perhaps, if enough of us cause a non-stop deluge of our concerns he just might start rethinking his programs, just maybe.